Thursday, April 17, 2008

Look how he's grown!!!!

My oh in the world did he go from this:

To this:
This is Cash....he was the runt of a litter of pups our dog Mollie had. Wasn't he soooo cute? He was almost dead....the other pups would feed and he wouldn't have a chance to get in there and eat cuz he was so little. I would bring him in the house and feed him milk and baby him quite a bit...and he survived! He actually went home to live with another family....but as he grew for a few months and entered into the crazy puppy stage (which he is STILL in!) they couldn't handle they gave him back to us.

Look how handsome he is now!!! The bottom pic of him was taken at their house. I need to take some pics of him here to show you all sometime as well. He really is a sweetie...but gosh..i do NOT enjoy the puppy stage. I am constantly keeping him from chewing on stuff and barking etc etc.....I feel like I have another child!!!! LOL

I must admit....I do kinda wish he was still that itty bitty lil puppy....he was soo darn cute!!! But I guess time stops for no one, eh?


  1. Katy, he's adorable!! Wish I lived closer...cuz I'd love to have him! LOL (I say that, but I hate the puppy stage too)...our border collie is 10 and I think she's STILL in her puppy stage sometimes....they become so much a part of our families, don't they?


  2. He is so cute katy!!We do not have a family pet.I`m sure it must be alot of work!Maybe some day we will get a dog:)Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Adorable dog! I wish I was close enough to buy some of those egss from you too!!!!
    Hey by the way- you are one of the winners on my blog so email me your address so I can send ya a little treat for entering the wedding budget GIVEAWAY!

  4. Katy, Katy, Katy!!!!!. . . . I KNOW all about the puppy stuff! This past year with Buster has been the WORST ever! Even after "bad boy school", that puppy badness is still as alive as ever. Will it ever grow up??????
    But then. ... how can you resist those eyes? Buster is now a year old, I love him to death, but he wears me out. I'm sure you feel the same. Time passes quickly and he will calm down . . . . or so they tell me! If I can do it, so can you!


  5. Oh my stars! Cash was probably the cutest puppy I have ever seen! He's beautiful now, too!

  6. He was just the cutest puppy! I bet he's a good dog!!

    I love all your eggs! When I was little my mom would get farm fresh eggs from a family that lived south of my hometown. :)

  7. He is so cute!!! I know what you mean about the puppy stage I constantly feel like I am after Madi!!! Seems like she is worse then my kids were!!!lol... But then they curl up and go to sleep and ohhhh your heart just melts!!!Hope your having a fabulous day Katy!!! Blessings!~Wendy

  8. Awww... so cute. Then and now!

    I hope he'll learn his manners quickly, but still keep that wonderful puppy enthusiasm, Katy.

    Thanks again for stopping by today. It's always nice to see that you've checked in with us... :)

  9. What a sweet baby! How old is he in both pictures? He doesn't look like he'd get into too much trouble! :)

  10. Just don't let him get anywhere near oil=)..I so understand that puppy stage. Good luck....

  11. Oh Cash is so handsome, and he really knows how to poise for the camera. That's very nice that you were able to take him back and give him a home, I hope you can bear with him in his puppy stage. My sister has a dog that size, she loves him but has had to turn him into an outside dog because he attacks them over their things he thinks that everything is his. I was afraid for them. Deb

  12. Cash is too cute when he a puppy and a very handsome dog now. The puppy stage is like the terrible twos in children.

    I don't have pets now but have been a dog owner in the past and it is very hard when they go through that puppy stage. But I'm sure he will outgrow it.


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