Thursday, June 9, 2016

..::At Home::..

Just a little post sharing some different things from here at home. Sweet and simple...

 The newest workbook/bible study I have been working on is Knowing the Living God. It is by Paul Washer...a biblical man of God. *It's very important that we use discernment when considering study aids with our Bibles...not all teachers are properly biblical. :)

A peek at the inside...

Planning out my days helps me get things accomplished and stay organized...

I have been grateful for nice days to hang loads of laundry out on the lines. It saves money and I love the way the clothes smell fresh from the line!

The children's little garden (that is in need of a good weeding)...

They have onions, strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini and lettuce planted...

Despite my shooing them away, the chickens have gotten to the lettuce unfortunately. I suppose we should have made a bit of fence to protect it all!

The children really enjoy riding their bikes in the summer! I remember as a child how much my sister and I enjoyed riding our bikes too! :)

Morning sunlight coming in through the windows...

My aunt got this picture of my Ruthie blown up and put on canvas for me as a surprise. She knows how much I miss my pup. This gift made me cry. I just love this picture of my Ruthers and am so thankful to be able to hang it up and always remember her fondly...

Great Aunt Jo moved back to Florida this past week. She gave my mom this cute enamel-ware table but my mom didn't have a place for it so she offered it to me! I am such a furniture junkie! I love old, sturdy furniture that I can make great use of! This table has found a home in our new living room...

The new living room is really starting to feel cozy. At first, it seemed cold and sounds echoed. As things are added here and there, it's really starting to feel like home! I still need to hang things on the walls and get/make curtains...those are just hurdles I haven't crossed (yet).

Today, Xavier is off working at the garage. He is learning a *lot* with my dad and Chris and I am so glad! Madelyn went to the meat market to help Pa and Ma...Jaxson is here with me. Although there hasn't been any swimming or anything yet, I think the children are enjoying some time off from our homeschool work! Although I enjoy the routine of schooling, I, too, am enjoying this break. :) 

Two of my three children enjoying some time of creativity...

Skies are blue today and the sun is shining. It's cool out...but nice! Once some of the yard dries out in the back, I have some mowing to do (it's like doing endless task!!!). I am working on some other things as well. I'm not sure what else the day holds...

Off I go!

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  1. What a sweet picture of your precious dog Ruthie. It made me want to cry. *sniff*

  2. Such an appealing post!
    You have a wonderful home.
    I'm very glad so much work has been accomplished.
    I have enjoyed watching the work on it, the last several years
    Thankful you have it.

  3. I love your furniture! I'm a sucker for furniture with a story. I've got an enamelware cabinet in the kitchen. Your table is beautiful!

  4. I love the red in your kitchen. Your home is lovely. I have a similar enamel topped table the same size.

  5. Could you tell me about your notebook I see in the picture up above?

    1. Do you mean my planner/ bullet journal? :) It's a leuchtturm 1979 dotted bullet journal. I keep track of my days/plans/chores in it and add quotes and important things to remember as well. :)


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