Monday, June 27, 2016

My Bullet Journal

I have had a lot of questions and interest in my bullet journal in the past couple months (on my blog as well as on instagram), so I figured it was time for a post!

My bullet journal (bujo) is a Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook A5 Hardcover Dotted Medium Black. I put it in an inexpensive Franklin Covey Binder (Ringless). I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens, and Faber Castell Artist Pens. Truly, though, you can use *any* notebook and *any* pens you want to use! I like the dotted Leuchtturm because I can make my lines nice and straight without the darkness of grid lines or horizontal lines in the background. It's truly just a personal preference. (I still have my Erin Condren Planner...which I *do* love...but what I love about the bujo is that I can personalize it to be *exactly* what I want!)

The Leuchtturm pages are numbered and there is an index in the front so you can log what pages things are on (for easy reference)...

I drew a key and calendar on the first couple of pages...

I started out recording things I was thankful for as well as the weather...

As well as logging my fitness and bible reading each month...

Meal planning and encouraging thoughts and scriptures...

For a couple of months I did the PTL Doodles but then, as much as I enjoy doodling, I found it tedious to keep up with each day as I have enough to keep me busy...

Some different quotes and doodles...

I kept a daily tracker for a few months but then realized I like to list things daily and then cross them off rather than continually turning back to the tracker (again, just personal preference....see how you can do whatever works for you!?)...

A monthly view of things...

For a few months I used this layout....half a page per day...

I started trying to do a quarter page per day...but didn't like that. Then I tried to switch up my divider but didn't like that either...

Now I am doing a page-per-day layout and I like it a lot more. I put the day and date at the top and the weather in the top right corner. Daily appointments or timed things are in a column on the left and the right as my To Do list. the bottom corner is where I jot memories, movies watched or books finished, supper menus etc.

I loved this....How to be a Good I copied it into my bujo...

*Notice above...on the right hand page ~ I deactivated my facebook account that day. Although it kind of throws communication off with many friends (as I rarely use my cell phone either nor do I text) ~ it is *truly* freeing to be off of it! I have not regretted the decision. So, if you were my friend on there, please know I didn't just delete you or anything ~ I just decided I was done with it.

Anyway...finally, stickers. Yes, I love stickers. I use stickers from my shop in my bujo. To keep them tidy, I found that a plastic sleeve from a 6-ring binder worked perfectly. I just tuck it in the back behind the bujo!

So...there you have it! :) My Bullet Journal! If you have any questions or anything, leave me a comment below and I will answer to the best of my ability! HERE is the basic gist of the Bullet Journal System. You can make it as simple or complicated as you want/need it. You can doodle/decorate if you want...or you don't have to! It's completely your choice!

If you search instagram, pinterest and other sites, you can find a lot of great bujo inspiration! Eventually you will find your own groove. :)

I hope this has been helpful!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You are so creative and organized, Katy! I love the look of your journal...what a treasure for your children to have them as keepsakes years down the road. I think keeping a list makes us more productive...and your lists are so pretty! :) I deactivated FaceBook years ago and have not regretted it, either. Hugs to you! Camille

  2. What a lovely post!!!
    You are a great artist.

  3. your planner is really, really beautiful. You are very talented.

  4. Wow! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I could look over and over again :)

  5. hi Katy,
    I've got a question for long does it
    take you to make a beautiful page? if it were me it would take me forever just to do one page :) blessings, Joann

    1. Hi JoAnn :) It only takes me a few minutes to whip up a page. :) If it took me long, I probably wouldn't do it! :)

    2. Katy, You can always make me smile. I knew you would say something like what you did :) It would take me an hour just to pick out a pen color, then another hour to decide where to put everything LOL!!
      I haven't been feeling very well but your posts always make me feel better, sorry another question did you make up the page of being a good housewife or did you find it somewhere?? I really like it and would like to copy it for my own use. Blessings Joann

    3. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well! Everything okay?
      I found the housewife article on Lori Alexander's blog:

      I hope you start to feel better real soon friend!

    4. WOW just WOW!

      I love your bullet journal Katy! You are so talented and organised :)

      Such a lovely thing to do. To record your life. Something to treasure and look back on in years to come :)

      Have a lovely day,


  6. Thanks for the glimpses into your journal. I haven't tried bullet journaling, but I really like the way you do it. This gives me some good ideas for my own journal.

  7. Katy...Very impressive! I started a bullet journal but couldn't keep up with it. However, I did find a planner I could use and I do use some bullet journal ideas in it. Your journal is encouraging. Feel free to share you posts at Monday's Musings. Have a great week. :-)


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