Thursday, October 9, 2008

Homemade Bread for Supper Time!

Who doesn't love a fresh loaf of homemade bread???

My sister and her boyfriend, Cory, came over for supper last night...and everyone seemed to enjoy the bread I made. Although I let it rise for the appropriate time, I think with the first rising...I didn't have it in a warm enough spot and it didn't rise as well as I would have liked. I learn new things each time I make something and will improve the next time! (I have made bread many times before...and I always goof something up...but it never totally ruins the bread, thank goodness! LOL)

My little helpers, setting the table!

And supper...a yummy meal of chicken and stuffing casserole, homemade bread, fresh corn, and green beans I had canned! There is something sooo satisfying in having a meal all totally from scratch..made with love and hard work! :)

We had a really nice dinner...ate, talked and laughed! I love times like that....don't you?

I have never made homemade cinnamon rolls..but I think I will be trying those next!!! YUM! Do you enjoy homemade bread or foods at your house? What are some of your favorites to make? I would love to hear about them! :)

Today is schooling and then off to the Library for storytime! :) Then back home for lunch and housework! I hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo


  1. Will you post your bread recipe???? I usuallly make small loaves, that one looks a lot bigger. I always use the recipe on the family homestead site, but I do like to try other recipes. I,too love to make meals from scratch and find that my family's bodies react differently than when it is all boxed or processed! They have more energy and mood is different!

  2. I have not done much baking from scratch but I would love to learn how. My grandmother makes such great warm rolls and that is always one of my favorite memories of going to her home. Looks like you had a great meal.

  3. YUM! My mouth is watering! I have a secret love affair with breads! LOL! Not a realy big secret though! :)

    I love to make cinnamon rolls! I have a very easy recipe too. I'll try to rememebr to post it later for you.

    Have a great day!

  4. My mom used to make homemade bread sometimes when we little. It was always a big treat.
    I buy the frozen dough sometimes. That's my treat. LOL

    I do cakes, pies, bars and dinner rolls from scratch, but not too often. Tim and Kelsey aren't big into sweet stuff. Which means I eat most of it.
    And that's not good. :)

  5. Your bread looks wonderful!And everything sounds so yummy. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  6. Looks great! Have a wonderful day! :)

  7. I agree about making things from scratch! It`s wonderful!!My favorite thing to make is homemade bread!! I don`t use a bread machine either.I find kneading the bread by hand to be very relaxing! Did you ever make homemade pizza?My kids love to help when I make iit. They each make their own!Hope you have a blessed day today Katy!!

  8. Mmmm... there is no better smell in the whole world than bread baking... I'm with t.s.- please post your recipe, Katy!!

    The last time I made bread, I took some Country Crock butter and mixed a little honey in with it...I eat so much of that stuff, I thought Hubby was going to have to take me to the hospital!! LOL

  9. I'M HUNGRY!!! My that looks SO good!
    I use a bread machine to make mine. A favourite in my family is homemade pizza crust made in the bread machine (or by hand) and also homemade garlic fingers...take the pizza crust, spread in pizza pan, brush some butter or margerine on it, sprinkle some garlic powder and a bit of grated cheese...bake until crust is done...yum!

    I'm so hungry now!

    GOOOOO KATY!!!! That looked Yummy!
    Isn't it FUN making bread? I love it! You get to take all your frustrations out kneading and punching down. LOL
    have a beeeeeeeeautiful day!
    Your kids sure looked like they were ready to dig in... in that photo!
    Love Lea
    Have yall tried out your new wood stove yet?

  11. Hi Katy,

    OK, I need your chicken recipe! That sounds delicious! I wish I had the magic touch for baking/cooking. I do ok but my mother is a fantasic "from scratch" cook/baker so I will ask her for some recipes to share with you. =)

    Looks like you had a wonderful evening with food and fellowship. I love those times too.

    God bless,

  12. Yum Katy! Sounds delicious!! I am just learning about the joys of food made from scratch and my husband and son are happy to let me practice! Have a beautiful day!

  13. I like to cook from scratch. Making bread is one of my favorite things to do. I find it relaxing. I love the way it makes the house smell while it is rising.

  14. Looks wonderful Katy :)

    You know me, I cook everything from scratch LOL I don't think I would know what to do if I had to cook a meal otherwise.

    Homemade bread is definitely a favorite of mine, followed by comfort food like meatloaf or a casserole.

  15. Your bread turned out wonderful! Yes, I make homemade bread almost every day and cinnamon rolls about once a week. My husband gave me a bread machne, but I don't use it the way one is supposed to. I created my own recipe to work with the machine,(I did not like the bread mixes)and it tunrned out wonderful. I make up my recipe, put it into the machine, and let the machine do the kneading and rising. At the end of the dough cycle, I pull the bread out and shape into rolls or loaves and then bake in the oven instead of letting it bake in the machine. It is quick this way and it is still homemade!Have a good weekend, blessings, Kathleen

  16. Thanks a lot! Now I'm starving! *grin* That bread looks so yummy. I can see a piece dripping in butter.

    My MIL used to make homemade bread and rolls all the time.

  17. Sounds good to me, Katy! We enjoy all kinds of homemade breads. Some favorites are light oat, Irish brown bread, and english muffin bread.

    I posted my cinnamon roll recipe ages ago. It's a good one!

    Enjoy your evening...

  18. Ok, I just ate dinner but I am officially hungry again. I want some homemade bread! : )

  19. Oh man, I think you have inspired me to make homemade bread. I think my family would faint if I did. Do you have a good recipe? julie

  20. That is a wonderful looking loaf of homemade bread. Whenever I make any, my loaves never look that nice. Hmmm, might make some this weekend though, as my hubby is always wanting me to, and I haven't for ages.


  21. We have one of those smaller bread machines, so our loaves are rarely big like that (only when I get sick of the thing and use the oven, *lol*)

    Favourites in our house are all types of German bread.. the sour (rye sourdough) kind. We actually drive all the way to the border, into Germany - to pick up packets of ready-mixed bread flour..

    In Holland, you'd pay 4 dollars for a bread like that.. now I can make them for just 1.. ;)

    greetings from the netherlands!

  22. Hi Katy - thanks so much for dropping over to my blog and leaving your kind comments. I agree with you - there is nothing nicer than a fresh loaf of home-made bread. Mmm mm it smells so delicious!

    Your table setting looks so cozy.

    Many blessings!

  23. Please post your bread recipe for the bread in the photo! PLEASE!!!

  24. I was just thinking this morning about making some fresh bread...mmmm! I'm craving a big hot slice with butter! Homemade cinnamon rolls are the best!!

  25. Good gracious! Your bread looks DELICIOUS!! Our family could make a meal of just the bread!! YUM!!!

    And thank you for sharing your recipe in another post. :)

    Mrs. U


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