Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pictures Galore!

OK....first things first. I have had several requests over time to see my home. Now...I love our home...but I want you all to understand that it is a WIP (work in progress)...constantly. We aim to finish siding the whole house this spring/summer (even over the yellow block and everything). Chris also has to finish redoing the one lil area on the roof. We are also planning on taking the front sun/play room area and tearing it down to make it a REAL porch!!! From the back door on the side I plan on putting a big screened in porch that wraps around to the back of my home! Flowers aren't in bloom really yet everything still looks dead...but here is my WIP:

Above is the addition we built on to our house (the downstairs isn't done yet...AT ALL. Notice the paper still on the windows from when we bought them? LOL) The upstairs of the addition is chris and my bedroom! The whole house will be sided like this back side hopefully soon. Also the screened in porch I mentioned will go all the way around the back here....I will probably put a couple old rocking chairs out there and will be so day!
The above pic is of my entry way.... i put gardens all along the right against the garage...but things haven't begun to really bloom yet...but soon it will be filled and gorgeous! My mom and I built the rock wall as well. Behind it...I plan on filling in with dirt and making it a huge garden as well!!! :) Up through the walkway there..where J is standing...I plan on mulching and putting stepping stones!!!

A pic of the chickens running around....eatin'! Aren't they so pretty??
Below are some pics of the boys playing outside today!!! They had such a great time! I hung out some sheets and such and picked up and such around the house...and they ran all over playing and enjoying the sunshine!!!


  1. "WIP" -- I love it! Sometimes I feel the same way about our place. We don't have the major projects that you do, but so much of the house still doesn't feel like us. I think, to some degree, a house is always a WIP though -- just like we are.

    Thanks for sharing, Katy! Spring looks to have taken hold in your part of the world. We're gaining here...

  2. I love your home!!! I think every home is a WIP!!! But you can tell its a home filled with love!!! Hope your having a great and Blessed day my friend!!! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us but mostly for befriending me!!!~Wendy

  3. Looks like a fun project. And I love the ideas you have.

    Enjoy the journey of getting to your goal:)

  4. Katy, I agree with Wendy, you can tell that your house is a home filled with love. Our home is a major WIP at the moment...I think everyone has a WIP.
    I loved seeing your photos!!

    I'm feeling a bit better...I had a nap and some chocolate after I posted...LOL, when all else and sleep!!!

    Take care my friend

  5. Katy, love your home..mine to is a WIP, when I moved in it was the 80's still. LOL We have been busy since just updating. Thanks for showing your lovely home, you will have to show a pic when eveything starts to bloom! Oh, I've added you to my favs on my blog.


  6. Katy...this is so cool! I especially LOVE the rock wall. I have done some major work with rocks, and it is so NOT easy! Your windows with the stickers??? We built our house 6 years ago, and the basement windows STILL have their stickers. Definitely a work in progress!

  7. It always amazes me when people have a vision of doing MAJOR changes to a home--good for you. You mentioned, you could help me with my blog if I needed. I tried your email address and it isn't recognized. Anyway, I just have a question about putting cute pictures and sayings on my blog similar to what you have--without copying!! thanks for your help Julie

  8. My house is a WIP! Always a to do list!
    Your house looks great with the new siding. I'm sure you will be glad to mark that off the list.
    Your family looks like they are enjoying spring!!

  9. Nothing at all wrong with a WIP.
    Looks like a nice addition...I would have to dodge those chickens to come in though...LOL!

    God Bless!

  10. Hi Katy, thanks for stopping by with kind comments. I love your home and the plans sound wonderful. The guys are the cutest, are they twins? I have twins but they turned 28 two days ago. Chickens, boy oh boy do I remember chickens. My uncle had them when I was a little girl. Got attacked by one, and a turkey. lol Of course it was my fault, I was a mess. Deb

  11. Beautiful Katy! Thanks for sharing...and those little faces...adorable!

    Love, Tina :)

  12. What shining happy faces your boys have!

    Houses are indeed always a work in progress. My porch is so pretty in the summer but reminds me of the old show "Sanford and Sons" in the winter...and now....before i get everything cleaned and ready for the season ahead!

    Enjoy the weather......Rosie

  13. I love your house!Every home is a work in progress.It`s so funny you posted this today!I was thinking of doing the same thing.Maybe tomorrow.I was going through all my pictures on the computer before and I came across a ton of pictures of our house before we moved in.Plus I have some of the outside too.Wanna talk about a work in progress?Waite `till you see mine!Sometimes it makes me wanna cry,because we had so many plans when we baught this house.Then 6 months later my husband`s injury occured.The Lord has his own plans and things will get done according to His timeline,not ours!
    Also,I love your stone wall.I want to do something like that as well.How did you guys do it?Was it expensive,or did you just find the stones?
    Thanks for sharing!Have a blessed night!!


    Love your home, very cozy looking. And very welcoming too!

  15. Beautiful pictures!! Your addition is the very same color (looks like maybe the same siding even) as our house.

    Hugs, Lani

  16. Absolutely adorable! The house and the cute little babies! I like your chickens as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...nice to meet you!

    Hugs and blessings!

  17. I LOVE your home, it's just my style! I agree, anyone who cares about their home knows it's a WIP!!


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