Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Things on a Cloudy Day!

Everyday...I pack Chris's lunch for work. Usually it would have a sandwich or leftovers etc. Chris mentioned that he would love to have some soup in his lunches I found THIS recipe and gave it a go! It turned out pretty good! :) After getting more wood for our woodburner last night, Chris came in and had 2 bowls of it with some homemade bread. He said he really liked it! :) He ate so much that he was *stuffed* as he put it. ;) I love making food that Chris enjoys and can fill his stomach with.

Yesterday was a pretty cloudy day. I expected it to rain at any moment...but I don't think it ever actually did. So...I lit some candles and went around taking some pics of some *happy* things in case you are having a cloudy (or maybe even dreary) day too!

Here is a pic from behind my stove in the kitchen. I added the tray (that I painted with chalkboard paint). :)

In another spot in my kitchen is this simple pic of apples with a checkered cloth in an enamel eggs and a rolling pin to boot! :) All the things in this picture scream *happy* to me! How about you?

Coming out of the kitchen....if you will look to the will see a clock I love. It's double you can see it from the kitchen or the dining room. I just love the old look of it! :)

Below is a prim hangs above my shelf in the dining room. I love it. In case you can't read what it says...I will tell's worth hearing! "The best things about the future is that it comes one day at a time." Isn't that so true? We need to take things day by day and not let the lil bug of *worry* boggle us down. Jesus said that tomorrow has enough worries of it's let's all heed the wisdom of our Savior and just take things one day at a time, ok? :)

Below is a picture that my mom found for me at a yard sale! Isn't it beautiful? It is of Noah's ark. I love it! It hangs in my living room...above the couch. :) of the last pics I took *although my home has lots of things that make me smile....I didn't take pics of it all ;) * is of this plate and willow tree figurine. Family truly does make the journey on this earth worthwhile, doesn't it?

It's been quite foggy today...but I am hoping to see some sunshine for later and the rest of the weekend. Our local volunteer fire company is celebrating 100 years of service to our area. They have some fun things going on this weekend...including a parade tomorrow afternoon (my children are riding in a float with some other kids from our church family), and events at our local fairgrounds in the evenings. Tomorrow, after the parade, I will doing facepainting at the fairgrounds while our church hands out goody bags and does a puppet show etc. :) It should be a nice time!
Friends are having a hoe-down at their barn tomorrow night...I would really love to go..but not sure if we will be able to make it since I have to paint faces till at least 7pm. I guess we will see! :) Either should be a fun time and a great time for outreach! will be a wonderful celebration and way to thank our volunteer firefighters for all their hard work and service to our community!
Sunday afternoon, after church, we hope to be making cider with our inlaws for their upcoming fall festival. It should be a busy weekend...but completely enjoyable! :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! Let your light shine! ;)


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your blog and all your recipes. I cannot wait to try your bread recipe. It looks really good!

  2. Katy,

    Your home is so warm and inviting and smells like candles even across the blogosphere.

    Thanks for inviting us in!
    You're a true blessing.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    btw... soup looked delicous!

  3. LOVE the decorating there! :D How in the world do you get your DH to love soup?? You must be super woman... My DH hates soup with a passion which is such a sorrow to me as I adore it ;) he always tells me it tastes good, he just doesn't like it. :S Do you have any special recipes? The only one my DH has like was my Bacon and Baked Potato. :S

  4. I can't tell you enough how much I love seeing pictures of your home and family. :) It's interesting to see your home and all that makes you happy.

    Hope the weekend weather is nice enough for all the festivities!

    Okay now I'm totally inspired to post pics of things in my home that make me happy. :) I can't today though I'm swamped with schoolwork.


  5. Lovely post Katie, everything looks so neat ans cozy and I love the ark picture with the REAL looking animals:)Enjoy your day!

  6. cory loves soup too... i need to get to making some once i get to feeling better....

    thanks for the reminder about Worrying... it seems that's all that's on my mind these days.

  7. That soup sounds easy and looks delicious.. I'll have to give it a try.

  8. That soup looks delicious! Thanks for the little tour of your home. It's so warm and cozy! I may post some things in my home that make me happy too...thanks for the great idea.

    Have a good weekend.


  9. I know I keep telling you... but I LOOOOOVE your home!! It is beautiful and I can tell you work hard to make it just -so-.

    Your post definately made me happy! Your blog is such a cozy little place that I look forward to reading!

  10. Your soup looks wondeful! I might have to throw one in the crockpot for tomorrow evening. Did you know that you can your homemade soup? I have only canned tomato soup, but I remember my grandmother putting up veggie soup and beef stew. I hoping to try it soon.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Thanks Katy! It was a rainy day here today.

  12. You've got beautiful home. But how do you clean around so many things? I can't do that. LOL ~ Dawn ~

  13. You house seems so cozy and warm and a great place to be a family. Thank you so much for sharing all your pictures. I had to laugh when I saw your clock. I have one almost exactly like it and I just love it. It hangs between the kitchen and the family room.
    It does sound like you have a busy weekend but I'll admit I'm most curious about the hoe-down that you might not make it to. That sounds like it would be a blast!
    God Bless! Heather

  14. Katy,
    Your home looks so cozy and inviting!!I love all of your treasures!!!Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!!!
    love and blessings,

  15. Hoe down sounds like so much fun! Your home looks so warm and comfy! I love that picture with the apples!


  16. sound looks delich..
    you have a lovely home..

  17. Lovea all your warm touches! I really like that double-faced clock! I found one like that at AtHome America, but it was a little pricey. Where did you get yours?

  18. I made your soup receipe for my family on Sunday. Put it all in the crockpot before we left for church and it was great to come home and find lunch ready. My family loved it. Thanks for the receipe and your wonderful blog.

  19. Katy~ I just love it when you post pics of your home it's always warm and cozy looking and so welcoming. Love that clock!

  20. I love your cute little country home!


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