Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cookies R Us! a hard day with schooling...goodness, my kids were so cranky today( was raining and dreary out this morning.....) I made a bunch of cookies for a youth event Chris and I are chaperoning tomorrow night! I am going to be baking more cookies tomorrow as well!!

Whenever I make chocolate chip cookies...I use the recipe on the Nestle Tollhouse Morsels and usually, I double the recipe. I don't double the chocolate chips (I am not a major chocolate fan) but I double everything else.

Are you a "cleaner upper as you go"? LOL....I am! I clean up as I go because the mess overwhelms me. Chris likes to try and cook sometimes...but it drives me bonkers cuz the man always leaves a mess!!! ACK!
Before the pic below was taken...there was flour and sugar containers out....flour on the counter etc. It was a mess. Ahh...the sacrifices we must make to have homemade cookies...hehe!

My faithful follower.....Ruthie! Seriously...this dog follows me everywhere!!! LOL

YUM!!!! Cookie dough!!!! (Look at those baby blue eyes....ya know, neither Chris nor I have blue eyes! LOL)

Cookies, cookies and more cookies!!! In the container in the pic doesn't look like a lot..but that thing holds a lot of cookies!!!

And last, but not least, my knitting so far....I have spotted a couple miner mistakes....but they were towards the beginning and I am not ripping it all out now. LOL They aren't anything major anyway and it is going along smoothly! I enjoy it alot!!! I still need to learn how to cast off though...hehe...that's pretty important for when I finish it up!!! :)

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday! Luckily, although still wet out...the rain has stopped.. The kids have been playing outside and after supper we are going to watch a soccer game (Our good buddy coaches a high school team). xoxo


  1. (cookie monster voice) Coooookies! Those look delicious. Great job on the knitting - and the colors are perfect!

  2. Those cookies look they are all gone by the end of the evening:)

  3. YUMMMM!!! You've sparked an insatiable desire for cookies in this pregnant mommy. Guess I will be baking tonight :)

  4. He is such a cutie! I wish that I could knit. I took a class and just couldnt get the hang of. Cant wait to see it when you are done!
    Have a great day

  5. Oh I so want some of those cookies!! LOL! They look so good! I'm a cleaner upper too! Rick is like Chris, drives me nuts when he's cooking!
    I hope you have a great time at soccer tonight!!

  6. I'll send you my address and you can very quickly put some in a box and send them...ok? LOL! Those look delicious! And your knitting really is coming along...very pretty! Take care, Katy! ~Beth~

  7. Cookie making on a rainy day is an excellent idea, Katy. And I clean up as I go, too. I just can't help myself.

    Enjoy those goodies and the rest of your week...

  8. Thoes cookies look very good Katy!! Nice and big too:) I love how your knitting is coming along!! Homemade things are always so special!!! Maybe I should try to crochet. I learned when I was little...maybe this weekend I`ll give it a try again. Have a blessed evening!

  9. Katy,
    Your cookies look so good!!
    I am a "cleaner-upper" as I go, too!
    You are doin WONDERFUL with your knitting!! Good Job!

    Have a nice evening!!


  10. Oh YUM!! Those cookies look soooo good! I wanna come!!!! I can't beleive how much you have got done on your knitting! It looks great!

  11. Oh and.... Mason and Matthew both have blue eyes and guess what neither of us do either!!! Weird huh!

  12. Those are some good lookin' cookies. If it wasn't midnight, I think I'd have to go bake up a batch myself!

    Your knitting is just gorgeous, Katy! Love the colors you chose. Doesn't it feel so good to make something with your hands? So relaxing and when you're done, you have this beautiful non-manufactured treasure to enjoy for always. Wish I could knit!


  13. OK, my mouth was watering looking at all those delicious cookies. Looks like I'm baking tomorrow!!LOL

    Have a wonderful Friday!

    God bless,

  14. *lol* I'm SO not a cleaner-as-I-go.... my mum always went crazy over that as well....

    I 'like' to leave the whole mess, so I'll have something to do when the cookies are baking.

    Ok, not really.. but I'm just too lazy (and perhaps excited about baking something) that I forget to clean during the process...

    thanks for reminding me.. *lol* ;)
    Greetings from the netherlands!

  15. Looks like fun! LOL! I clean up as I go too. It sure helps when the baking/cooking is done!
    My eyes were blue as a child but turned green & brown as I got older. Now they are a golden brown with green rings around them. One brother and one sister have the same eyes as me, and the others have blue eyes. My Mama had beautiful dark blue eyes and my Dad's eyes are hazel. So your baby's eyes could change too. Just depends on what is in the gene pool! LOL!

  16. The cookies look so so yummy! I usually double the choc chips in my cookies--not the dough. Funny. Have a great weekend.

  17. We baked yesterday too!!! It was crappy out, and that is all I could think of to do also! Your's look slightly better than mine, however...

  18. Those cookies look fabulous! Makes me want to go bake some too!

    I'm also a "clean as I go". It makes it so much easier for me and I don't feel so overwhelmed.

  19. Nothing like the smell of cookies baking and cookie dough on a spoon to make every one happy! Your knitting is beautiful! Love the colors. Blessings, Kathleen

  20. Not a chocolate fan - Oh you are lucky. It calls out to most women. Those cookies are saying to me - find some chocolate NOW! There goes my diet!! LOL

  21. We got some of that glorious rain today and I loved it!! We had a home day which my children loved and minor electronic entertainment-almost pure bliss, I tell ya!!
    I love to make the Chocolate chip, Oatmeal, Pecan cookies off the chocolate chip package-yum!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  22. Thanks for your sweet comment! Kelly is awesome! and so is her Gracie!

    Your blog is adorable! We homeschool too, and I'm wondering if you have listed anywhere on your blog all of the things/curriculum you are using this year? I love to learn and gain info from other homeschoolers!

  23. I love the colors of the yarn for the scarf. Can't wait to see it finished.


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