Friday, April 11, 2008

A Ministry Within Our Family!

My husband, Chris, and I were doing our devotions this morning...we use the book "Never Alone...devotions for couples" by David and Teresa Ferguson. Today talked about our goals as homemakers and women. Teresa mentions being devoted to God first, then her husband, devotion to her children and then to others last... as being her goals. I couldn't agree more with her.
God is our first and foremost love. We should be talking with Him and growing in our relationship with him above all else. Then, as women, we need to realize that we have a ministry at home towards our husbands and children. Loving them, praying for them and with them, serving them selflessly, and encouraging them. Sometimes, we can tend to put other things in front of our husbands and children...and even God. We need to make sure that we are prioritizing things correctly.

I have to tell you...doing these devotions with my husband and praying together each morning is such a blessing and has brought us closer together and closer in our relationship with God as well. When we first started...praying aloud together was awkward...but now, it is no problem at all and we are completely comfortable doing it. I encourage any of you that read this...if you don't already pray with your husband...I encourage you to do it. Also...a couples devotional is such a great way to grow as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!! xoxo And if you haven't checked out THIS post yet...I encourage you to. It is a GREAT reminder! ;o)


  1. Katy this post is so true.It is kind of what I was planning on posting about this morning!
    Great idea about devotions with our husbands!I`ll have to remeber the name of that book for that awesome day when God brings him to salvation:)

  2. Btw---I am going to put a link today in my post to this.I know someone that could really use encouragement to have devotions with her husband!!God bless!!

  3. Love it Katy it is so the truth! I can tell you I see and feel a difference in my marriage and home when my honey and I pray together compared to when we don't! Hope your having a great blessed day!!!~Wendy

  4. What a great idea! I can see how praying and doing devotions together can make you closer. I will have to look into that book!

  5. Thank you for listing the book, I think having devotions with our spouses is a wonderful idea and wonderful way to spend time together.

  6. Katy - how wonderful that you and your husband are having devotions and praying together. It makes such a difference in a marriage when you both come before the Lord together. This is something I always wanted but my husband and I never did. Your post was such a blessing to me today.


  7. Your contentment just shines on through, Katy. Lovely post.

    Thanks for stoping by today. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. It is such a blessing to have a godly husband who prays with his wife. I, too, am blessed. As women, there is no higher calling for us than to serve our husbands under God. And there is nothing greater as parents that we can do for our children than to come together and pray over them. What a privilege that is!

    Thanks for sharing.



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