Friday, January 16, 2009

A Time for Rest & A Time for Play

Rest time at home is so peaceful and nice! Jaxson sleeps up in his bed....and the older two sleep downstairs. For some reason "napping" in their beds is for "babies" but "resting" downstairs is OK! :) I figure...whatever works! :) Some days, while the children rest, I rest too. Yesterday though, I worked on my knitting and did a little reading!

After a good rest....rosy cheeks and smiles abound!

The kids received the game Marbulous for Christmas from their aunt and uncle. They really enjoy playing with it! X loves to play with it too...but I can't remember where he was at this moment....??

The kids and I went to the thrift store on Wednesday and found a ton of great things! Among the wonderful treasures I found....I got these great knitting books with patterns in them. They are if fantastic condition and I got them for $2 each! I was thrilled!

And I also found this beautiful knitted poncho for Madelyn. We love things like this...and guess how much I paid for it?? 25 cents!!!!! Isn't that wonderful???

And I got these tea cups for Madelyn (and the boys) play tea party with.

Last evening, I finished up Jaxson's hat! I was so excited....but poor Jax wasn't...he was soooo ready for bed and quite an unhappy fella but I got a couple pictures to share.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! We are trying to stay warm here in PA......Here is our temperature right now.....-6°F and Feels like: -26°F. Brrrrrrrr!!! I hope wherever your day takes you that you stay warm and joyful! :)


  1. We are having the same blast of cold weather. BRRR! Great find at the thrift store. It has been so cold I haven't been getting to the thrift store often. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great knitting! Right now we are at -12. I think I need a rest time today. Stay warm!

  3. We're pretty cold here too! I love great thrift store finds! We're headed to one today.

    Still working on my knitting. I finally learned to purl. (sort of) I'd much rather knit than purl - it feels awkward!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Oh, Katy. I don't know if it's the music or the photos (or both) but I always feel so refreshed whenever I visit here! Stay warm!

  5. I wish someone would send me to rest/nap.. downstairs or upstairs wouldn't matter to me LOL
    Tuesdays our thrift store gives a 25% discount and I need to visit there this week. Hub is in need of new work jeans. You just can't beat the price when their only $4 a pair.

  6. Its so warm here, wish I could send you some sunshine! its in the 80s!
    everyone is going around in shorts and T-shirts....

  7. LOL I agree with Posh and Trendy, wish someone would send ME to nap LOL

    I love all the photos and there is nothing cuter than the rosy cheeks after a nap :)

    Have a wonderful day Katy.

  8. Stopping by to say Hi. Great finds! Good job on the hat.

  9. whats on your needles? it looks pretty..

  10. Have a warm & safe weekend!!!
    Snuggle up! :)

  11. Oh you poor thing! I can hardly complain about our cold when I hear about yours. Brrrr....

    You sure found some treasures at the thrift. I can only imagine what you'll be knitting up now.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Hi Katy,
    can you please email me through my blog? you have won one of the Wee Sing book and cassette sets.I need your mailing address.
    thanks, Tina

  13. Awesome~! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

  14. How cute! I love the poncho! So cute! Jaxon's hat is so cute! Nice and warm. Yall stay warm and have a great weekend yourself! Blessings, Karen

  15. Got my dishcloths today! Thank you so much Katy! HUGS. niki

  16. What a lovely, restful, thrify day, Katy - my favourite kind! They were great Thrift store finds - I'm very impressed. Oh, and if you want to get warm - just fly over to my place ;) !!

  17. Hello there..just wondering your kids EVER fight??it seems like you have such sweet family...

  18. Hey Katy!! I love that hat you knitted!!You are doing such an amazing job with your knitting!!It`s so encouraging to see how your progressing with it and to see your many projects you`ve completed!!
    I know what you mean about the cold weather!Our furnace has been working overtime latly! I hope you are having a blessed Lord`s day!!!

  19. *LOL* My little one also thinks it's only ok for 'big kids' to rest downstairs!

    Well.. as long as she's sleeping a few hours every afternoon, I'm one happy momma ;)

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  20. hahahah.... i like the comment of "do your kids EVER fight?"... that makes me giggle! :)
    so... i hope you're making me a patchwork knitted blanket as a wedding present.. AHEM!!! ;)

  21. Love the thrifty finds! Cuuute poncho :)


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