Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hula Anyone???

My daughter, M, turns 7 in the middle of July this year! We decided to have a hula theme!!! Isn't that so fun? We found sooo many cool hula/hawaiian things! We have plastic coconut cups, grass skirts, fun decorations, hawaiian picks (to put in food and drinks), hawaiian plastic silverware, lays, and much more!!! (i added a pic above of just a few of the things I have gotten). I found a lot of stuff at JoAnn Fabrics, BigLots and Walmart....and my mom ordered some things out of a catalog too!

One thing my daughter will NOT be wearing is a coconut bra! She has a lil hawaiian dress that she will wear...and maybe have the grass skirt over top of it! It will be so fun and perfect considering her birthday is in the heat of July! As a take home treat...each child who attends her bday party will get to take home their coconut cup and straw!

We will have fresh fruit cut up and other little snacky foods. I haven't decided yet if I am going to make a cake for the party or do cupcakes. I will have to think up some ideas each way and see which would be best! Birthday parties are sooo sooo fun!


  1. That sounds like a fun party, Katy! Don't forget to let them do the limbo. That makes great photos!
    ~ Tammy

  2. I LOVE theme parties! And this one sounds so fun! If you have a need for anything else has lots of great priced stuff. Oh and for a cake has a hula cake (you can make it more modest too:). Here's the link to the cake

    Have lots of fun!

  3. Oh, I love kids parties!! My daughter had that type of a party one year, and the girls decorated Dollar Store flip flops and got to take them home...they had a ball!
    Take care

  4. What a fun idea for a summer party! One of my teachers had a luau every summer and we had a blast! We did a volcano for the kids and they had tropical drinks with fruit stirrers - so much fun!

    Can't wait to see pictures! hugs, Linda

  5. Hey Katy!!The party sounds like it`s going to be so much fun!!I can`t waite to see pictures of it!! is a good site as well to find some birthday cake ideas.

  6. What great fun, Katy! So sweet & feminine. Have a wonderful time!


    by the way I read your comment on Wilma's blog about loading photos. You don't even want to know how I have been doing that all this time. HTML codes, loading on a 3rd party photo account, resizing and adjust before I load ... I can't wait to try your method! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sounds so fun! Every time I see those Hula decorations, it makes me want to have a party!

    And I'm all about the cupcakes at birthday parties! Sounds TOTALLY fun!

  8. My daughter has a in July, too and we did a hula party last year. We served Hawaiin haystacks and Hawaiin punch. We opened a coconut for all to try--some had never had fresh coconut. We played Hawaiin music and had a hula-hoop contest. We gave all the girls leis and sunglasses. It was such fun. ALOHA!! Julie

  9. Sounds like such a fun party! Have you seen it (or maybe you have made one before!) when people make cupcakes and then arrange them in the shape of almost looks like a cake but it's all individual cupcakes. I think those are really cute! And you could make it in the shape of something that fits the theme. Just thought I'd mention it!


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