Monday, April 7, 2008

Creating A Home Sanctuary

For me, making my home a pleasant refuge and inviting place to be is not about perfection. I used to be the woman who was always striving for perfection. Always trying to have the "perfect" home and be the "perfect" wife and mother. I went to extremes and I stressed myself (and everyone around me) out. Although, I do want my home to be neat and tidy and happy....I realized striving for perfection was not the correct route for me to be taking. I was constantly crabby and spent more time trying to keep things "perfect" than I did on focusing to make my husband and kids happy and loved. I realized I was being selfish. Trying to create an image of myself that was actually a lie. I was not perfect..and never will be. I realized that having a peaceful home was not about everything being perfect. It was about making our home a happy and loving sanctuary for my family.

To achieve a happy home sanctuary for my family...I keep up with some tasks that are small and simple and when done daily....keeps things running smooth and makes my home more peaceful (except for the kids running around...that kind of chaos is inevitable and welcomed!)

1. Clean & Peaceful
I try to:
♥ keep main living areas tidy and clear of clutter.
♥ keep things swept, generally dusted and cleaned (ie: wash fingerprints off windows and tv daily)
♥ keep up with dishes (I don't have a dishwasher)
♥ keep counters in the kitchen and bathroom wiped off and clean

♥ Keeping things tidy makes an area more peaceful and inviting. It creates a place where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings without added stress.

2. Visually Pleasing Decor
Keeping our kitchen, dining room, living room and main bathroom (the areas that time is most spent in) decorated well and pleasing to the eye makes for a pleasing and happy sanctuary. I, personally, like to decorate in the country prim look. I like to use antiques, jars, candles, baskets, and country items when decorating my home. My husband and kids seem to like this look...and I am happy to know it is enjoyed by us all. This makes me enjoy our surroundings and also helps me to desire to keep our home clean. :o)

3. Air Effects
Hehe...this is just my fancy way of saying that I like to light some candles around the house during the day or evening. Stimulating your sense of smell can totally relax you or bring back fond memories or help stimulate ideas. Some "air effects" I enjoy are:
♥ Spicy Scents (such as vanilla and cinnamon)
♥ Floral Scents (such as lilac and lavendar)
♥ Fruity Scents (such as spiced apple and pineapple)

♥♥♥I would love to hear of ways you enjoy making your home a sanctuary and invite you to make a post about it and share it with all of us!!! I am setting up a Mr. Linky here and would love if you all would like to link to a post (not your blog in general...but to the actual post) of how you describe making your home into a beloved haven for you and your family!!!♥♥♥


  1. Katy -- You and I are an awful lot alike! The "perfection" bug. It's a real energy zapper. Like you I've mellowed with time. Of course with 3 kids in the house, neat, tidy, and inviting are plenty when it comes to having standards. I'm a daily tidier too and I find it goes a long way toward keeping up and maintaining a peaceful, pleasant, enjoyable home.

    I love your decor! Prim/country is what we strive for around here too. I just may have to post now. You've inspired me!

    Hope all's well where you are...

  2. I couldn't agree more. I used to be a perfectionist as well, but I've learned to let it go a bit and focus on what really

    As you suggested, I would love to write a similar post, but I'm not sure what I would say. We have a very similar outlook and cleaning style.

    This is a perfect post, it's so loving and a really nice tribute to your family. And you have a lovely home!

  3. Cute decor! I like to make my home "homier" by baking good things to eat. It makes the house smell wonderful and makes me think of old-fashioned goodness. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  4. Hello Katy. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and signing up for my 100th post giveaway.

    I agree completely with your outlook on keeping your home cozy and comfortable. I could never live in a cluttered or dirty home. Our home is our sanctuary as well and I don't think it takes all that much effort to maitain what you care about.


  5. Hi Katy, I just loved this post and that first sentence says it all! If I weren't packing, I"d post on this, I just love your home pics too, so cozy! I used to try to have everything perfect but you just can't, I think we realize this as we get older and wiser! lol So glad your feeling better!

