Saturday, June 21, 2008

A super clean home and plans for tonight!

Well, chris saw our post. He left a comment on it. Thank goodness. I kept checking it all day...seeing if he had seen it yet. My gosh....I seriously don't know, those of you who have husbands in the Army or who travel, how you do it. I am soo sick to my stomach and have hives. My nerves are just killing me.

I have been trying to keep busy....but last night, I missed one of Chris's calls. I was sooo bummed. I was downtown (at our local festival) and started bawling! I was so I got the kids and just came home to cry in my own seclusion. I miss him more than words can describe.

My house is super duper clean though...I must say. I have been cleaning...I barely sit. I just try to stay busy ALL the time. I am so thankful for good friends and family who have been calling to check on me and reassuring me that they are here if I need them. I pray Chris is doing OK over in Romania. I am not sure what kind of meals they have to eat over there or how the water is.

Tonight, I am going to a class reunion. Nope...not my class reunion...LOL. Alot of my friends were in the class above me in school. Well, my one friend's husband decided not to go with her to the reunion and since he was already paid for....she called and asked if I wanted to go!!! WOOT! I am looking forward to it. It will keep my mind busy!!! yay!!!

♥♥♥Chris....if you read this....know I love you so so so much and miss you. I am counting the days til you are home. I hope everything is going OK for you. We are doing OK. We have had lots of support and been don't worry about us!!! I l♥ve you!!! xoxoxo Please Please Please call me....i don't care if it is 3am here...whenever....just PLEASE call me!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Hi Katy, it really must have been a downer to miss that call. I probably would have shut down afterwards too but, I'm sure Chris being the great guy that he is, understood. I'm following this mini series of his time away and will be praying for your family constantly. Now I'm off to read his comment for you, on your last blog. You two are such wonderful people. Deb

  2. Katy,
    I know exactly how you feel about missing the call...I would have been the same way.

    I sometimes feel so wimpy when my husband has to be out of town, because I know people do it all the time, but I so depend on him and just feel so down when he's away. He's my rock and best friend and I just don't feel complete when he's gone.

    It was sweet to read his comment home to you all!

    Hang in there! Keep busy and time will pass before you know it and you'll be welcoming Chris back home!

    Happy Saturday!

  3. Oh,

    I am crying for you now. I remember missing David's calls back in the day!! It got easier for me but I never liked it - I still don't. I hope this time passes so quickly. You are stronger than you think and you will do OK! Just think of how nice it will be for Chris so see his sparkling clean house and skinnier wife! You can do it - I know you can. I am here cheering you on all the way!!

    Have you and the kids made a calendar to count down the days?? That would be fun and I think each time you cross off a day you each deserve a little treat!

    hugs, Linda

  4. I'm praying for you:) I know it must have been hard missing his call:) God bless you:)

  5. Missed calls from loved ones are very hard. I know.

    So glad you have a real support system around you Katie. :)

    Your genuine love for your husband and family are such an example to the young women in today's culture. That is 'so' important. I wish the world had more Katie's. :)

  6. Aw Katy, my heart goes out to you! I hate it when my hubby has to go away. You're doing all the right things by keeping busy and spending time with friends and family...time passes much quicker when days are filled.

    And when you are reunited with that is just blissful!

    Sending you prayers and hugs,
    Love, Tina :)

  7. Dear Katy, I hope this isn't too weird, since we've just met once during the Nester's imperfect blog party but you left such a sweet comment on my blog and I've been checking back on yours daily after reading your hubby was going to Romania. You have been on my heart and in my prayers. I know how tough it is to be apart from the one you love and how much you worry for their safety. But I just had to give you a bloggy (((hug))) cause it brought tears to my eyes to read your post today about missing your husband's call. Poor poor little lamb! I wish I knew something to say to help but sadly all I can say is I know how it feels from personal experience. Hang in there Sweetie. From reading your comments left on here I know you have a lot of friends there for you.

  8. Good morning! I have given you an award. Stop by my blog to see.

    hugs, Linda


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