Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Heart Is Going To Romania

Bright and early tomorrow morning....Chris will be leaving for Romania. It will be such a great experience for him and I know God will use him. I am so proud of him for going. I will miss him soooo much (the anxiety of him actually leaving is almost worse than when he will be gone, I think!) They will be on a mission trip to help build a church, hand out food etc for those who need it and also going to help at an orphanage! As of 2004....there were 81,233 kids in substitute families or institutions. Gosh...I wish I could bring them all here to live at my house! I wish every child could feel loved.
While they are over there....they will have a day or two to go sight seeing as well. I think they will be going to Transylvania to Dracula's Castle. Definitely NOT what I would want to do....but guys seem to have a funny fascination with stuff like that! LOL It is a pretty neat looking castle though, don't you think?
I ask for prayer for Chris and their mission team...and also for me...I am not used to him being gone that long and I will have even more responsibilities around here than before. I appreciate every prayer and thought that you all send up for us. It means the world to me. :) I know God will use this time to teach us both things. I look forward to growing in wisdom and learning what God has intended for us. I also look forward to sharing with Chris what I have learned...and hearing all about his experiences as well. I am keeping a journal of what we do each day while he is gone...and I will give it to him when he returns home! :)
Here are some fun Romania Facts I got from HERE.

Romania Flag and Fast Facts
Flag of Romania
Bucharest; 1,853,000
238,391 square kilometers
(92,043 square miles)
Romanian, Hungarian, German
Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic
Life Expectancy
GDP per Capita
U.S. $7,600
Literacy Percent


  1. We went to Romania on a mission trip last year.... we had a blast! :)

    The people are incredibly friendly and hospitable, eventhough they have very little..

    I'm sure your husband will come back with many fun stories! I wish we went to the castle as well.. but we didn't.. *lol*

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  2. We'll do our best to lift you up while Chris is away, Katy. I'm sure it will be an unforgettable and highly enriching experience for you both. What an incredible chance to grow and make the world around you a better place...

  3. Katy,
    I've been thinking about you just about everyday trying to remember which day your husband left. I've also been praying for him and your family. I know it will be an experience he'll never forget and how much he'll have to share with you and the kids when he returns! My brother has gone to Honduras for two years now and plans to go back every year! And I have a friend that went to Romania last summer!

    And I'm like you...I'd love to give all those kids a home! Boy, do I have a soft spot for the kids in those orphanages!

    ~ Tammy

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Chris (and you!) for a safe mission.
    Take care

  5. You know I'll be praying for both you & Chris. I told ya before if you need to talk you know how to find me:)
    I often wondered while Matt was deployed what I was supposed to learn from the experience. I finally realized it.
    Matt & I were a couple because we Wanted to be with each other. I could survive on my own & did for almost 2 years. I learned that Matt was in my life because I wanted him to be not needed him to be.
    You'll see what I mean!
    Big Hugs Katy,

  6. Omgosh Katy, that came so quick! Sending prayers for Chris. What a great experience for him!

  7. I`ll be praying for you both Katy!

  8. I'll be thinking about you!

    I'm sure Chris will have an amazing time and will be home before you really know it, it's just the idea of it all. I love my hubby so much and I hate when he's not here :(


  9. What a fabulous opportunity...for you both! Like you said, I am sure you will both grow and learn from this. Y'all are in our prayers!

  10. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  11. What an awesome thing to be used by God, to go and bring the love of Jesus to those who are hurting and in need. I too would love to be able to love on all those children! I know this will change the both of you!! I pray for peace for you and traveling mercies for Chris!! Take care Katy!!~Wendy

  12. Kady, I will be praying for the team in Romania and the team at home, I think it's a great idea to keep a journal. May God keep you all safe and sound. Deb

  13. Katy,

    I too will have you and the kids and animals), and Chris and his team in my thoughts and prayers each day. I hope that the time passes quickly, nothing momentous happens at home, Chris and his team accomplish everything and more, and before you know it, you are in each other's arms once again and Chris will have many special moments to share with you!

    special hugs, Linda

  14. You will blessed,as will your husband for serving--it just works that way!! Please keep us "posted" oh how things are going for both of you. Have a great day. Julie

  15. This is going to be amazing for Chris and you Katy, I'm keeping him in my prayers :)

    You know what though, I would LOVE to go to Dracula's castle LOL

    Keep us posted on his trip :)


  16. I think this is just so wonderful, and I am sure he will return a changed man!!!! I'll be praying for him . . . and for YOU, too!

    And thank you so much for your card! It meant all the world to me!!!!! Cora

  17. I am so excited for Chris! An experience of a lifetime. I know that you will be fine while Chris is gone. Especially with so many praying for you! ~Wendi

  18. I bet you're going to miss your hubby. What an experience that will be for him though! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I've enjoyed looking around yours! I'm almost finished with my little chicken coop (it's a good thing my chicks are bantams)

  19. Please forgive me as we have never met. I read your blog but I have never commented before. I think I"M called a lurker or something like that. I think you are a really interesting family and I have tagged you for a 5 question meme. I hope that its ok with you. Please come over to see what all the fuss is about.
    Your husband and his group of friemds will be in my prayers for a safe and blessed trip.

  20. Katy,

    I'm headed for bed tonight and wouldn't be on the computer until later tomorrow afternoon, but I wanted you to know that I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow morning and praying for his safety on the trip!
    ~ Tammy

  21. What a wonderful thing your husband is doing. I will definitely be praying for him and for you.

    I look forward to reading about his trip on your blog.



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