  6. Katy,

    So nice of you to drop by. I'm glad you did. You have a lovely site. I love country prim as well. :) I look forward to reading more about you and your family. God bless,

  7. Katy, what a fantastic post! I did one on my blog, but not nearly as creative as yours!
    What a welcoming home you have!!


  8. Hi Katy I love your home!!It really is homey! I used to be the same way. Although I love to have a warm and inviting home I am not as nearly as bad as I used to be!! It is different for me now as my children are pretty much out on their own! I have posted and added my link! Hope you enjoy!!!~Wendy

  9. hi katy! thanks for stopping by my blog. =)
    i believe whole-heartedly in our home as a sanctuary.
    i love i keep them scattered throughout the house. tiny bud vases by the bathroom sink, a bouquet on the entry table, etc. it makes me feel fresh and happy. =)
    i'm off to enjoy your blog some more. =)

  10. I'm not a perfectionist my any means...but I do like to have everything picked up, wiped down and a candle going also! Country primitive decor is so warm and inviting. And if my kids get into something of mine...that's okay because it's already distressed. :)

  11. Hi Katy thanks for stoppig by. I'm sorry the pictures were cut off for you!!! My hutch was made by my hubby he makes alot of my wood things, I am so blessed to have him make me the things I love that I otherwise would not be able to afford!! Have a great night! Oh and I really like your devotional/teaching today!!! see you later.~Wendy

  12. I loved these ...such a beautiful home and great post.

  13. I love making my home a warm and loving environment for my family. We were just away for the weekend and when we returned my youngest son said he felt like the house was giving him a big hug when he walked in the door. The middle son said mmmm, smells like home! That says it all.

    I'll see if I can get a post together this week to participate in your challenge, Katy!


  14. Okay, I joined in :) I don't know if I said I what I wantedor not. I wasn't really sure, I just started typing and left myself go! LOL

    I agree with you a lot. I was a perfectionist, too. Some will say I still am. It's not that, it's just that not many people care about their homes anymore. My family is very important to me, however, I can't let the house totally go and just spend time with them! The chaos gets to all of us and nobody is happy! So for me, to have a happy family, I need to have a "happy" home! :)


  15. I loved your post on Santuary. I just finished a post on my blog. Your blog is very cute.

  16. OH, it is sooo hard sometimes to fight that "I wanna be perfect like so-and-so...", isn't it?? I have struggled with my home routine since having a baby. I feel so inadequate and inefficient sometimes as a housewife (...and mother and wife...) But you're so right, Katy, about doing what you can and leaving time for more important tasks. This topic reminds me of Mary and Martha in the Bible.

  17. katy--I want my home to be a sanctuary also. I will post some pictures of my home and some ideas I use when my daughter can help me. I'm a titch computer challenged!=) Julie

  18. What a great posting! Thanks Katy! I too, fell into the 'perfection' trap, but I don't stress about it so much any more. Every homemaker should read this post!

    Love, Tina :)

  19. Katy, you inspired me to join in!

    Love, Tina :)

  20. i would post about this topic... however.. my house is just chaos... and it would take too long for me to clean to even make it presentable for pictures... so i'll just read what others have to say about it. if i wasn't working a FT job (and then some)... i'd love to keep my house in better order. doesn't pay the bills though. (unfortunately)

  21. Katy, I've enjoyed reading everyones blog about the home I'll be posting about it in my blog tomorrow.
    Loved your pics to so homey!

  22. Okay a couple days late...but I added my "sanctuary" on my blog! Come check it out!

  23. What a great post! I love your heart for your family and home. And I LOVE your decor... it's cozy and fun.

  24. What a pretty home you have, very sweet.

  25. Dear Katy,
    I love how decor...we have very similar tastes!

    Thank you for stopping by to see me and for taking the time to leave me a comment about my new sign and clothes line. Thanks also for letting me know that my link wasn't has been fixed.

    Have a great weekend!
    Love, Kim


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