Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Here! It's Here!

Last evening, using my dad's tiltbed, Chris and I went and picked up our new outside wood burner!!! I never thought this would be something we would be able to afford...but God is so good! He put the Dave Ramsey (Financial Peace University) class right in our path...and that class taught us sooo much. We got out of debt (which we weren't in a lot of anyway...but we got all out)....and that enabled us to get a wood burner to heat our home!

On our drive home, I said to Chris that I hoped this was the right one to get...because I (unfortunately) hadn't prayed as much about the wood stove as I should have. I prayed about lots of other things...but not about that. Well...Chris assured me that he stayed in lots of prayer about it and while making phone calls...kept coming up with places saying that they wouldn't have one available till the spring. So he prayed and left it totally in God's hands and said that if this is what we were meant to get...that God would supply our needs and would lead us to the right one. And the next place Chris called was the place that had these available!!! So everything has just fallen into place and I am so happy!

When I see God work like this in our lives...I just don't understand how people can say that there is no God??? He works in so many miraculous ways and has taken care of us that I feel His love raining down on us. I am not saying that nothing bad has ever happened to us...but He has seen us through everything. And He sent His Son to die for us all! If you don't know the love of Christ and want to...please email me. (My link is on the side of my blog.) I can't even describe how a relationship with Him has blessed our lives.

OK...onto more pics!!! YIPPEE!

Who loves PopPop's Big Wrecker (tow truck)? The boys do!!!!

Madelyn...dancing and watching (Xavier, being in the wrecker, turned up the radio...LOL)

My handsome hunny.....

Putting it on the ground....although this isn't wear it is staying...we have to prepare the place! (That's my FIL in the hat!)

YAY!!!! It's safely down!!!

Silly kiddos! (Jaxson was sitting in my dad's truck at this time!)

Soooo....anyone who wants to come over for a visit this winter...leave your slippers at home! My house is going to be toasty and cozy!!!! Woooooohooooooo!!!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me!!! Happy Wednesday! xoxo


  1. How exciting! It doesn't get much better then a warm, cozy home on a cold day.

  2. Katy, I'm so glad to see your wood burner has arrived! How exciting! I don't know what it is about knowing that you can provide warm for your family....its just a feeling of coziness and contentment. We are still looking at different options for our furnace replacement (remember I told u we are considering geothermal) ill be interested in hearing how it all gets installed and works. Have a wonderful day Katy!
    Your southern neighbor...Kathy

  3. Hi!
    You will be so glad you got one of those wood furnaces!! We have heated that way for many years!!
    I know our winter's aren't as rough as your's.... but it definitely helps cut down on our heating costs!!
    My husband refers to getting firewood as "family wood-cutting parties"...everyone gets involved....his parents heat with the same source that we do...they just live across a pasture field from us..."Granny" doesn't pick-up wood but she cooks for us and has it ready when we take a's so nice to be all together and help each other...

    I homeschool too....have for over
    9 years has graduated and one to go! Your family sounds alot like ours......Jesus is my Rock....I dearly love being a SAHM of 2 teens,a wife and am so grateful to be able to do so...I have a tiny little prim shop (but it's all paid for)PTL!!
    I love to cook....can from our garden....decorate(prim of course)work in our woodshop with my DH making furniture and primmin' it up for the shop...I really enjoy your have a blessed life also... and it's so nice to see all the wonderful things you do as a family!
    Have a great day!
    & Happy Fall!

  4. woo hoo!! now you just need to chop lots and lots of wood!!

  5. How cool is that?????!!!!!! Living in Florida, we have so few cool (not even cold) days, that we just bundle up and put up with it. Hardly ever turn on the heat. Now, if they find a way to COOL a house using a wood stove, that would perk my ears up!!!!!

    So glad for you, Katy! Are you the chopper?????


  6. Oh Katy,
    I am absolutely thrilled for yall.
    That you are out of debt as well? Incredible!!!
    Your kids look so happy in the photos and I love that you shared all of this with us!
    Smoochy holy kisses,

  7. That is so exciting!! You will love it I know we love ours!!!! Although its in the basement, but it is as tall as me lol, and it keeps the floors SO warm, and the house too:)

  8. You sound so excited and with what it is going to cost in heating this year I don't blame you!

    Your little ones are so sweet, takes me back to wonderful memories.

  9. There is nothing better on a cold day than backing up to a nice wood fire! Then when you're warmed up, snugglung up with a nice cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows. Can I bring my hubby???

  10. So glad that things worked out for you--it will be such a blessing to be toasty warm this winter for less!! I love your enthusiasm and gratitude--it is contagious!! julie

  11. Yeeeaaaa for blessings! I am very happy for you and your family. Wood burners are so cozy with lots of heat!! Congrats again and happy burning!

  12. WOOOO HOOOO is right ! I bet you are speechless!!!!
    Your home will be even cozier now, is that even possible?!LOL
    Take Care,

  13. Oh Katy you are going to love it. We had one in our other house. My dh built it. Best thing ever. We only had to fill it 2 times a day. And we have really cold and bad winters in northern Michigan. IF you have any questions please email me.

    Miss seeing you around on BOFA
    Hugs to you sweetie.

  14. I`m so thrilled for you and your family Katy!! You know that wood burner means so much more than just the provision of warmth.It is a testamony of God`s faithfulness and a blessing because you and Chris trusted Him!! You did what you were called to do and got out of debt and now this is the fruit of your obedience!!! Wonderful post Katy!! So wonderful of you to share with us how Chris prayed over this and how God lead you to the right stove!! I`m with you about not understanding how anyone can deny the existence of God! Miricals are everywhere!!I hope you have a truly blessed day!!!!

  15. Katy! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I really do appreciate it! How wonderful for you to be able to get something such as this wood burner, to keep your family warm and cozy. I first started reading your blog in August when you wrote about putting siding on your house and trying to pick a color for your door. I love the green you picked by the way! You are obviously a person of great moral character and I love to read about how you are choosing to live your life and your beliefs. I agree with your philosophies and your voting choice. You are an inspiration! ~Beth~


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