Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Learning...before Schooling!

Still in their PJs after breakfast....the kids all ran into the living room and started playing blocks together, using their imaginations to make houses, castles and towers! They were playing so well (without fighting...woohoo!) that I just decided to let schooling wait a bit and let them play.

Simple blocks are such a great toy, in my opinion. You can make things....use the letters on them to spell words, and even integrate them with other toys...like matchbox cars etc. What a great way to cultivate the mind and imagination!!!

And....I am so excited!!! Yesterday, I looked up some different tutorials online that showed how to knit....and after attempting to "cast on" a few times...I finally got it and began knitting!!! I would be much further along than the pic below...but *blushing* I have had to rip rows out....numerous times..hehehe. I would goof somehow and then have to rip some out. Quite frustrating...LOL. But...here is my progress so far (I am making a scarf).....

What We Can Count On

for our past mistakes.

for our present needs.

for our future.

~St. Augustine, Theologian and Philosopher


And I know many of you asked what Baked Corn is...and for the recipe. It is a yummy baked mix of corn and butter and corn muffin mix...YUM!!! Here is the recipe:

Baked Corn

1 can creamed corn
1 can whole kernel corn, drained
4 Tbs. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
4 Tbs. butter
4 eggs
1 "Jiffy" corn muffin mix
2 c. milk

Beat eggs, add muffin mix, salt and sugar. Beat till smooth. Add milk and mix in corn. Pour into greased casserole dish (9x9 or 7x11). Drop pats of butter on top. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, stir and bake for another 20-30 minutes. (Sometimes, it can take a lot longer for it to cook through in the middle. So give plenty of time to allow it to cook longer if it needs to!)


  1. Yep you better enjoy non-fight time when you can. Mine fight from the time they get up until time for bed. Do they ever grow out of it? I sure hope so. Have a blessed day, Karen

  2. Congrats on learning how to knit! It can be so addicting!! :o) A good addiction, that is! I love to knit practical things for use around the house. I only use knitted dish rags. They hold up so well, and they're cute! You should definitely make then. They are easy for beginners...a quick project that you can complete in a day. Soon you will be able to whip them up in an hour. And they are a wonderful addition to gift baskets for the holidays or for weddings. (I think so anyway...hopefully, the recipients agree...hahaha!)

  3. OH! I forgot...thanks for the recipe!

  4. That is great! I know how to crochet, but knitting I have yet to attempt! I really want to start doing prim stitchery...it looks so fun!

    THANK YOU for the recipe! I can't wait to try it!

    Have a great day, Katy!

  5. They look like they are having a good time...I remember those days:)

    Thanks for the recipe, I'm sure with the sugar it has a sweeter taste? Looks so good!

  6. Love the photos of the kids, they look like they're having a great time :)

    As for the knitting, it looks GREAT. I LOVE knitting and you've just reminded me that I have a scarf half done LOL Maybe I should finish it

  7. Good for you to keep plugging along with the knitting. I gave up years ago. I like to crochet, though. One of my girl's favorite things to play with when they were little was blocks--I think they just loved to use their imagination. Have great day. Julie

  8. Hey Katie,
    I'm giving you a standing ovation!
    I can't believe ya learned how to knit all by your lil self.
    Teach MEEEE! I would love to learn... I'd love to learn how to make a scarf! LOTS OF SCARFS! OR IS IT SKARVES? LOL
    Your recipe looked great too and the kids... awwwww they are the best.

  9. Raelynn will be so proud of you for learning to knit!!! WOOT!!!!!

    I was thinking of you this morning and realized we hadn't really chatted in a while! I miss you my friend!!! Hope you are having a great day!

  10. Katy, I agree,sometimes the most basic and simple toys are the best for little minds. By the way I have given you an award! Stop on by my blog to pick it up! Hugs! ~Beth~

  11. Aww...precious pictures of your kiddos! I agree about the wooden blocks. Your knitting looks wonderful...keep up the good work!

  12. I love the corn recipe. I'm gonna have to try that one. We always have so much corn from the summer crop and although I love it, I need to have different ways to fix it to prevent getting bored!

  13. Katy,
    These pictures are just darling! I know you were apprehensive about homeschooling, but I know you will do just fine! You see learning in everything your kids do. Have a blessed week!

  14. I`m so glad your morning was blessed with non fighting children.I can`t remember a time when mine dont fight:( Thanks for the recipe too!! I`ll have to try it sometime!! Blessings,Toni

  15. Hey-Good Goin on the knitting, Katy!!!
    Love the pics of your kids... they're so sweet and sooo CONTENT! ;)

    thanks for sharin' the recipe. sounds YUMMY!

    have a great evening


  16. A new recipe - yum! I've never tried baked corn but it sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing it :)

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  19. Ohh, aren't those blocks just the cutest? You know what.. they must be an American thing.. I have actually never seen them around here..

    Most of the time, the simple toys are the ones that get played with the most.... absolutely NOT the electronic gadgets!

    If you'd buy my daughter a toy, I can guarantee she'll play with it for about five minutes and then looses interest.. but these simple things.... last, I've seen her busy all morning trying to sort out a box of mixed (dried) beans I gave her. Cost of the toy: 0.0 *lol*

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  20. I have yet to learn how to knit!! I just learned to crochet!!! How easy is it??

  21. Oh, we love this recipe and make it often, except we call it corn pudding. Want to make it even better? Add about 3 heaping tablespoons of sourcream to the mix. It's delicious. :)

  22. Thanks for the recipe!! I won a book about knitting and yarn, so now is the time to learn, right?? I have wanted to for a while now.
    Where did you find the blocks? I love them!!


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