Thursday, October 2, 2008

Above and Beyond!

I won a giveaway that Kelly, over at The Barefoot Mama, hosted! I never expected to win..but thought I would at least try...and surprise!!! I won!!! I was sooo excited! She even added a few extra goodies into the giveaway for me! It is such great stuff! I can't wait to use the cookbook! How great is that? I always usually take the same food places when I attend a potluck supper...baked corn or green bean casserole...or a veggie tray. LOL This book will give me sooo many other GREAT ideas! I look forward to going through it! I also got 2 bags, Mary Engelbreit cards (which I LOVE), recipe cards that are sooo cute, and some scrapbooking stuff!!!

It is fantastic and I really appreciate and love it all!!!! Thank you so much Kelly!!!! Kelly has such a sweet blog. If you haven't checked it out can HERE.

And..thank you all so much for each of your comments. They mean the world to me. It also means so much that people actually READ my blog! LOL But you never know who all is reading unless you get if you haven't before...or rarely do..please comment! Let me know you have stopped by! I LOVE to hear from you! And...if you havent' yet...please check out my previous posts about the outside wood burner we got recently and also about the Fall Festival!!!

We went to storytime at the Library for the first time today! It went well and I think the kids had a good time...although Xavier was a bit shy. They do songs, stories, a craft and snack time! It's a really fun time for the kids. :o) Well....gotta run! I have a friend coming over...she is thinking about homeschooling and wants to see our curriculum and how we do things! Thanks for stopping by! It's a cold day here in PA...I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you may be!!! xoxo


  1. Sounds like a great day planned, Katy! It's definatley a fall day here today too!

  2. Hey Miss Katy! It's chilly here in this part of PA too - I'm wanting a caramel apple so badly, LOL! I'm so glad that the package arrived safe and sound. :o) You enjoy it - thank you for participating in the Blissfully D scavenger hunt and giveaway!

    P.S. We were at the library today, too. :o)

  3. Congratulations on winning!! What a wonderful gift, too! I hope you share some recipes from the cookbook!

    Mrs. U

  4. What a neat prize you won! :-) Aren't libraries wonderful?? Yea for Benjamin Franklin! :-) How is your homeschool going??

  5. What a really nice giveaway!You so deserve it! My girls used to do story time at our library. They really enjoyed it. The more we read the better! ~Beth~

  6. The sun is shining here in Iowa but it is cool and I like that. Isn't it neat when someone sends you stuff and you actually like it? It's like they can see inside your head and heart! Congratilations, Sweetie! You deserve the prize!

  7. WAHOO!! I love to win things, but better yet is to get a package in the mail--that's the BEST!! Hope you're day is wonderful. Julie

  8. Aren't blogging friends the best?
    I'm so glad you won and are enjoying everything:)It's chilly here to in my part of PA.

  9. Okay, since you asked I'll delurk and tell you I love to read your blog. Your posts are always so uplifting to read! :)

  10. What a wonderful day it sounds like you had.

    I enjoy reading your blog daily!


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