Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Truth is Absolute

On Sunday, I mentioned before that we journeyed about an hour to my sister's home and church to participate in the dedication of our beautiful niece, Eloise. We made good time, as I am not fond of being late, and actually arrived at the church at 10am. The service doesn't start until 10:45am, Cory and Devon (and the rest of the family) weren't going to be arriving for 15-30 minutes, so instead of driving to their house for a few minutes and turning around to head *back* to the church, Devon suggested (on the phone) that we walk the couple blocks to the river to see the ducks. I am *so* glad we did...

I had awoken Sunday morning with a heavy heart. At times, the vast number of people who don't have the Hope that I know and live, comes to my mind. It burdens me so. It seems though, that no matter what you say, some people will just pick the Christians apart. One can speak truth, boldly....just as the apostles did, and people scream that we aren't *tolerant* or *loving*. It made my stomach sick to see people rip a dear, Godly woman apart, while a few other sisters-in-Christ agreed with them.

Here is the truth: when you are a Christian, Jesus lives in you in the form of the Holy Spirit. You know and believe the absolute Truth and try to share this with others. The reason we try to share this knowledge is out of *love*...not out of sense of having to be "right" or "intolerance of others" but because we know where those who do not repent & believe on Jesus are going.

Jesus spoke in parables, and I like to use them too. They help illustrate a point...

Let us imagine that a group of 100 people was walking down the middle of a road. You are a lookout on a hill above and can see the road beyond them. Coming right towards the group of walkers is a large semi-truck..full speed was not a safe road to walk on.
You know the walkers must make the *right* turn in the road, or the truck would kill them all... so you run down the hill, full speed, knowing you don't have long to convince them. They can not see or hear the bus ahead but you tell them that it was coming, soon, and you know that if they all make the turn to the right, they will be safe. Your voice is urgent and bold...with love and concern nestled in your words. You feel that surely, these people will listen and know you are warning them for their *own* good.

A quarter of the people listen to you and trust you, for they know you are a lookout and trust you wouldn't lead them wrong. You breathe a bit easier as 25 of them turn to the right road. Another quarter of the walkers laugh at you. They tell you that you "worry too much" and "don't know what you are talking about". You stare at them, tears welling in your eyes ~ not for yourself but because of what awaits them around the next turn ~ as they walk away, jeering at the "stupid lookout". The third quarter of people yell at you... they say you always want to be "right" and "you don't know the right road". No, No, You want to say! I *do* know and am trying to help because I am concerned for you! Please listen! But they continue on, all of them arm in arm...feeling secure that they don't need the Truth. The last quarter of the crowd begin crying, for you are one of "those Christians"..."scaring" them and they feel that you are not being loving in your tone of voice. They tell you that any good lookout would be more gentle and tolerant of them. That you would not "make waves" and "interfere" with their lives. Would your Head Lookout be proud of you for scaring them and not "loving" them enough?

You move to the right road and walk with a burdened heart. You are so thankful that 25 people would be saved from this and feel as though you did your job correctly...but you are torn...because you know the other 75 are headed for sure-doom. What did you do wrong? What could you have done to save one more person? Why wouldn't they listen...?

There *are* true Christians in this world...people who don't just talk the talk...but they walk the walk. They don't walk the way of Christ because they think they are better than everyone else...but because they know the Truth and desire to serve God. They warn you because they love. Actually, to *not* warn you is what is un-loving. To let people walk themselves to eternal death is the *most* un-loving thing a Christian can do. No Christian is perfect. Sometimes we don't express ourselves perfectly or unintentionally hurt someone. But we try our best and make amends and repent for wrong-doings...all the while always proclaiming the Good News.

If we offend you because we say your beliefs or behavior is isn't out of intolerance or an un-loving spirit. It's because we believe the Word of God...the True God. We believe in Jesus and His Sacrifice for us. To be loving is to *warn people of what is ahead if they don't take the right road*. If we try to tell you about it and you choose not to listen, you have made your choice...but it is our duty to tell you, **because** we love. Some do it self-righteously and are prideful (and even hypocritical sometimes) about it...their methods are wrong. But, no matter what, this Truth is absolute. Most Christians try to share it with you because they love (no matter who you are or what you have been involved in....if you are breathing, there is time to make that turn!).

So...I digress, to how I started this I pray you are even still along with me...sadness layed upon my heart for souls of those, in particular, who have their own gods and goddesses that they worship. I prayed for them and still, couldn't shake the heaviness that lingered in me.

We walked to the river and to our absolute delight, a mama duck was heading our way with her little ducklings...

The children watched eagerly as the ducks continued toward us...

Aren't they just wonderful? A sweet mama, although not as "pretty" as the papa duck, proudly swimming with her babies...

My heart began to soar as we watched all the ducks form into a line behind her! (Two of her babies are yellow...we thought that to be quite unique!)...

Although you can't see it in the photos, the water was clear enough for us to see their little webbed feet, paddling underneath was incredibly sweet and lifted my spirits immensely.

Chris, pointing to some other ducks gathered to our left (we were so in love with watching the mama and ducklings that we almost didn't notice the whole group to our left!)...

