Friday, June 27, 2008

Who's that girl?

My daughter spent the night at my teen cousin's house Wed. night....and my cousin straightened Madelyn's hair! It looks so cute! (Her hair is naturally SUPER curly!) So...we took a couple pics to show people...and to show daddy if he sees this! the pic below...Madelyn is indeed trying to smile through tears. She was mad because I let X be in the picture with her! And then I told her to smile...and this is the face she gave me!!!

Then X and I started being goofy so we could get a real smile from her....and success! A real smile!
And in other news...only 4 days till chris gets home! Gosh I can't wait. I am sooo ready not to feel sick anymore. My stomach has been sooo nauseated the entire time he has been gone! It is horrible! I gotta try to stay busy this weekend....and hopefully it will fly by! Courtney's hubby is coming home TODAY!!!! I am sooo happy for your Courtney! I hope you guys have a fantastic reunion!!! Happy Friday everyone! :)


  1. What a cut little 'do. I'll bet she had a lot of fun at her sleepover...

    Only four more days? You can do it!!!! How"s Chris doing so far???

    Happy Weekend, Katy!

  2. Bless her heart, I see the tear in her eye....those brothers will cause many more tears I'm sure. :)

    Hang in there, just a few more days!!!

  3. How cute, you can tell she is holding back tears in the 1st picture and in the 2nd she cannot help but smile. Too cute!!! Only 4 days left??? Wow, I am surprised you didn't put a counter (count down??) on your blog. You did a good job holding down the fort! Hang on for a little while longer!

  4. Katy, Tell Madelyn her hair looks adorable both straight and curly! I like it both ways!

    4 more days! I know you can't wait!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Cute hair! My hair is super straight and I have always wanted a little curl.

    I am so glad Chris will be home soon. Before you know it you will be hugging the neck of your sweetie! Hang in there! ~Wendi

  6. LOL - those pictures tell the story of siblings, don't they??!! That's real life!! I love it.

    I was thinking the same thing as Colleen, how's Chris? I hope he isn't too worried about you all being so far away and that you feel better and better as his home coming gets closer and closer.

    hugs, Linda

  7. Oh how cute! Allison's hair is naturally curly & I sometimes straighten it. She looks so grown up when I do it & of course I cry lol!
    Thank you for mentioning me Katy. You are so sweet. I also wanted to say congrats on the weight loss. Great Job & you look wonderful.
    Only 4 more days=))

  8. She is so cute, and how special she must have felt to have a sleep over with her cool teenage cousin!!!
    WooHoo Chris will be home in four days!!!! Have a great weekend!~Wendy

  9. Maddy your hair is so beautifull. I like it very much . Ilove you and your brothers very much

  10. Oh my gosh!! How adorable she looks!!!


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