Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Tea Party!

My mom hosted a tea party at their church today! You didn't have to be dressed fancy or anything...but there was one had to wear a hat. My sister made M's hat! Isn't it cute? She used a basket as the base and then decorated it with fake flowers and the bird, teehee!
She used wire to connect it all! She also has a scarf tied around it and in a bow in the back and it hangs down! I think it is soo cute! I didn't attend the tea party but I think M had a really good time! (Isn't her dress so simple and casual and cute?)

She was unhappy in the top pic. Can you tell? She was mad cuz X was at the neighbors house for a minute and she didn't get to go over. She didn't want to cooperate when I took a pic. (I got a really cute one though in the bottom pic!!! WOOT!)
Here is a close up of the hat:

There we got a smile!!!! :o)

I just thought it was cute and creative! I plan on having a tea party for M and her friends this summer after school is out. I think it will be a ton of fun!!!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on prior are all incredibly sweet. Hope you are having a lovely weekend! xoxo


  1. Oh how fun, Katy! What a special day for your mom and daughter...

    Glad to hear that your husband's mission plans are coming together so well. And you're right about the mission of motherhood. May you both continue to be blessed.

    Hope you're having a happy weekend :)

  2. A most adorable and creative hat, and a very cute smile!


  3. actually, i was the one who made the hat--and i sewed the the stuff on with thread... not wire. tryin' to give all the credit to mom! lol!
    M was really good for the tea party!

  4. Hi Katy, the hat is adorable and so is M. Deb

  5. What fun! I have never been to a tea party and now I want to go. Maybe I'll just host one here at my home. Wouldn't that be fun?


  6. Katy, your DD is adorable!! What a fun idea for your mom to have and I love the hat!!!


  7. Love her hat! A tea party sounds like fun! I'll host the first one! Why don't all you gals come on over?! :)

  8. Sounds like alot of fun!!What a
    cute idea that was to make a hat out of a basket!I would of never thought of that!!
    I`m glad all of the comments and prayers have been a blessing to you Katy!!That is a blessing to me!!!Have a blessed Lords Day!!

  9. That is the neatest idea! And the hat...(ooooh, swoon...) I LOVE hats.
    Very chic. Er, um, "CHICK". LOL

  10. Sounds likeglad you had a great time!!~Wendy fun!! Although I don't like tea!! lol....And her hat was so cute!!!

  11. What a sweet little face! I love the idea of tea parties, esp. with little girls, adorable!

  12. How sweet! Thank you for stopping by my giveaway!

  13. How cute!! I just love tea parties! Especially when hats are involved! ;o)


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