Saturday, January 31, 2009

Madelyn's Room

Yesterday morning...I worked on rearranging and organizing Madelyn's room. My kids make their beds in the morning (except Jaxson who is 3 and can barely reach :) and because their bedrooms are so small...we had their beds pushed against the wall. With one side pushed against the makes making your bed more difficult! So I moved Madelyn's more into the center of the room...and it makes it alot easier for her to make her bed...and still gives her room to move around! :)

Notice the Mary Engelbreit picture hanging on the wall below.... :) That used to hang in my bedroom at my parent's home when I was younger. I love it! Maybe that is why I have such a love for M.E. things now? :)

And Madelyn's "stuff"...each girl has her own know? Books, babies, art supplies, etc. I organized it as best as I could! I try to go through the things and give away some things and throw some things out...but I love her imagination and I don't want to take everything away.

Anyway...I just wanted to share with you some of what I did yesterday! :) Is it "perfect"? Is it better..yes! :)
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. I love her room. What a pleasure for her to wake up to such a bright and cheery place!

  2. I love this room. I so wanted to do this with my daughter when she was younger. I just never had the money and next thing I knew she was too old. What a wonderful Mom you are.

    I was reading some of your older posts. I have to tell you those are my favorite wash cloths for the kitchen. My step mother made me some once. I will take them over a store dish rag any day.


  3. Looks good :)

    My kids bedrooms are tiny and the best way to rearrange them has their beds against the wall, too. I make their beds on school days because we're already in a rush. On their days off they're supposed to do it, although Aften will often say she can't..but she would make it when she was 2 or 3 for "fun". My favorite is changing the sheets. I once said to Af that it's like wrestling an alligator and she has never forgotten. She says it EVERY time! LOL

    All of our holiday stuff is in our shed. I mostly only had Christmas stuff, and lots of it but have added a lot of fall and Halloween and some Easter stuff. It's all stacked in boxes up on the shelf in the back, it's sort of like a loft but it's only about 10'lX4'w and I only have about 4' from the shelf to the ceiling, less on the sides. We make it work. That's all the extra "storage" we have and even though Jer added on to the back of the shed, both areas are mostly filled with yard things and such. Someday I'll have a house with closets and a basement!


  4. What a sweet room!! I still want those dragonflys!! LOL They are the cutest things I have ever seen!!

    Have a great day Katy!

  5. What a beautiful space she has to call her own! Kids rooms can be a challenge, but you've done a great job!


  6. Did you paint that yourself? It's really cute.

  7. Katy~
    What a wonderful room for a little girl!
    You did a great job making it nice and cozy in there for her! I bet she sleeps well and has sweet dreams every night!

  8. Looks Beautiful! Hope you are having a good weekend. Blessings, Karen

  9. she has a beautiful and comfortable room..

  10. I think you did a great job Katy!!I love M`s room!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!I hope you have a blessed weekend!!!

  11. What an adorable girls room! Love the sunshine. cherry

  12. Love her room. You painted it right?

  13. What a darling room! I love the picket fence...hmm...You've got me thinking...


  14. What an adorable little girl's room. Madelyn is very blessed to have a talented, crafty and artistic mom!



  15. Great job Katy and Madelyn. I like how you have changed things around. I'm about to do this with the boys' rooms after they've cleaned them up.

  16. Oh her room is so pretty. I am getting ready to get my little girl a big girl's bed and I love your daughters. My daughter's room is small also so I enjoyed how you redid it for her. Next will be her brother's room and oh my that is a mess.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. Katy, you did such a wonderful job painting. I have done some painting techinques in my oldest daughters room (she's 16), I will send some pics later. Your home is so cozy and bad I'm not a close neighbor so I could drop in for tea :)
    Your southern washington county neighbor, Kathy

  18. Very pretty girly bedroom! Yes, girls tend to accumulate a lot - actually, both my kids are hoarders. Love the way the walls are painted!

  19. What a precious room! I'd love something like that! Even as an adult. I love the quilt on her bed. Madelyn is a very blessed young lady! ((Hugs))

  20. Her room is what little girls' dreams are made of. It's simply perfect Katy!
    ~ Mandie S

  21. What a beautiful room for such a beautiful little girl! I think it is wonderful that she makes her own bed. I enjoy reading your are such a good mom.

  22. Awwww, it's gorgeous- just like in a magazine. I think every little girl would want that room!

  23. Hi Katy, That room is just adorable! It reminds me of my Jen's room MANY years ago! She had all her stuff too and we had lots of the white plastic drawers for hers too, but it ended up everywhere anyway. LOL

    I don't save all my magazines anymore - the ones I do keep are in the huge trencher under the cofee table or a basket in the family room (and a few in the bathroom -sshhh!!!) I only keep so many and then I go through and cut out the articles I REALLY want for future reference and then the rest go to the senior center. I have been told they really enjoy them.

    Have a great week! hugs,Linda

  24. Such a cute, fun room!! Reminds me of my room when I was younger. My mom and I painted murals on the walls.


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