Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wallpaper Finishes and Some Visiting...

After a bit of procrastination, I finally finished up the wallpaper I was working on in the kitchen (remember THAT POST?)...

Today, we paused with our schooling for a bit to head into my dad's garage and have donuts with my aunt and great-aunt. Devon and the littlest bug were there too. (I also had my nephew that I was babysitting for Chris's brother and sister-in-love). They brought over some oh-so-delicious looking donuts...of which I had *none*. I *did* smell Madelyn's donut was pumpkin spice and smelled wonderful! ;) 

We had such a nice time visiting and enjoying each others company! Here are a few photos of moments I captured! 

Jaxson has a style all his own! ;)

Madelyn read to Eloise (while X looked on) was so cute, as she read Eloise would say the last word of each sentence! She *loves* that story book! Quite a memory that little one has!

Xavier moved on to other things and Jaxson moved in to hear a bit of the story too...

Xavier, taking off his tow-trike tires (to air them up)...

As we pulled into the driveway at home...we noticed Jack-the-Cat lazily laying out on this old bench in front of the garage! He looked so sweet and comfy, I had to pause in the driveway to pull my camera out of my bag and snap a picture. As soon as I called "Jack-Jack" out to him, he perked up and came to the garage to meet me (I've had him since I was 17 years old)! (Notice my great-big-old crock there beside the bench has cracked and split! I am terribly bummed about it but it was my own fault.)

It was a beautiful day here...temperatures in the 70's and sunny skies! It was glorious to have clothes out drying on the line and be out and about. Tomorrow promises to be another busy I need to get relaxed for the evening. It will soon be time to head to bed...I look forward to doing some reading (hopefully at least I'll get a *few* pages squeezed in before nodding off!).

Hope the rest of your week goes glory to God in all things!



  1. Hi Katy,

    That's the sweetest picture of Madelyn and Eloise with the book. Madelyn reminds me of Joy with little ones! And I like Jaxson's style!

    I know you're glad to have your wallpapering's hard work! We just removed some...that's not easy either! lol!

    Have a great day!

  2. Dear Katy Your dishwasher is one of your hand maidens!
    Your kitchen wall looks really cozy, I love checkered anything country:)
    We had our first snow this morning in Colorado,we really need the moisture. Our painting in our kitchen is almost finished.
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. I love your new wallpaper...have you heard of "The Country House" catalog...Your home pictures always look like they're right out of their catalog :) I love Jaxson's style, it reminds me very much of my 7 yr old boy's style ;) Cowboy boots go with everything, right?!? *smiles*

  4. I love your daughters thick hair. It is exactly like mine (yes, even the color, mine is dyed with henna) I layer mine so its not so thick. I remember as a child how thick and wavy my hair is! so beautiful. Tell her to treasure it as a gift of God :) not many people have wonderful beautiful hair like that


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