Friday, June 13, 2008

Outdoor Fun!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday....super warm but not sweltering and just a GREAT day! The kids just love to play outside and ride their bikes.

J's legs are too short he can't reach pedals very well on the he likes to pull the wagon that we have around or go in his little pedal car! :)

CHEESE! My kids are super talented at posing for pitures. LOL X is kinda making a wood chuck face....not sure why!
Then....since it was so beautiful out we decided to have a picnic lunch out in the yard! On the menu: bologna sandwiches, cheese nips and a fruit cup and water to drink! (I ate a weight watchers meal later!)

The kids really seemed to have a good time....which makes me happy! At the end of the meal, though, none of them had eaten much. The chickens enjoyed it all though! I guess being outside in the heat and such takes away your appetite?? I dunno! :)

And finally...the last picture that I added is from where we were sitting for our picnic. I took a pic of the back of our house. (Notice my clothes hanging out on the line...I LOVE hanging clothes out to dry!!!) Someday...I look forward to having a screened in back porch on there. With rocking chairs and such.
So that was our beautiful day that I wanted to share with you! I hope you all had a fantastic Thursday as well!

***6 Days till Chris leaves for his Romania Mission Trip!!!! AAACK! Please pray for us! My nerves are going crazy! I know we are protected by an Almighty God....but I am still going to miss Chris soooo sooo much!


  1. What a fun post!!!!
    That picnic looks like so much fun!
    Love the back photo of your house!!
    We seem to be getting the same weather as you, it was gorgeous yesterday, but not all the humidity!!!
    Today seems the same!
    Take care Katy

  2. Sounds like the perfect day to me!
    Loved the pictures. I want a clothesline so bad. I'm thinking of asking for one for my birthday in July.
    Matt leaves tomorrow morning for 2 weeks:(

  3. I love picnics! So much fun! We will definitely be praying for your husband and his trip as well as y'all at home!

  4. I love that the kids had a picnic lunch. We had snack on a quilt the other day and it was so much fun! We are missing our outside time due to high heat and lots and lots and lots of rain.

    Enjoy your weekend! ~Wendi

  5. Isn't picnic season great, Katy? Looks like everyone had lots of fun.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  6. What great outdoor fun! We will need to go outside this afternoon after naps. It's actually not too hot for a change!

    I love all your background changes! How do you change them???? I'm so confused on how to do that. I have a few backgrounds saved but don't know how to add them to my blog. :(

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Cute, cute kids. I love the summer and the adventures it gives us all. How do you get such cute wall-paper (is that what it is called) for your blog? It is so cute. I like your new look. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Julie

  8. That looks like fun! Everybody was all smiles! It was a beautiful day!

    I'm thinking of hanging clothes out...but we have so many blackbirds that I'm not sure how that would work out! lol! :)

    Your children are beautiful!

    ~ Tammy

  9. Oh, and like Kindra asked, Katy, can you tell us how to change out our backgrounds on each of our layouts? I'm clueless! You seem to have it all together on blog layout!~ Tammy

  10. Hi Katy,

    The kids are so darn cute! Love seeing them in action too.

    I like your new blog look. I figure I change my house around all the time, why not my blog??!! LOL

    I sure will keep Chris and you in my prayers. My DH has always traveled for business and when the kids were young, he could be gone 4days and then be home for another 6months or he could be gone for 3 weeks every time we turned around. It was not easy running the home when he was gone (one reason we never had too many animals) but it is part of how I became more self sufficient and capable and a DIYer!!

    If you get lonely, just send off an email!

    hugs, Linda

  11. Oh that porch would be xo nice. I would love to have one myself. Cute kids too, Susie H

  12. It looks like the kids really enjoyed their day outside!! Thanks for sharing their day with us!!! I would like a clothesline to my clothes on but not sure that will happen this year, we have so much going on it seems!!!
    I will continue to keep you all in my prayers, I know it is an exciting and nerve wracking time for all of you but just keep looking up and God will continue to lead you!! Take care my friend and enjoy your weekend!!~Wendy

  13. What a great day Katy! I will pray for you all. Deb

  14. What a fun day, Katy! Love the photo of J in his pedal car with a chicken on the side. LOL



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