Monday, April 8, 2013

Abundant Smiles

This house has held an abundance of smiles could we *not* be smiling? The weather is starting to warm up, the sun is shining and we have been able to be *out*side soaking it all in! I have been spending a lot of time outside cleaning up...picking up random things that have seemed to appear after the snow melted, cleaning leaves away from growing plants and just doing a bit of outdoor *spring cleaning*.

We put Pearl and Penny in the outdoor pen to enjoy some of the sunshine as well! That little guy in the back there is Gyro (so named by my Christopher). He is a sheep that we are keeping here, for our friends, for a bit. So I guess we are sheep-sitting! ;)

We made a significant dent in our wood supply through the winter. Splitting and stacking wood is *hard* work but we are so thankful for keeps us cozy and warm through the winter! Since losing weight, I get cold easier. If the house is not 67* or above now, I am chilled! The wood stove has spoiled me!

I have been hanging loads (upon loads) of laundry out to dry. It is so refreshing and delightful to get dressed *in* clothing that has been line-dried. The smell is just invigorating!

 Flowers and plants have poked up through the ground and are growing. The green is a much-loved sight around here! The dead of winter can get quite depressing when it drags on for so long!

The children have most-definitely been out enjoying this warmer weather! They have been out-of-doors running, playing, laughing, creating, imagining...lots and lots of smiles happening around here lately!! 

The *girls* seem to be quite happy that they don't have to stand on one leg outside now! (They do that when it is cold out....they stand on one leg in the snow ~ it's how they warm up a cold foot!). Chris and I just ordered more chickens (a little late...but we got it done!). We ordered 16 more egg layers...although this time we didn't get Comets. We got Red Star which are suppose to be great layers. We have a high demand for our eggs...people like how healthy and fresh our eggs are. :) We also ordered 50 chickens to raise as meat chickens (again, another high-demand thing for can't beat fresh healthy chicken compared to buying chicken from the store that has been pumped with all kinds of things!).

The children wanted me to take a peek at their I went, camera in hand. Here's a bench they made themselves (which I found to be incredibly well-done)...


A thirsty Jaxson...

It is early...just a little after 5am. I will be getting ready to head to spin class soon and get my workout in for the day. Yesterday I went for a run...and when I got back Chris and the boys wanted to go for a run too, so I joined them! It felt great! (Madelyn was at a church function with a friend). 

Quickly, I wanted to share that the winner of the Janet's Planet giveaway was DeNiece from Organized Homemaking for Christ! :) Thanks so much for all those who entered! Congratulations DeNiece! 

Thanks, so much, for stopping by. It's always so nice to read your comments and emails. I hope you are all enjoying the changing weather! 

Praising God for His goodness,


  1. I too am enjoying be out and soaking up the sun. We almost had to drag Megan inside last night. I can't say that I blame her after being cooped up for so long. I love my clothes line so much that Chuck added two more lines for me this weekend. Nothing in a bottle can compare to the smell of line dried clothes. Yum!

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Katy, love your photos, yes, the weather is warming up here on the east of england, washing on the line, cleaning windows, watching the birds eating from the seed holders. The evenings are lighter now, what a relief. wishing you all a lovely day, jackie x

  3. I enjoy this time of year so much. That's a really nice bench.

  4. Hello Katy, I think the sun is God's most precious gift to us!
    It fills me with warmth and hope. Every season has it's ups and downs. Winter we rest and Spring we run! :)

    Blessings, Roxy

  5. What a sun filled day! Stopped by to say Hello it has been a while...XO

  6. I too am loving the warmer weather here in the Carolinas. The children have really enjoyed playing outside without their jackets on . Thank you so much for sharing the giveaway with us Katy. I am looking forward to enjoying it with the kids. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


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