Monday, January 12, 2009

Music To Their Ears

A moment of sharing! Madelyn listened to her brand new little mp3 player so much that day....that the batteries died! It doesn't have a I guess we need to figure out how to get new batteries for it! She was pretty bummed!

It was sooo cute to hear her dance around the house...singing praise songs to our God. She was singing to the music in her ears....but to everyone else...we could only hear her!!! hehe! She was just toooooo cute! :)

Saturday evening....Chris and I played a game of Scrabble (yippee!) and while we were...Jaxson brought in his little xylophone and played us a tune! Oh how it made me smile (despite the fact that Chris beat me horribly at Scrabble! lol....definitely not one of my better games at all! ;)

In other on the homefront...we have lots and lots of snow. I will have to take some pictures to add! (Right now it is 5:15am.....and super dark outside!) I feel snug and cozy inside...however...I think maybe a little too snug. Last night, I had the urge to rearrange the living room. So Chris, sweet man that he is, obliged me and help me move things around. I think with being home so much (which is not a bad thing) that I just needed things to be fresh and new for a bit. Although we put things back to how they used to be arranged months still feels different and I am a happy gal! I will have to take pictures of that to add as well sometime!

After church yesterday, we had a Passion Play Kickoff lunch and meeting! So....guess what I was making Saturday evening??? 15 pounds of sloppy joes!!! We actually had a greater number of people stay for the lunch than we thought! It was a great turn out and God made the food stretch for everyone! Our church has been doing this play for years and it is such a great outreach to the community!

Chris and the kids have always been *in* the play...and I have always done the nursery! (I loved getting to hold all the babies!!!) This year, however, I know the 2 directors of the play get super busy and maxed at times with everything. I offered to be their lil "helper"/"gopher" type...they accepted...but instead made me a director with them! ACK! I was honored...but a lil nervous to have such a title. I still just consider myself a "helper" who can do the running for them and just help in any way I can!

Today starts a new week for everyone! :) I hope you all were able to get well rested yesterday (I was!). We will be doing schooling and some cleaning today. After finishing my "to do" list for today....hopefully the kids and I can pull out some games and hot chocolate again and spend some time playing! Nothing warms you on a cold winters day like a hot mug of hot cocoa! Also, I am hoping my new glasses come in soon! Although normally I wear contacts, it will be nice to have my new glasses as well. I haven't had new glasses since high school (10 years ago!).

For Christmas my parents gave the book pictured above to my kids. It is a beautiful book of Bible stories, songs and poetry!!! HERE is a link to the book if you are interested in getting one for your family! I look forward to reading this book with my children! While looking through it...I came across a poem that really stood out to me. It describes just how I want to be and how I am trying to raise my children to be as well!

God Make My Life a Little Light
by M. Bentham-Edwardsthat

God make my life a little light,
Within the world to glow;
A tiny flame that burneth bright,
Wherever I may go.

God make my life a little flower,
That giveth joy to all,
Content to bloom in native bower,
Although its place be small.

God make my life a little staff,
Whereon the weak may rest,
That so what health and strength I have
May serve my neighbors best.

Isn't that beautiful??? I just love it and it is my heart's desire to love others and be a blessing to them! I pray that is instilled in my children's hearts as well as they grow and mature!

I hope you all had a wonderful evening and I wish you a very happy Monday!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and read! :)


  1. Good morning Katy!
    We are getting lots of snow as well. I don't think I will be going out today, unless I want to shovel my car out (don't think I will!)
    Take care..enjoy your day.

  2. Morning Blessings to you Katy!

    Love reading about your children and your christian lifestyle missions.

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  3. Good morning Katy.. you are a bright flame for us all..
    No snow here yet but will be tonight.. today is going to be in the 40's so I'm hanging bedding out to dry while I can.
    Have a good day and a great week.

  4. Oh, those sloppy joes look so heavenly! (Even this early in the morning!! hehe!) MMMMMMMMMMM!

    What a sweet poem! And your aim at instilling that sense of servanthood in your children, just as sweet! I feel the same! Have a wonderful day all bundled up inside with beautiful snow out there, Katy!

  5. What beautiful poem! I hope I am instilling Godly traits in my children as well.

    Stay warm!


  6. What a beautiful poem! I can't wait to hear how the play grows and develops. How exciting for you and your church family.

  7. Hey Katy! I have missed you! Things have been so hectic here at home, and then we adopted a dog. What wa I thinking? :D Really, she is an awesome dog and we love her already. I don't regret it a bit. We are enjoying her so much!

    Love the poem you posted. I will check into getting that book for my grandaughter. It looks so sweet!

    I hope I can get caught up with my blog visiting and get back into a routine again.

    Have a great week!

  8. Hi Katy.
    Beautiful Poem!
    We are getting a lot of snow up here as well. Stay warm!!

  9. I love to rearrange as well. It can make things look like a whole different place! Hope you can get some batteries for the mp3 player soon. Have a lovely, cozy, warm day.! ((Hugs))

  10. It's funny--I just told my husband I wanted to make 15# of sloppy joes and can them!!! I still do. They look so good!
    We are having aheavy snow today and it looks as if we will be indoors for a while, too. Not to worry---I have plenty of projects I can do.....

  11. We love playing board games...Jeff and I love to play rummy after the kids go to bed, just to visit. What an honer to be the director.

  12. Beautiful poem. Hope you are having a cozy, warm day!

  13. Nice post!! I hope you stay coay and warm today. It looks like you will have lots of fun with your kids. You are SO GOOD!! julie

  14. We are having very warm weather here...its in the 70s and sunny...wish we could send a little your way!
    I really loved the poem....just lovely....

  15. I got the same book for my kids for Christmas. It is so classic. Love the illustrations and the great content!

  16. Hey Katy,
    Thanks for the tip about that book.I`ll definatly check it out!!

  17. How sweet! I love that M is sharing her earphones with her brother.

    And I laughed when I read about you changing the room around. You know you have a good man when he is willing to change everything around with you and then move it right back where it started without complaining! Happens to my husband often! LOL

    I need to keep things fresh too. My oldest son just asked why I do that? I told him, I know you don't understand but one day your sweet wife will want to do the same thing and you just smile and help her! How I hope I can make these young men good husband's for the daughters to come.

    Oh yes, with my charm packs I hope to one little wall quilt called Grandma's Attic and a full size quilt called Chubby Chicks. I love that because well ... I'm a chubby chick! LOL I'll have to share the pictures of the patterns if I remember to do that.

    Have a lovely week, Katy!

  18. Katy, thanks for dropping by my blog! Your kids are adorable. Your mission for spreading the love of God is evident. :)

    Please come by again. I will be back to see you!

  19. I love that poem!! I pray to God that I will be a light first to my children, then to my neighbors(whom I view as my mission field). Hope you are having a great week so far!!


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