Friday, March 27, 2009

Passion Play Dress Rehearsal

Our church's annual Easter Passion Play is coming up soon! I posted pics from a practice we had a few weeks ago. Last night was dress rehearsal. It really makes the play come alive when everyone is in full dress and make up! Anyone local....the tickets are free...come and watch! It will be a great show! :)

Jaxson...(don't know why he is looking at the ground..hehe)...

Miss Madelyn.....

Xavier was in the play the past couple years...but he has seemed to have gotten shyer lately...and didn't want to be in it and I wasn't going to force him. Maybe he will choose to be in it again next year! :)

Below...a pic of my Chris and our good friend, Chris. They always think the gang signs "east side and west side" are funny...and they say we aren't from the "east" or the "west"...they are from the "middle" and they made the M's....strange...? Yes! Funny....? Absolutely! It's all in good fun!

My Christopher plays dual roles....he plays Peter and also one of the thieves on the cross beside Jesus during the crucifixion. Our good friend, Chris, plays Pilate. Doesn't that spray on gray on this hair really age him??? It's so weird! LOL

I took tons of pictures...but am just posting a few! Jesus teaching on the hillside....

I took the pic below and thought it turned out soo neat! It happened by accident...because I never get my camera settings right...the angel standing by Jesus as He prays.....

Chris as a thief. I took pics of my uncle (who plays Jesus) on the cross but thought it to be a little too gory to post.

He's alive! :) Jesus was risen from the dead! :)

I have watched this so many times....and last night, I cried and cried at the crucifixion. To see a portrayal of what Christ did for each one of us really just tears at my heart. A mother cries over the broken body of her really affects one as they watch it!

I have lots to do I best be off. Thank you so much for visiting with me! I started to Twitter...don't totally understand it yet...but I thought it may be fun. It is located on my right sidebar if you are a Twitterer and want to follow me! :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wish I could see the play.. I can tell it's going to be great.

  2. Lovely pictures. Your kids are so sweet.
    I'm mailing out a small Easter care package for you today.

    Man, it's raining cats and dogs right now and Katelin's school carnival is supposta be tonight. Hope it clears up.

    Anywho, Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow. I think it looks amazing. What a wonderful job you all have done on the back grounds and costmes.

    Your children are so cute but that Jaxson he's just something. Love his name.


  4. Katy, these are wonderful photos. I especially love the one that is blurry. How awesome it tunred out!

    I have seen many Passion plays over the years, and I ALWAYS cry! In fact, I feel like I am in a state of depression every Good Friday, because Jesus had to die for me. And then on Easter Morning, it turns to pure joy! This is such a touching holiday.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Looks like the play will be Awesome!

    I have started to Twitter also and will follow you, I don't really understand it

    Enjoy your Weekend!

  6. Our church does a play every Easter. They do it in two parts - the first part is on Good Friday night ending with the crucifixion and they do part two (the resurrection) on Easter Sunday morning.

    Passion plays are always so moving. Did you see the movie the Passion of the Christ? I almost had to leave the theater I was so emotional!

    The play looks like it's going to be great!


  7. they all looks so cute..
    Have a great weekend..

  8. I think it`s wonderful that your Church is putting on a play like this for Easter!I would love it if our church did something like that! I wish you guys lived closer! I`d love to come and watch it!!Hope you have a blessed weekend!!

  9. Sure wish I lived closer I would love to see the play. That photo of the angel and Jesus was neat. Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings,Karen

  10. My old church used to do the Passion Play. We had them outside. It is such a neat play.
    Love the "gang" signs!! So funny!!
    I love people with sense's of humor!!

  11. What a great play. Looks like a job very well done. Muy Bien.

  12. That "accidental" photo is beautiful! I'm praying for a large turnout for the play and some people coming to Jesus as a result! ((Hugs))


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