Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Weekend!

Saturday night...right before I got ready to take the munchkins to bed at 8pm, our electric went out....(we still don't know wasn't storming out or anything). It was pitch black and just me and the kids. (Chris was down at his dad's meat market...only 1/2 mi. away). The kids were panicking! So, I huddled them all in close to me and then we made a chain by holding hands as I led the way into the kitchen to get some matches to light some candles. After lighting the candles we all sat and talked together on the couch till Daddy got home. Once Chris got home, we decided we would all snooze a bit.
The electric came back on around 9pm and woke me up (you know that clicking sounds it makes when everything pops back on? LOL) I woke up to find everyone sleeping! It was so I had to take a picture before taking everyone to bed!
Madelyn, Ruthie (the dog), and Jaxson.....

Chris and Xavier.....

Then yesterday (Sunday)....the kids woke up coughing and I woke up with a horrible sinus thing going on. I have pressure behind my nose and eyes and a headache. It was...and still is...horrid. I hate being sick. (Who doesn't though, right?) So...I went and taught my Sunday School class at church...but then just came home and we all rested the day away. Last evening, before bed, we had a family movie night and watched Stewart Little 2. Oh my kids LOVE Stewart little movies! They call him "Stewart the Little"...LOL!

And....some big news....Xavier lost a tooth yesterday!!!!!! :o) It's his first!

And...when my headache wasn't too bad...I worked on my knitting some more....and here is my progress so far......(Hey Niki....see the quilt you made me??? ;o)

So...that was our weekend. Nothing too exciting...but time together nonetheless! And I am super thankful for anytime I get to spend with my family! :)
I am still battling this cold right now. It hit me so 'all of a sudden'. Don't ya hate when that happens? :o) So today starts another week! I hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoy your day ahead! xoxo


  1. Thsoe nice relaxing weekends are the best!
    I hope you all feel better soon.
    Have a great week!

  2. Hope you feel better soon, too, Katy!

  3. Katy,
    It hit me all of a sudden this weekend also.It's the sinus thing. It is draining down in my throat during the night and I wake up the next a.m with a sore throat. Hope you get feeling better. have a blessed day!

  4. Hi Katy- I am leaving a quick note for ya...but will be back later on to leave a comment too! :)

    You've been "tagged" and I have an award for ya too!
    Stop by and pick it up!
    --if ya don't have time for the "tag"...that's fine!! don't worry about it!!

    Enjoy this day!!!!!!!!

  5. Love your photos!!
    My kids loved Stuart Little as well, and so did I!! Great movies!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Take care

  6. What a great relaxing weekend you had! Hope you're feeling better.

  7. Hope you feel better soon Katy! I get those headaches, too. Sometimes when the electric is out, those are the best moments. Spending time huddled up together, goodtimes! Fun! Get better soon, Katy! ~Beth~

  8. Sounds like a relaxing weekend, except for the cold part.

    I love the picture of your kids and the dog. How sweet!

  9. Get some rest, hope you and the kiddos feel better soon!

    When we were in China, I got a horrible sinus infection, luckily I brought "Vicks early defense" nasal spray. It helped me so much and gave me about 12 hours relief without feeling dizzy.

    Take care!

  10. I love it when the power is out! Glad you got to spend some family time... hope you're feeling better!!

  11. We are out in the country, so I know houw BLACK it can be when the electricity goes out!!!!! LOVE the candle light, though!

    Sorry that it's been a while since I visited!!!! This is such a cheerful, happy place to come! Glad I made it here this morning and hope your new week is a great one!!! Love you, Katie!


  12. Hi Katy,
    How are you feeling today?
    Just wanted to drop in and tell you I love your scarf! That and get well soon!

  13. Be healed in Jesus' Name!

    I've tagged you. Come by and see.

  14. Oh Katy I hope you feel better quickly!! I know it stinks especially when the kids are sick at the same time!! Take care and REST!!!! Be Blessed my friend!~Wendy

  15. Ohh, I'm sorry you're sick, Katy! That sinus mess with the pressure and tender head is so terrible. I hope it passes quickly. The kids look so cute all bundled up and sleeping! ;o) I always thought it was kinda fun when the electricity when out! Maybe that's just the old-fashioned girl in me. Your knitting looks great! Keep it up!!

  16. What sweet pictures of your family!

    Hope you're all feeling better soon!

  17. Can I just tell you that your blog is adorable? What a cozy little corner of the web you have here! I'm new to it and to blogging but I'm so glad I stumbled upon it today.

    Congrats to your little guy on losing his first tooth!

    Many sweet blessings,

  18. Looks like a nice weekend. Ruthie looks like she had the best spot in the pile. Like a litter of puppies or something. great pixs.

  19. What a nice, relaxing weekend you had with your family making memories.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  20. Hope you and the kids are feeling better soon!

  21. Katy, glad you are enjoying the quilt!

  22. Awh-what sweet pics! :) yes, any time spent with your family is "good time"!
    I hope you're feeling better...

    -Kath're doin great with your knitting! ;)


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