Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Apple Pie Anyone???

Yesterday, I just decided to make an apple pie. You know when you just get in the mood to do a little baking? Apple pie is my husband's favorite so I thought it would be something fun for him! I gave half of the pie to our neighbors though...we LOVE our neighbors! They are soo fun and kind and we are just soo glad they live by us! Well...Chris almost fell over when I gave half of the pie away....LOL. He says he was hoping to eat at least half I think I may need to try and make another pie possibly today!!!! LOL

I actually had the apples piled up high...but once it cooked....they went down a bit...LOL. Oh well. It still tasted good, I think! I would like to look into making a peach pie and pecan pie. I have never made those kinds and our family loves them. Are you a pie maker? What are your favorite pies to make? I would love to hear about it!!!! Hope you all have a most fabulous Wednesday! xoxo


  1. I love pie, but I'm not very good with crust. I do have a yummy pecan pie recipe though, if you ever want it. It's one of my most requested items to take to parties, etc.~ especially in the fall and winter.

  2. Katy,

    I am a pie baker and a pie lover! I'd rather eat pie than cake any day! I have a number of favorites. I usually bake apple as that is my men's favorite. (They would disown me if I gave half a pie away!!!) I think I love blueberry apple pie best. mmmm



  3. Katy- That is soooo funny about Chris and the pie..
    Chess pie is my Hubby's favorite, but it's also my brother's favorite, so every once in a while I make him one from Mom's old recipe. However, I have to sneak it out the door so Hubby won't see, or he'll cut it and eat a big slice and I'm like, "Honey, I can't take a half eaten pie to my brother!" LOL

  4. Connor was just asking about apple pie yesterday, reminding me how much he loves it. It's my dad's favorite too -- so much so that he requests that instead of b-day cake every year. My mom's apple pie is the best!

    Strawberry-Rhubard is also a big favorite around here.

    Happy Baking, Katy!

  5. It looks good! Apple pie with ice cream is my favorite!! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. I love pie more than cake!

    I bake a few pies a year. DH loves cherry so that's usually what I make. I prefer crumb topping so I make like a Cherry Crumb Pie! YUM!

    Pecan pie isn't as hard as some make it sound. I believe I used the Karo recipe to make mine at Thanksgiving. The thing with that is just that the dang pecans cost so much for so little. I LOVE pecan pie :) Nobody else will eat it though so that leaves it ALL for me :)

  7. yes please.

    i LOVE pecan pie... you will have to make it and have me over to "taste test"... LOL!!

  8. Your pie looks beautiful!!I am a pie baker on has alot of good recipes!!I like to make my apple pies with a crumb topping.We also like cherry,and pumpkin,and chocolate cream!What a blessing that was for your hubby!!Have a wonderful day!!

  9. I am not a pie baker...they just don't seem to turn favourite kind of pie is/was my aunt's Butterscotch Pie...she baked the butterscotch filling froom scratch and had meringue on top...YUM!


  10. Your pie looks delish! My favorite pie is chocolate... okay just about anything chocolate is my favorite!

  11. Your pie looked yummy!! I love to make pumpkin pie and apple pie!! I want to try a berry pie this year I've neverr made one of those!!! Have a great day!!~Wendy

  12. Why do you torture me so??????? LOL

    I LOVE pie, my favorite is pecan and I make it all the time, the easiest one is the recipe on the back of the corn syrup LOL

    But if reviewsbyheidi wouldn't mind sharing her pie recipe, I would LOVE it :)

  13. yummo, Katy!! don't worry about the pie sinking down, the apples do that as they cook. if you wanna make another one i'll drive down and eat it with you :D

  14. What a sweet wife (and neighbor) you are, Katy! I loooove pie! My favorite? Wow...that's a toughie...maybe chocolate pie...practically any berry pie, especially STRAWBERRY pie, pecan, chocolate pecan, way too many to narrow down my favorite!!

    Katy - Email me at I still have your prize for the wedding contest.

  16. I must say, you have quite the list of readers on your blog! I went to look at your giveaway, and saw 55 comments!!! Wow! I'm astonished! I think 9 is my record :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! It's always nice to meet fellow Christians who are also on the blogosphere!

    By the way, your apple pie looks de-lish! I must say, it makes my mouth water looking at it, and now I'm craving something apple-y sweet!

  17. Oh Yum!!
    My all time favorite is pecan pie for sure!
    I have never made it though.

  18. One of my regrets in life is that I didn't get my grandmother's pie crust recipe before she died. She had ALL of her recipes in her head and she was a fantabulous cook. She even owned a soda and pastry shop back in the 40's. I didn't inherit her baking ability, but I still like to give it a try--your pie looks DEEELICIOUS!!!

  19. Okay...yum! I usually just make pumpkin pies around Thanksgiving, oooh, but I do have a good strawberry pie recipe! I'm pretty inspired by your pic to make an apple pie RIGHT NOW...ha ha! Yum-O!

    P.S. That was very nice of you to give HALF your pie to your neighbors. Lucky neighbors!

  20. Wish we were neighbors! LOL That pie looks marvelous. No wonder Chris didn't want to share!


  21. I love blackberry pie, but sometimes I add some raspberries and blueberries so it isn't too tart.

    Thanks for entering my contest. Good luck.

  22. Apple pie and strawberry pie - those are my favorites. I could eat them ALL day long. I do love a good chocolate cream though...

    Your pie looked beautiful!!



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