Saturday, December 2, 2017

A New Couch!

I am very excited to show you the new couch we got! Our last couch (more of a love seat) we had for a *long* time. It was well-loved. It was big and cushion-y (yes, I just made that noun into an adjective! haha!). It needed replaced so I have been on the lookout for something inexpensive but suited to our needs (don't worry...I had Chris's blessing with this!). I wanted something that wasn't huge....but allowed for more seating. I found this couch it at a *great* sale price AND ordered through ebates first (do you use ebates? This isn't an advertisement post...but if you just go through their get money back when you order online! It's great!! I got almost $20 back on this couch! If you want to sign up (it's free) please use my link: HERE!)

The top picture was taken with our regular lighting that we use. I took the bottom pics with the overhead light on so you could see things better! :) One thing I love about this couch is that it is small (takes up less space than our old couch) but it has more room to sit!! Another thing is that if the cushions ever tear or something, they can be re-covered! I'm really hoping it all holds up well though!

The children were sad about changing the couch! They were so used to our other one and didn't like the idea of changing it...however, Madelyn and I put this one together last evening and once everyone tried it ~ they loved it! There's more room to stretch out if they want to lay down...and it's just going to work well for us! :)

Mickey seems to like the new couch too! :)

Last night kicked off our town's Victorian Christmas. There are different things going on for it....people dressed up in Victorian clothes doing "living windows" where they act out scenes in store front windows around town, stores are open around town with sales, music, food....etc!

There is something called "Christmas Tree Lane" in our courthouse. My dad's business sponsored a tree that my aunt, Madelyn and Jaxson put up and decorated. You can (sort-of) see it below in the top window on the left. It is's a silver tree with blue lights! I had friends tell me it was their favorite tree up there...

Things have been busy around here with deer season. Chris, Madelyn and X are out hunting right now then will be busy skinning deer down at the shop. Jaxson had a sleepover at my parents' house to help decorate their tree. I just got home from teaching spin class at the Y. I'm showered and need to get something to eat as my stomach is growling at me! I have bills to pay and housework to tend to! I was just really excited to share our new couch. Little things make me smile!!! :o)

I hope your weekend is full of joy and cheer!
Thanks for visiting me here! :)


  1. I love the new couch! I used to have a Shaker style set very similar and it lasted for years, then my son and DIL took it as hand me down, and used it for several more years, then they were able to sell it. It was still in great shape! I hope yours last forever, too!

    1. Thank you! That is encouraging to hear that yours lasted so long!! :)

  2. Your couch looks great. Thanks for sharing the info about ebates. I have wondered how it worked. God bless.

  3. Love the new couch, Katy! The wood armrests are very pretty and the Mission / Shaker style is a classic. Enjoy..,Mickey looks like he is putting it to good use - LOL! I also love the photos of your town Christmas decorations / celebration....very twinkly. Finally, tomorrow I start to decorate the house. I know it's not your "thing" but I love it - LOL! A friend says I do it just because I have a child, but honestly, I think I will keep on well after Natalie leaves the house. She just turned 9 yrs old tonight - time just flies. And her teacher told me today she is going to be school Citizen of the Month, so very happy for her as she has wanted this for the last 2 years and seriously, she a VERY good citizen. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up and enjoy that cozy new couch! Paige

    1. Thank you Paige!! :) Your daughter and my youngest son's birthdays are close!
      I don't decorate for Christmas...but I do enjoy seeing what others have done! :o)
      How exciting she got Citizen of the Month! :) I'm sure she is thrilled!


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