Although I *should* have taken pictures of the larger group of ducks of all sizes, I kept my focus on the mama and babies. They were so little and sweet, venturing out a bit from mama and then zooming back in to her side when they lost their courage!

Oh how I wanted to bring them all home with me. Selfish, I know. But oh ~ they were just too wonderful to watch. Simple things bring me joy and I was so thankful for how everything happened that day...God knew how heavy my heart was. He gave us great timing to get to the church early enough that my sister suggested we go see the ducks (I am sure she thought the children would love it, which they did, but little did she realize how much it would help *me*!).

And now, I come to the close of this post. A bit nervous about what comments may transpire from what I have written...but it needed said. I write in love and boldness, attempting to shine the Light of Hope to those who live in darkness (many of which don't even realize it). I understand not everyone is a believer...but as I speak in love and care for you, I ask if you comment, to speak respectfully as well, even in disagreement with me. It is my prayer that each person who reads these words today realizes that so many of us out in the world *love* you and want the best for you, truly.

May you find Truth and encouragement here, always,

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Seems odd for the ducklings to be yellow. I have a male & three female ducks like them & never have they hatched yellow ducklings. They sure are cute.

    All one can do is deliver the message & pray. He is waiting for all & knocking at the door of all's heart. No one can force one to open & accept. It is sad when you are burdened for another & they continue to brush the message off. I once asked my youngest sister who was not interesed if you was in a burning building would you want me to just let you burn or try & save you. My parable you could say. I find myself now trying to convince three of my children of the need for salvation. They were raised in church but have strayed. It is a burden with fear knowing they dont seem to care & think there will always be time. Blessings!

  2. Hi I am your newest follower. I thought this was bold and very well said. You are so right we only want to save everyone but some wont listen. Sometimes we dont say it right, sometimes it comes across not in love but the end result is we want to share Jesus with all because we know the end of the story! Thanks for your words, they truly touched me!

  3. Katy I can relate to how you felt. and am so glad your spirits were lifted. Simple joys do that for me too. Glad you took pictures too....that too is so theraputic!

  4. Katy.. So Boldly "Said" I also
    love the parable of teaching
    Because of your sweet,loving
    spirit is why I so enjoy coming
    to your blog for a visit..
    Thanks for the Words of boldness
    has touch my heart as well...
    Warm Blessings...

  5. Katy, this post really touched me. I am burdened by this also. I have some fb friends that I went to school with and my heart breaks when I read some of their post. The number of non-believers and who they are really shocked me! When I share the joy I feel from the love of the Lord it is not always received well. :( I decided not to unfriend those who I might not agree with or might find their post offensive. When I see their post it prompts me to pray for them.

    You do such a great job sharing your heart!

  6. Katy,
    I love the pictures that you posted. The ducks are so sweet!

    I feel that if the Lord put the message in your heart, then it needed to be spoken and you spoke well. Great job!

    Nicki in WV

  7. Thank you so much for having the courage to post this!!

  8. I know it's hard to be one of God's messengers Katy but you've done your job well. I know some family members and some facebook friends have made comments about me posting so many "God stuff" as they are saying. But I KNOW that it's what I have to do.~Mary Beth

  9. Thank you so much for this post! I have often wondered what it will be like at the judgement, how many people will say, "Why? Why didn't you try harder to tell me?" It breaks my heart to see people that have been taught the right way, and choose instead the world's ways. Sin is pleasurable only for a season.... oh but not nearly enough to sacrifice the joys of eternal life with Jesus! It's so hard sometimes to be a witness, yes we are a peculiar people, set apart - praying for those today who are burdened with lost loved ones! Thank you again!

    Blessings! - Sarah :)

  10. Katy,

    Dear it is your blog, and as such you are free to post whatever the Lord lays on your heart. You were not condemning in anyway, only desirous for them to understand!

    Sweet duckies!


  11. Muah! There's a kiss for you. You are a wonderful, transparent person, and I can understand how you are feeling very, very well. And your parable is awesome, you know just how to say things, and I know your words are ministering to more people than you realize.

    Thank you for being you and for standing up for the truth.

    Love and blessings,

  12. Heather from IllinoisJune 3, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    Hi Katy!
    Beautiful posting! I would only add one thing to encourage you and that is that the God of our universe loves lost people more than we can even have a glimmer of hope to. He is the one wooing their hearts, not us. We are only one of His tools in His wooing. We must obey the Holy Spirit as he leads, but it ultimately God doing the calling, not us. This realization helped me tremendously. It helped me to, yes be burdened for the lost, but not to carry the weight of the world on my heart. That was done on the cross. For me, I was so burdened (maybe discouraged would be a better word)that I was only showing God's love to others through clouded efforts. Somehow, the realization that our loving Heavenly Father was the one doing the calling, enabled me to show His love more freely. I don't know if that makes sense. I only hope to encourage you and fight the good fight. Anxious to talk with you by the crystal sea...

    Your sister-in-Christ

    Heather from Illinois :)

  13. Thank you for being a Beacon many people are lost and need to hear your words. Blessings to you my friend...Sheila

  14. Thats a big garden. Bet you work hard on it. love your daughter madelyn

  15. The lord takes care of us. he is mightey . love your pics. love madelyn


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