Friday, June 27, 2008

I've gotten some questions...

Well... a few of you have asked how Chris is doing over in Romania. Honestly...I am not sure. I haven't really gotten to talk to him much..and when I do...I just keep telling him how much I love and miss him! LOL Hearing his voice is the sweetest sound you could ever imagine. My heart skips a beat when he calls.

I know they are busy doing a lot of outreach to the communities up there....but that is all I really know. Oh..and he said that they probably weren't going to be able to get to go to Dracula's castle because the roads to Transylvania were pretty bad. (I am not sure if they are always bad or if the weather has been bad there or what?) I was also told from a guy from church whose wife and daughter went..that they don't have speed limits over there..and apparently they just drive like crazy fast! ROFL! I think that would be a lil scary..don't you?

It is almost 5 pm here...which means it is almost midnight there. Usually...if I get a is around I am crossing my fingers. Hearing from him makes me smile for hours and hours. I can't wait to reunite. I feel like I am in love with him all over again. I pray that we both learn sooo much from this experience. I pray that I never ever forget how truly valuable Chris is to me and that I never take him for granted. Right now, nothing in my world seems important except getting him back to me. Sounds dramatic...i know. Some of you may even be rolling your eyes....but that's OK. Cuz if you have a love like know exactly how I feel.

I gotta make plans for this weekend...I just don't know what those plans will be yet...but i need to do something will make the weekend go by much quicker!!! Seriously....thanks so much for all your love and encouragement! You ladies are just amazing and special. xoxo


  1. It says a lot about your relationship that you both miss each other SO much. Isn't that amazing and wonderful? I'd feel the same way if Todd were away. Enjoy that blessing and all of the revelations ahead, Katy.

    Happy Weekend, my friend!

  2. It is amazing how love grows when we are apart!! We really realize what matters most, not things but people!! God is so good to Bless you with an awesome love for your husband :0) I hope you have found something fun to do and time will fly by my friend!! Take care Katy!!~Wendy

  3. hey its me. its was late last night when we got in and i didnt get a chance to call or write so i am doing it now all is well execpt that we are apart. i miss you so much and appreciate the words that you write to me. i love the pictures t keeps me connected to home . iwill try to call latter, but not sue if i will be able to. ilove you all very much and cant wait till we are together again.
    Love Chris

  4. Katy, I know how you feel...when my husband had to go away for a few days, we literally ran into eachothers' arms when he got home...he ran up the garden path as I ran down!

    It's a wonderful blessing for married couples to be so in love. I can't wait for you guys to be together again!

    (what a lovely comment from Chris...aww!)

    Love, Tina :)

  5. How you hanging in there Katy?

  6. I completely understand. I hate being away from Rick for any length of time. When he was in the Navy it was torture. Then we were apart before we moved here while he looked for a job and our home, then he took a job that required him to travel. It was so hard I cried all the time.
    Now after all these years I still have to call him while he is at work just to tell him I love him. LOL.


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