Monday, June 6, 2011

So Long Gals!

Neighbors of ours, from down the road, a young woman with a husband and two young children, had just embarked on the journey of chicken-raising. They had 6 young chickens. They had raised them from when they were two days old till they were 5 months. Unfortunately, one night, a fox or fisher had taken *all* six of her sweet little chickens. She was so upset and didn't look forward to telling her five-year-old son, who (I think) had gotten quite attached to the chicks.

When I realized was as though a light bulb lit in my head (yes, I am picturing a bit of a cartoon light bulb blazing above my head)! Truly, though, it wasn't all good things (and ideas) come from God. We had six of our girls who were getting quite old (we've had them for years) and laying eggs sporadically. Chris and I weren't quite sure what we were going to do with them once the littlest chicks *moved in* to the coop. The older girls may pick on and terrorize the newbies. (Chickens are quite beastly, it's true!) Since our chicks are growing quickly, it was the perfect time for a decision! The gears started turning in my head....

I gave Chris a call and he agreed with my idea, so I offered our older six girls to the neighbors! They were thrilled! Now we know our girls will be loved and cared for....but we don't have to worry about them "beating up" the new chicks on the block! The woman, her children and her mother all came over and we chatted a while...they had never owned adult chickens before. I gave her some tips and advice and then, we got the girls loaded up and ready to head over to their *new coop*. I was sad to see them go...and we miss the eggs (even as sporadically as we got them)....but I know the family was blessed (which blesses *me*) and it helped us out too! :)

So we say so long to our *girls*. They are missed...but in a good place!

And now we usher in a new era of chickens...our oh-so-cute, fuzzy yellow peeps are growing into full-fledged Comet chickens! We have them in Stu's old pen, for now. It gives us a good chance to clean out the old coop and fix up the fence for the chicken run. Then they will be moved into their *home tweet home*!

We can't wait till they will begin laying eggs of their own! :) Nothing is better than fresh eggs from your own chickens! They are delicious and healthy, too!

The sun is shining here today. This morning, after getting clothes out on the line, the children and I went down to the garden. We hauled containers of water down and watered each of the plants. We'll probably do it again, this evening. I'm sure they are thankful for the nice, cool drink! At home, while I did housework, the children played outside. Before lunch, I took the children to our neighbor's house and watched them while they enjoyed cooling off with a dip in the pool! So thankful for their kind sharing of the pool! We may even head back there, this evening, if we have time!

While homemade mac and cheese baked in the oven for lunch, I hung another load of clothes on the line, then we came in to eat. The afternoon has been spent playing and cleaning, knitting and trying to stay "cool". Presently, the children are playing Lego's under the big fan in the living room. I have supper in the crock pot and things are tidy for when Chris gets home from work.

I feel super tired's almost 5pm and I am already looking forward to falling into bed...too bad there is much to do before that happens! Dinner needs finished, garden needs watered, and more planting done. Hopefully, we will have time to just sit together and enjoy each others company at supper, before busyness ensues once again!

Have a good week ahead!
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"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. You are such a sweet lady Katy.......I am sure they are going to love those Gals.

    Man it is sooooo hot here in Kansas. I love the early mornings and the late evenings when the sun goes down.

    Hugs from my farm to yours,
    Prairie Flower Farm

  2. What a lovely act of kindness. :) And you're so right, it doesn't only benefit the receiver, but the giver too. The evidence is in how you feel after! :) We had a fox family pick off most of our chickens last year. Our hens are our pets, named and loved. This year we've got 27 new babies, also all named and loved. The cycle continues. :) Hope you can fall into bed early and enjoy a lovely night's sleep. :)

  3. what a nice day...glad the girls found a nice home...
    have a great tusday..

  4. That's wonderful! So sweet!

    Have a blessed week ahead!

  5. What a wonderful deed of kindness! Jesus is smiling! :)

  6. I always enjoy reading about your day. It's the bloggy version of sitting down with a good friend at the end of a day for a chat!!


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