Monday, June 30, 2008

Flashback to 1999!

I thought I would share a couple pics from my senior year in high school. LOL. No particular reason except that it is fun to do...LOL. Other blogging friends have done this before and I thought it was so cool to see what they looked like before! :)

Here I my senior journalism class :And here is a pic of my senior prom....sorry it is cut...I had to cut my ex out of the picture ROFL!

I am trying to get back down to my high school weight...LOL. Is that crazy? I am determined to wear the jeans I wore in high school (yes, i still have them..LOL).

I am working on Madelyn's luau birthday invites. I will be sure to share pics soon! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!! (TOMORROW I WILL SEE CHRIS!!! YIPPEEEEE!)


  1. Great photos Katy!!!
    I am excited for YOU and Chris seeing each other again!!!
    Sorry I haven't posted on your blog for a few days...I've read, just didn't take the time to respond a comment.
    You are so lucky to have the love you and Chris have!
    Take care
    PS...Can't wait to see the party stuff...check out my blog....I showed a bit of DD's.

  2. OOps....I didn't want to be anonymous!!!
    LOL.....I'm just not awake enough today.

  3. Cute pix, I love making invitations for my kids bdays, of course I don't do much of that anymore considering they are older, but it was great fun, and such a nice way to express your love for your kids. I love making homemade cards and invitations...and my little secret...I always fill my cards/invites with some confetti...I usually make it with the kids with hole punches in different shapes...just a little something extra in the envelope!

  4. I loved the pictures! I think you'll be in those jeans before ya know it girl=)
    Can't wait to see the invites. I'm sure they'll be so cute. I know how you are LOL!!
    Tomorrow's the day!!!

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  6. I must be weird, because I like your hair ! I have long curly hair now. It must be an 80's thing. I dont have the big bangs anymore tho- my girls wouldnt allow that! lol

    I bet the invites turn out cute :)

    Tomorrow is gonna be a great day for you - you prob wont sleep tonight!

    ~Have a great day~

  7. Such lovely are so pretty Katy!

    I'm excited for you for tomorrow! WOO HOO!!

    Love, Tina :)

  8. WooHoo Chris comes home tomorrow I am so happy for you Katy!! I love your photos!! Your hair is so beautiful, my daughter has hair just like yours very curly!!! Have a great night and try to get some sleep!:0)...I also loved your tribute to chris it was very heartfelt!!~Wendy

  9. Okay, now I officially feel old - my daughter graduated the same year as you and she is my baby.

    Have a great time tomorrow! hugs, Linda

  10. Well I think that you look great today! But being healthy and fit is a great thing.

    I love the hen you have on the top of the page, we have many that look like her, but my favorite I have named Henny Penny.

    Well I am glad that I stopped by as it has been fun, and have a great husband return:0)!

  11. Katy you re so cute!! But all girls name "Katie" are cute right?? Tha's what I am called by my family & it get's on my nerves... Kate is so much more sophisticated!! Ha! Keep on losing that weight girl! your doing good!!

  12. Oh you are just as cute now as you were then!



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