Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For the love of my husband....

Some of you will remember that I had mentioned that in June, my husband is going on a mission trip with our church to Romania. If you would like to read about it...go HERE. most of you know....when you are called by God to do something to further His kingdom....Satan does NOT like it at all. He will do anything to bring you down. Chris has been under such attack since he felt the calling to go to Romania.
I think he has most of his money to go (he actually had to raise $2000...and through generous friends and family...I think he is good to go monetary wise). So..that is a wonderful blessing. However, Satan is just working at tearing down Chris's spirit. He is trying to pray through it and not let it get him down...but it is soo hard. I am constantly in prayer and petition to God on my husband's behalf. I ask that anyone who reads this...please...say a quick prayer on my husband's behalf. I know he will get through this with God's help...but he is having a rough time with it..and I don't want anything to hinder him going to Romania and serving our Lord. Thank you so much! I realllllly appreciate it!!! sister has a prayer request on her blog as well....this is for a police officer who is a good friend of my sister's boyfriend, Cory. (They are like brothers.) He was shot while on duty. Please read about it HERE and say a prayer for him. It only takes a second to send our cries to God...thank you so much!


  1. Hey katy!I`m so sorry to hear that your husband is struggling.I just prayed for him.I prayed for your sisters friend as well.Have a blessed day!!

  2. Praying for both!

    Police officer stories always give me chills due to my DH, but I'll take a quick peek.

  3. Katy, will send a prayer for your husband and your sister's boyfriend's friend.....take care
    I hope it all works out!!!


  4. Good morning Katy!

    I said a prayer and will continue to do so for both your husband and the police officer.

    I hope you have a wonderful day today!

  5. Prayers are out my sweet friend♥

  6. Katy I've said a prayer for both.


  7. Saying a little prayer for hubby and your friend.

  8. Just know that our GOD is BIGGER and GREATER then anything the enemy tries to throw at us!!! Just keep binding the enemy and all that he is trying to do!! I prayed Gods protection over your hubby and your family!!! God Bless!!!~Wendy

  9. You've got it, Katy! I'll be praying for him diligently.


  10. Will definately be praying for both of you!

    You guys are so cute :)


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