Sunday, October 14, 2012


Using a gift certificate I had received for my birthday a couple months back, I made a couple purchases when shopping at one of my favorite stores downtown last Wednesday (Madelyn, my sister Devon, Eloise and I all went together while they were in town!). I got the incredibly cute mason jar salt and pepper shakers (in the photo above) and a great smelling candle from the Warm Glow Candle Co. I also found this great rack to store all my cookie sheets etc (below). A rack like that can be found for $15 or more at Walmart or Lowe's...I got it for $3! ;)

Candles have been burning often during these chillier days. I just love how much warmer they make the house feel (the glow of the candle and the cozy scent that permeates the air is so enjoyable to me!).

Sunlight was streaming in the dining room windows the other day and it was so beautiful...the photo really doesn't do it justice but I tried! ;) Notice my Ruthie there...doing what she does best! 

Penny and Pearl have been also doing what *they* do best...eating! They love to spend every moment of the day (when we let them out of their pens) grazing on the grass and leaves in the yard...

My parents attend a different church than we do. They held a fall picnic at my inlaws' pavilion this past Saturday and the children went with them. They had hay rides and lots of fun. My mom and Xavier rode my mom's horses behind the hay ride too! They took a short-cut through our yard (as they got a wee-bit behind the hay ride) and I was able to run out and snap a couple photos! 

X did such a *great* job riding! My mama pride was soaring as I watched him! 

And off they go again...

The weekend has been full and busy...wood splitting/stacking...supper with good friends, a birthday party for my nephews and visiting my newest nephew. Plus, I stayed busy planning our upcoming homeschool week and we have our homeschool co-op day tomorrow! When I have had time, I have been busy knitting too! I will be sure to share my finished projects with you as they are done! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend!

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Just a quick note: the winner of the Kyle Sherman CD giveaway was picked via It was #13 ~ Lorrie from Lighthouse Dreams. Thank you to everyone who entered. I don't do many giveaways...but sometimes I like to offer things that I enjoy. :)



  1. love your post. stumble upon it. so glad I did. love it.

  2. Those salt and pepper shakers are adorable! Have a great Monday!

  3. Warm Glow Candles made here in my hometown! They started out small and now are huge. They opened the new store about 5 years ago and have just added on! I love going in there!
    Love your S&P shakers, too! How cute!!!!

  4. I have the same salt and pepper shakers:) Love all the candles.

  5. I love the salt and pepper shakers and I always love all of your candles!!! Goooo Cowboy Xavier!! :)

  6. Hi Katy, I had a nice visit this evening. I like to burn candles too. I am a mom of an adoptive child and she has blessed me with two grandbabies. I walked with our church for the Community Right To Life Event. I like your salt and pepper shakers too.


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