Monday, January 19, 2009

Each Day ~ A New Adventure!

It's another super cold day here in PA....lots and lots of snow blankets the ground in layers. Travels have been slowed and it is so peaceful to not here lots of cars on the roads! :)

After our schooling today, my cousin's wife and their three daughters came over for a visit. We chatted while the kids played! It was a nice time! They live an hour or two away and we don't see them the visit was fun! The kids had fun playing blocks, dress up and eating snacks!

As well as working on my dishcloths....I also started a new project. I am knitting a patchwork throw. Below is a pic of it. I knit each square....and then when I have enough rows...I will sew them all together to make one big throw! This will be the first blanket/throw that I have ever made! I am already excited to see it finished (but I am still working on row 1....I have a long way to!

Friday night, Madelyn was lucky enough to be asked to go to an icecream social with grammie (my mom) and then to have a sleepover! They had a nice time according to Madelyn's report! :) While at my mom's...she worked with her "make-it kit". What is a make-it kit? It is a big craft kit my mom put together for Madelyn...with different glues, papers, ribbons etc. Madelyn truly enjoys creating and making things with it!!! top it all sister (who lives in a house next to my parents) went over to visit and took supplies to make earrings! Madelyn made me a pair and a pair for herself! They are so sweet! I will have to take a picture to show!!! :)

So...while Madelyn was off having fun with her grammie...Chris and Xavier had fun playing with Marbulous! The kids totally soak up the attention when daddy is home to *play*! They just love it! They had fun setting up contraptions to send the marble swirling and whirling down!!! Nobody builds a better Marbulous structure than *daddy*!!! :)

Jaxson enjoyed some time on the computer playing I Spy. He really loves that game...and I like that he understands how to play it despite being only 3. The bad thing is that when you set up the game...if you don't turn the volume down right away...there is no way to turn it down later in the game...and oh goodness is it ever loud!!! LOL The kids never seem to mind...but it can drive me bonkers!!! ;)

In other news...that isn't what I would call *important* to me...but important to the rest of my family and most people in our area.....the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl! I understand football...and it is even OK to watch...but I don't really get totally involved in over-excitement of! I think it is great that the Pittsburgh Steelers made it to the Super Bowl...but I am sure, when the game is actually on, that I will only half-watch it!

Lunchtime is over and the kids are playing right now...but resttime is soon approaching. I look forward to the quietness of the house and while the kids get some much needed rest...I will read and work on some knitting! I hope you are all having a great day and I thank you so much for stopping by!!! :)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Every kid should have a Make It kit, I think. Kids are so creative when they have the chance to be. Your kids are adorable!!

  2. Your throw is going to be so pretty cant wait to see the finished project. Hope you all are staying warm. Come by my blog when you can Im having a giveaway. Blessings, Karen

  3. your throw is going to be beautiful..
    glad you had a nice visit with family..
    stay warm

  4. What a great weekend and .....GO STEELERS!!! Sounds like a fun filled weekend for you all. Love the throw - can't wait to see more.

  5. I love the throw! Looks like it going to be really great. Maybe I'll be that good one day . . .

    Of course I will actually have to sit down and practice first!


  6. That game sounds like alot of fun!Your blanket looks beautiful!Blessings,Toni

  7. I always enjoy visiting your house, Katy. You are so warm and inviting.

  8. Katy,
    It sounds like you had a fun weekend.I think it is so neat that your daughter is into crafts.In 20 years from now you will cherish those little crafts. The Lord has truly blessed you!

  9. Glad to see everyone is doing well. :) A "Make It Kit" sounds like a great kid gift! Thanks for sharing. You already know I bought crochet stuff. Well this weekend I bought a knitting book and a pair of 10 1/2 needles. :) I bought LOTS of yarn when Michael's was having a sale a few weeks back. Can't wait till I have the time to get it all down. You are a great inspiration. Have a nice night. TTYL

  10. I just love it when kids like to craft, especially my kids!! Lilly got into my sewing scissors today and was cutting paper with them!! Arrrgghh!!! Not that she knew, though. But bummer for me!! Send some snow our way, please!!

  11. When I was little, I always always always wanted a game like Marbulous! *lol*

    And now that I'm a grown up, it's nowhere to be found in toy stores anymore.. just video games, dvd-s and ehmm.. well.. more video games ;)

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  12. Your throw is turning out so well! Very nice color choices. Can't wait to see it completed.

    Steelers all the way! My family in PA said downtown Pittsburgh was going c-r-a-z-y!

  13. Hey Katy! A nice family weekend is always the best, isn't it?
    Your knitting is coming right along. Oh, I am going to have to try to teach myself one of these days! Your throw will become a family heirloom, I'm sure.
    Hope you have a great week! Stay warm!

  14. Love the colors you picked out for your throw!

  15. Wow! I am loving the idea of a knit quilt. It will be so beautiful and warm!!!!!


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