Monday, June 9, 2008


YAY!! I received an issue of Country Living in the mail on Saturday!!! Woohoo!! I always love when I get this magazine! It is so fun to look through! The only bad part is all the advertisements in them. It's kinda a two in one issue this pictured above...when you flip the magazine turns into a fun cookbook! :) I haven't gone all the way through it yet..but be the end of today...I will have covered every inch of that magazine! LOL

I was not the only one holding excitement today.....the boys recieved some toys from an old family friend. It is a fire station and trucks. They were soooooo excited. And that big semi truck there with all the little cars in it? That is from my grammie to X as an early bday gift. (his birthday isn't till August but she lives on the other side of the state and wasn't sure she would get over here before then). He just loves it! And there is daddy in the pic...helping X open it before he has to leave for work!!!
M was writing this morning while the boys were playing....she loves to copy the words out of books and reads them as she goes!!! :)

Well...I have been trying to get things together for father's day. I have been searching for ideas and such and things we haven't done before. Anyone else working at this? It's always fun to do homemade things for Chris from the kids...but I never know what to get my dad or my father in law for father's day. We have done tshirts previously that the kids have decorated. We have done lots of things....but this year..i am just totally drawing a blank. I hope I can think of something soon! Wednesday is my shopping day so i hope i know by then! What all are you doing for father's day??

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! Stay cool in this heat! xoxo


  1. I got four 8x10 canvases and some acrylic pants that go with the decor of our house. I am doing a different color on each of the canvases and then with a contrasting color on three of them the kids and I are going to put our hand prints (one on each) and on the inside corner of each I am putting 2 0 0 8. Daddy will have to put his hand print on his canvas after he gets the gift. We will hang them up all together, kids on opposite sides and kids on opposite sides, making one big square.

  2. Oh my goodness, Father's Day! I've got to start thinking about that! It snuck up on me! lol!

    I love the idea you got above! Very cool!

    Oh, and glad the clicking on my post title worked for you. I wish I could figure out why it does that for some folks!

    ~ Tammy

  3. oh my fathers day!! I have no idea!!! I am thinking a GPS system for all the traveling he does in DC & VA!! Whenis this heat gonna end!?

  4. Katy,

    Thanks for your sweet comments about Joy.

    I was just going to tell you...we did the dance class in the town that's actually closer to us...and one year was it....I know EXACTLY what you mean about the teacher...same thing here! We travel about 40 minutes to get to her new school which is going to be bad with the price of gas! I hope we can keep it up because we won't go back to the other one. She was only 3 when she started there and if there had not been another choice, she wouldn't still be taking lessons!

    Have a great evening!

  5. Hey Katy,
    thanks for stopping by. You have such a cute little blog, I read some of your older posts and I just adore the pics of your house.
    Just remembered Father's day is this Sunday, so we are also scrammblin' :0)

  6. I'm a Country Living fan, too, Katy. I've been reading it since I was teen. Have you checked out their web site and great prize drawings? They're giving away a great sewing machine this month.

    Oh dear, I'm not ready for Father's Day yet. I am soooo behind.


  7. Just wanted to say Hello. It is rough to have the man of the house gone. I pray that he has a good missions trip.

    I too love to get magazines although I'm not really a country decor person. [Is that safe to admit to you?]

    And lastly - we have that firehouse! It's so much fun and my kids have used it as all kinds of things, even their play horses stable.


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