Monday, April 7, 2008

Proverbs~A Guide To Successful Living in Christ ~Chap. 7

This chapter focuses on adultery (and also seen as a metaphor as well). Wisdom can protect you from going down the sinful path of betraying your spouse.
My bible has a sidenote, as well, that says that Solomon repeatedly uses sexual immorality as "a metaphor for turning from wisdom and following after folly." my opinion (and I am no scholar...LOL...but as I see it...) this chapter can be read in 2 ways~

1. warning us of the sin and heartbreak of straying from our beloved or even of being the seductress ourselves. We need to be aware of our dress and our behaviors. We need to make sure they are appropriate and pleasing to God.

2. this can be read as the metaphor ~ as the seductress represents our temptations and the consequences of not living in wisdom are explained when we fall to these temptations....
Prov. 7:27 "Her house is the way to hell, descending to the chambers of death."
AACK....That is STRONG. Ya know? This is a strong admonition of how we need to hold fast to wisdom, purity and the right as not to follow the path of the "seductress". To follow Jesus is to follow wisdom. He is our pure love and Savior ♥.


  1. Ahhhhhhh, a guide to success: living through Christ.... THANK YOU for reminding me that! Beautiful thought!

    have a great day


  2. Amen!Thanks for helping to open up that whole message for us!Have a blessed night!!

  3. This is a passage that we use to teach our son's the importance of purity.


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