Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~ Knitting ~

As the cooler weather sets in, I have begun to knit more! It is a comfy, cozy hobby that I really enjoy. This past week, I finished an apple baby hat (being shown by Maudie the Model). I have always done pumpkin hats in the past...but ran out of orange yarn so I decided to make an apple hat! It turned out super-cute!

I was able to purchase some more orange pumpkin yarn yesterday so I began knitting up some more pumpkin hats too...as a couple ladies at my spin class ordered them! So around and around I knit on my circular needles until I start decreasing at the top of the hat...then I have to move onto double-pointed needles...and continue decreasing. Then I finish up with a brown i-cord for the stem. I knit a green leaf and attach it at the top and then one hat is finished!

Jaxson has been begging for Madelyn and I to teach him to knit. He wants to learn in the worst way. He has big hopes of making lots of wonderful things. So, Madelyn and I have taken turns showing and helping him...

This photo ended up quite blurry....but I still thought it was cute seeing Jaxson giving knitting a try...

Xavier worked hard at his schoolwork today so he can go horseback riding with Grammie (my mom) later this afternoon...

Are you working on any projects? I would love to hear about them! Thanks so much for dropping by!



  1. Hi Katy, I tried knitting, took a class and still not too good at it, guess I need to practice more, I do crochet and I am working on a large throw for my step daughter and her husband for xmas... I love to crochet and cross stitch... I have been working on xmas primitive goodies for a shop that I put my crafts in on consignment.. I do tole painting, wood working and use antiques and transform them into useful decorative items... I will have to post more pictures on my blog when I get a chance... you'll have to take a peek at some of my stuff.. Have a wonderful day and tell your little one to not give up he will probably get it.. it's cute your daughter teaching him.. she must be pretty good herself.

  2. Oh how adorable those little apple hats are!!! I have no idea how to knit, but I always wished I did.

  3. Would you be willing to share the pattern for the pumpkin hat? Or a link to the pattern?

    1. Actually, I don't use a pattern! I just cast on a certain number of stitches to make it as big as I want to for a certain size and work at a K2P2 rib for a few rounds and then I knit for usually 6 inches or so and then begin decreasing in the rounds! :) I switch to the dpn's as it gets smaller and then when I get down to only 2 or 3 stitches left on the needle, I make an Icord with brown yarn. :)

  4. What an adorable apple hat! Hmmm, wonder if I have any reddish yarn lying around here. So sweet to see Madelyn working with Jaxson. Hope Xavier has fun riding. I am working on a Sampler stitch crochet afghan. I have nothing on my hooks right now, so a hat would be a great take a long project.

  5. What a cute idea with your apple hats!!! I love the pumpkin hats you make too! I'm working on an afghan (crocheting) for my in-laws for a Christmas gift. And I've been sewing....a skirt for myself and a couple for my daughter. :) Have a wonderful week!

  6. just beautiful, I love it!
    your kids are precious!

  7. LOVE the apple hat! so cute!
    also love that Jax wants to knit! maybe someday maddy can teach El! ;)

  8. It's so nice to visit your cozy blog and home:)
    Your children are really growing up quickly!
    What a nice family time to share knitting together.
    I'm wondering about your yummy homemade bread, Katie. I see the pics in your sidebar and the "ends" of your bread are so even and flat. I use a certain old recipe which calls for me to "roll" my bread before baking...which comes out nicely; except for the fact that I never like the way the "ends" are...they're uneven and bumpy and difficult to get a nice slice off of. Would you share with me how you get the "ends" of your loaves so nice? THANKS!

  9. Well, Katy...I used to so enjoy all my qilting projects a few years ago and then I got under the weather for two years and only now am starting to feel a bit better. so right now i am keeping things small. I am making a small wall quilt, sewing a pin cushion and a needle keep. All small projects to make myself feel good when I get them done. It's fun though. I love your hats. I wish we had little ones to wear those small hats again. Our two youngest granchildren are 13. But you keep up the good work. I used to love to put them on my kids. They were great to keep the ears covered and to protect against ear aches. Love and blessing, dear......

  10. The apple hat is adorable! I have been covering some shoe boxes with cloth and crocheting some headbands, wash cloths, and little scrubbie dots to go in them to gift to a friend's children. Grand boy has been drawing pictures and putting them in the boxes too.

  11. I love the apple hat! I may need to knit one for my granddaughter!

    I am working on a grey alpaca scarf for a gift for Christmas!


  12. Beautifully done! I wish I could knit like that. We have been learning to knit here and it has been so fun! Have a lovely day!

  13. Hi Katy!
    I wanted to tell you that I got little Noah a pumpkin hat made. He had it on in Target and a man stopped and told him that he really did like his pumpkin hat. I thought he was cute with it on. That hat has gone home to SF now along with Noah. Oh, how I miss him. He was a baby when they were home Christmas and now he is a "little man". I don't know when we will see him again because they will not be coming home for Christmas. They have a wedding to be Dec. 30, so that would rush them.
    Take care! Love ya! Marie

  14. What cute little hats. You can't start kiddies too early learning about crafts! Love that he's having a go.

  15. beautiful hats Katy...love when you show your knitting projects..

  16. Beautiful. I love the hats. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week! Have a wonderful week.


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