Friday, June 3, 2016

An Unexpected Project

Chris was digging to begin setting up the new plumbing in our laundry room....should have been a minor project. He hoped to get it done as well as many other things. Unfortunately, we found that previous homeowners (from a long time ago as we have been here 15 years) had used the wrong pipes when doing their plumbing. They were cracked and smashed in many places. So Chris kept digging...and digging. Through the driveway and out to the other side of the yard.

He had to go buy new (stronger) pipe and lay it...then cover it all up again. A "small" project turned into an "all day" thing...

Some of the old pipes...

When owning an older house, these sort of happenings tend to pop up when you try to do any project. Something small turns into a fiasco. We are quite thankful, though, that we found out about these pipes and could replace them. It's nice to know everything is now how it should be! :)

We have been quite busy (thus my lack of posting)...mowing, housework, keeping veggie gardens/flowers watered, preparing for our next homeschool year and other responsibilities and appointments/happenings have kept us going! Xavier has been working a lot at my dad's garage most days (it is so good for him...I have a feeling he will get the business one day! He is learning SO much!). Chris takes him to work with him. I pack them both lunches and send them off in the mornings! :) Madelyn has been helping work at the meat market a lot. Jaxson tends to hang out here a little more than the other two.

I gotta run. I teach spin tomorrow morning at 7 and need to get to bed...but I realized it had been quite a while since I last posted and figured I better let my friends know I'm okay! I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hello Katy,

    We too have always lived in older homes and thus, we can totally relate to your most recent project. It is such a blessings that your handy husband had the knowledge and skill to repair all that needed to be done.


  2. We seem to always run into unexpected plumbing problems too, Katy! Our most recent was when the UPS man backed over some stones we had over a pipe that hadn't too long been repaired.
    Hope you all got the problem fixed! :-)


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