♥ Recommended YouTube Videos/Sermons

Here are a collection of sermons, short videos and things I have found edifying on youtube! Maybe you will find wisdom to glean from them as well! I will add more over time, so keep checking back if you enjoy what I share! :)

Here they are (in no particular order...perhaps one day I will organize them under categories...):

What is the Gospel? Are you saved? ~ Kevin Williams (12 min. 45 sec.)

The Virtuous Woman ~ Paul Washer (8 min. 27 sec.)

Biblical Womanhood ~ Paul Washer (1 hr. 5 min. 34 sec.)

Shocking Message ~ Paul Washer (58 min. 57 sec.)

What is biblical femininity? ~ Wilson, Patrick (5 min. 8 sec.)

Why I Choose to Believe the Bible ~ Voddie Baucham (25 min.)

The Doctrine of the Trinity ~ Tim Conway (1 hr. 9 min. 5 sec.)

What is true repentance? ~ RC Sproul (1 min. 35 sec.)

Could Lazarus have said no? ~ James White (9 min. 32 sec.)

Six Days of Creation and Biblical Authority ~ Ken Ham *Answers in Genesis* (46 min. 32 sec.)

True and False Christians ~ Paul Washer and Tim Conway (9 min. 57 sec.)

Centrality of the Home ~ Voddie Baucham (49 min. 56 sec.)

Legalism and Modern Evangelicalism ~ Paul Washer (11 min.)

Muhammad's Errors About Jesus ~ James White (1 hr. 36 min. 50 sec.)

Todd Friel Holds Joel Osteen to the Bible ~ Todd Friel (8 min. 37 sec.)

An Ex-Faith Healer Explains the Tricks Used ~ Way of the Master Radio (9 min. 56 sec.)

Joy From Christ, Not Your Performance ~ Paul Washer (8 min.)

Horrified ~ Matt Chandler (5 min. 32 sec.)

All I Have is Christ (5 min. 23 sec.)

The Truth about Mormonism (Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3) ~ Way of the Master

The Monstrous Regiment of Women (trailer... you can borrow the movie from Netflix or purchase it HERE). **Highly Recommended**

Freemasonry, Masonic lodge, and the Shriners are not compatible with Biblical Christianity! (17 min. 47 sec.)

Justified By His Grace ~ Alistair Begg (35 min. 7 sec.)

The Divine Institution of Marriage ~ AlphaOmega Ministries (2 min. 29 sec.)

Have You Ever Read Romans 9? ~ James White (48 min. 24 sec.)

Ligonier Q & A ~ RC Sproul, Steve Lawson, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, RC Sproul Jr. (57 min. 39 sec.)

A List of Sermons (on sermonaudio.com) ~ Voddie Baucham

What is salvation? (in two minutes) ~ Paul Washer

Ladies, What Do Your Clothes Say About You? ~ CJ Mahaney (15 min. 19 sec.)

God's Glory in Marriage ~ Paul Washer, John Piper, Voddie Baucham (9 min. 11 sec.)

Why Total Depravity Matters (Original Sin) ~ Curtis Knapp (58 min. 22 sec.)

Getting Your House in Order ~ Voddie Baucham (51 min. 10 sec.)

Repenting of Sin & Returning to God ~ David Platt (34 min. 19 sec.)

Ligonier Q & A ~ RC Sproul, Steve Lawson and more (57 min. 39 sec.)

I Do Not Allow a Woman to Teach ~ John MacArthur (22 min. 15 sec.)

Voddie Baucham's series of sermons on Amillenialism (GREAT to listen to!)

The Ultimate Meaning of Womanhood ~ John Piper (45 min. 49 sec.)

Gay Christianity Refuted by James White 

Voddie Baucham on Youth Ministry (Why it's not biblical)

The Dander of Worldly Desires ~ David Platt (55 min. 7 sec)


  1. Thanks so much Katy for sharing these sermons. Looking forward to spending some quiet time listening to them.


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