Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Life is a succession of lessons.....

which must be lived to be understood."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yesterday was a full day of learning....schooling, playing, cooking. Above is a picture of Madelyn in her "shawl" reading from her Bible Reader. (I have a shawl then I love to wear when it is chilly and so Madelyn tied this blanket on to be her shawl...hehe!) Below is Xavier...doing some coloring!

I have learned that each child learns and does things at different doesn't mean one is better than the other...they are each individuals and do things at their own pace. I am sure all you mothers know this as well! :) Madelyn was able to write her name and all her letters at the age of 4. Xavier was closer to 5 when he first, it had me worried....and then I realized what's the rush? He is doing wonderful at just the pace he is. I know there seems to be a lot of competition between mothers...using their children's accomplishments. Why is that? Each child is unique and special and matter how fast or slow they learn or accomplish something! Life isn't about being first or the's about being who God created you to be...just as you are. Each child has talents and abilities special of their own....unique to the way God created them to be. I think that is fascinating! Don't you? :)

Some chalkboard decorating by the boys...... ;)

Some math for Madleyn.....

Later in the day....while I was moving around the house doing housework, I kept noticing the two older kids always somewhere around me....whispering. It was so weird....finally I stopped them and asked what they were doing....apparently they were "spying" on me and I was ruining their "spy" plans by talking to them....ahahahaha! So before they continued on their spy plans...I had to get a picture of them all dressed up in their "spy" outfits that they put together.....

Ahahahahaha! Madelyn is trying to look tough...and I think X is too...but look at that face....ROFL! Isn't it toooooo funny????

Later on in the day....I started dinner. (X got to go have a sleepover at Grammie's house) Madelyn worked at their little kitchen spot on some "cooking" of her own......

And Jaxson helped me.....

Madelyn took a picture of my lil helper and me! :)

Oh my goodness...thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post! It is wonderful to "meet" all the new ones who commented and as always...I truly enjoy all the comments from those who comment often! Thank you all for stopping by! Your words are all so kind and I appreciate each one!!!

We are in the midst of an ice/winter storm right I look forward to staying cozy and warm as possible! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!! :)


  1. Hi Katy,
    I just discovered your blog about two weeks ago and have been a "regular" ever since. I have truly enjoyed your posts and they have been an inspiration to me. I have to tell you, I made the granola bars for my two boys and they LOVED them!! I think I have made 3 batches so far! It has been fun to experiment with different flavors of chips. Thanks again for all your sharing,
    Nanette in Texas

  2. the spies!!!

    I always read your posts, but I don't always comment....your blog is a part of my day!

    Take care...stay warm....we are getting an ice storm overnight tonight.


  3. Did you know boys will almost ALWAYS begin to read and write words one or two years after girls do? It's something in their brains..

    Let them learn at their own pace. Trying to learn boys how to read/write too soon is most likely a cause of dyslexia as well..

    Greetings from the netherlands! :D

  4. Homeschooling looks like so much fun. I sure wish I could stay home with my kids and homeschool the little ones, at least. My Joey is almost 8 and special needs. The school refuses to give him extra services and it's driving me and my husband nuts. I'm sick of fighting them about it. I wish I had the time to just sit down and teach him MY way. I'm sure he'd learn tons more. 2 parent incomes suck lol. I start my new f/t job on Monday. Good I have a job I guess, in these times. But still...:(
    Your home pics are beautiful! The kids are precious, as always.

  5. I loved those spy pictures.. what adorable faces!!
    You're doing a great job raising your children!!

  6. Your "spies" indeed do look very tough! How cute! I hope you're doing okay with all the wintry weather. Have a lovely, warm day! ((Hugs))

  7. Those are some cute spies you got there despite their attempt to look tough ;)

  8. Hi Katy, LOVE your new background and prim little shelf under your header, your blog always looks so nice! Also love the pic of your lil spies...I don't think I've ever seen your Madelyn with a frown before!!!

  9. You've been so busy! I love the pictures you've put up here the last couple days - very cute pics of the kids. It's snowing like crazy here right now - in fact we are snowed in! Have a great day!

  10. Your little ones are so cute dressed up. Fish face is what he looks like.

  11. I so agree with you about letting each child learn at his or her own pace! Sometimes I get worried when I feel like one of mine should be catching onto something quicker than they are. I have to stop and remember how smart they are and that God will be with us every step of the way on this learning adventure!


  12. We had the winter storm pass through last night and this morning. We have about a foot of snow and lucily the ice was futher south of us. Stay warm and cozy!

  13. Katy, you are a splendid person! I just love reading your blog, and at times feel like I know you. Not everyone is so understanding when it comes to individual learning. You're extremly talented, and it is wonderful to see you planting this same seed among your family (children) what a pleasure having found your blog...

  14. Cute post!! My girls have a spy kit--they love it. We get "SPIED" on a lot. Hope you have a warm day. I think most of the country is in a deep freeze. Julie

  15. Thanks for sharing your day with us Katy!Rofl!!That picture of X is soo funny!Have a wonderful evening!!

  16. Katy you wouldn't believe how much you look like my baby sister. It just amazes me!

    Your children are adorable and they look like they're having a wonderful time learning. I home school my teens and even as teenagers, our days are filled with those silly moments you shared. God bless you for spending this most precious time with your children as you are.

  17. I love getting the little peeks into your school. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)


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