Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowed In!

It is definitely a wintery wonderland here in western PA! Cold and snowing....and is still snowing...and is going to keep snowing! It is crazy....but I have a confession...I am kinda liking being *stuck* here at home. I find it fun and cozy to be snuggled into my little cottage home and doing activities perfect for a snowed-in type of day.....knitting, movies, games, hot chocolate, puzzles, reading etc.

Madelyn loves to do is one she finished today (with some help from X!)....

Below is a glance out of my dining room windows! It's sooo white out there! It's so pretty! I am saying a prayer for those out on the roads though...they aren't roads that are able to be safely traveled on. My sister's fiance, Cory, has already had a run in with deer, my cousin put her car in a ditch....but thankfully they are both OK.
For those of us who get to be snug and safe indoors is a beautiful sight to see. Untouched snow laying on the ground, trees, and things....just looks so pretty! :o)

Chris and his brother.....getting ready to go out and put chains on their dad's tractor's tires. Then it will be able to be used to plow out places from the snow!

The boys....hehe...I love this pic below. I just wish men would smile more...ya know? For anyone new to my husband is the one sitting and his brother is the one standing beside him. Chris is actually older than Dan...but much shorter when standing.

Madelyn received an inexpensive mp3 player for Christmas this year from her grammie. She was so so so excited about it. Today I put a bunch of fun christian kids songs on it for her and she has been bee-bopping all over the place!
Today....while the kids sat and watched 3,2,1 Penguins....I sat and knitted her up a little carrier for her mp3 player. She got to pick the yarn and she loves it. It truly warms my heart when my children (or anyone) likes what I have made them. :)

I have been working on more dishcloths as well. As well as making some for a friend...and also for my aunt...I have been trying to make some for myself. Since I learned to knit, I have been busy making things for other people and now...I would like some dishcloths of my own! hehe! Sorry the picture is turned funny....I didn't mean for that to happen.

It is still morning....and still there is a lot more in store for today here at home! Lots of hot chocolate to warm the body, books to warm the heart, bible reading and praying to warm the soul and games tickle the funny bone! (I am also going to work on some sewing if I can!) I hope wherever you are....snowed in or not....that you are enjoying your day! Thanks so much for coming by and visiting with me! I love to hear from you! xoxo


  1. Email me how you make those lovely dishcloths. Are they crocheted.? I can crochet. I have knitting needles, just don't know how to do it.

  2. Katy~ I love being snowed in...there is just something so warm a cozy about it! It must take us back to our childhood days!
    Your washcloths look amazing!

  3. It sure is pretty with all this snow we are getting. I'm glad not to have to be driving in it today. It's much nice to enjoy it from inside! lol. Stay warm!

  4. Looks so cozy. I am SO impressed with how well you are knitting already...makes me want to learn:).

    It is snowing, snowing and snowing here in Chicagoland too. I LOVE it.

  5. We are not snowed in yet, we are ICED in..and now we have strange is that!

    We have baked a carrot cake today and watching movies too!

    Enjoy your Weekend,

  6. Oh,I wish it would snow here. I love your dishclothes! When you get through making them for everyone else you should open an etsy and sale some. :D

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  8. I agree the snow is so pretty.. have you ever noticed how quiet it seems when it snows?
    I too love that men pic.. they look like their thinking "what the heck does she think she's doing?" LOL
    Only a few snow flurries here but plenty cold.

  9. Hi Katy--thanks for stopping by my place this morning...and for the comment too. :) I love being snowed in too....soon you will have has much snow as we have!!

    Have a blessed evening.

  10. snow is definitely nice when you can stay in and enjoy it. Looks like you all had a nice cozy day at home. Alaina loves to do puzzles too, we need to get the girls together again, Alaina has been asking. Cute pictures!!

  11. Hello. I just found your blog. I will visit again. I love graphics from Cosmic Handmade too. Caroline's work is wonderful!


  12. I love being snowed in, too! Cocoa is the best! I like it with marshmallow cream.....
    Stay warm and safe!

  13. Katy, you are so blessed to have snow...we are having springlike weather here. Blech!! I want winter!! On the other hand, maybe our gas bill will be a little lower.

  14. Gosh -- I'm kind of jealous of all that snow. It was 84 degrees here Thursday -- supposed to be in the 60's today. I wish would at least get a little winter -- when are we supposed to get to use all those snuggly things we've been knitting!?
    Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

  15. Being snowed in is great!! We usually cook some good comfort food and veg out in the living room together!:0) We got some snow last night about 6-8 inches, we thought it just going to be a dusting!! Have a wonderful Monday my friend!~HUGS~Wendy

  16. I so enjoyed stopping by tonight...:)

    I is kind of fun to be snowed in! We don't usually have a lot of snow here but we did this past month...although by day 3 of the icy roads, I was kind of ready for a thaw. ;)

    Your dish clothes are so nice!

    Have a great week!
    ~Tammy (Lattes and Lollipops)

  17. Katy, those dish clothes are lovely. Great colors! My mom just gave me a stack of them that she acquired at a second hand sale. I was one happy girl!

    Your snow looks so pretty and hot chocolate is always a good idea.



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