Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Grandeur in PA!

So....I have finally done a little fall decorating outside of my home...not a ton..but some. I love fall decor....but I don't always get a ton out to decorate. Above is my arbor...with some leaves. And a mum...I love mums in the fall! ;) (And yes, yes....I know...all your gardners out there are probably horrified at my hosta bed....LOL....I weeded it in the summer...but then...I just, let it go... ;o). I know, that is horrible. I am feeling bad...maybe I will go out and weed it after I am done posting....yes, yes, that's what I will do. Don't worry! hehe) I still have mulch to buy for the path there as well....but I do things as I can...when money and time permits!

Below...a pic of the front door. Again...someday this will be changed....but for now, it's what we have...I can't stand the screen door thing with the glass in it....eww. helps keep the schoolroom warmer in the winter. It blocks some of the wind and cold air. So for stays.

A closer look at my primitive star on the door...and I have a fall swag around it as well for some extra "fall" detail! :) fall flag. I think it looks so pretty against the backdrop of all the gorgeous trees! :)

Nothing...and I mean NOTHING....can compete with the grandeur that God has decorated during this beautiful season. He is The Artist, The Creator. Seriously...what can compete with the beauty in the pics below?

A little fun out on the swing set...enjoying the comfortable fall air!

(See all that wood in the back right corner? Chris is working soo hard! :) .....

Chris...taking a much needed break after working hard on the platform that our outside wood burner will sit on......

Xavier loves playing amongst the trees we had to cut down to put the wood burner where we wanted it. Chris has been working at cutting them up! ......

I know..where is that kids shirt...right? LOL...luckily it isn't too chilly out today. It is gorgeous. And he runs around so much he gets overheated and takes it off. hehe!

Well....that's all for now! I hope you all are having a lovely fall weekend and please enjoy a restful and wonderful Sabbath tomorrow! xoxo


  1. Katy, I found your blog through Monica's Homespun Heart. I know her from church. I absolutely LOVE yours! I will be spending time there this weekend catching up. Although I don't homeschool, I love your school room. (I have been an English teacher for 20 years who wished she could have homeschooled!)

  2. Kids metabolism is so high, I am sure he was just fine out there. Mary over at Gettysburg Express got her wood burner delivered. There will be lots of smoke in the air in Oh and PA!!

  3. thanks for these beautiful pics! it's so warm here in jersey that just a few of the trees are beginning to change. i've been told that the peak won't come until the end of the month, and i've been totally missing the leaves of western pa!

  4. Your pics are awesome. I love your decor, too! Very pretty! Your children always seems so content. ~Beth~

  5. Katy,

    Your fall decor looks great! I love all the fall foliage I see too! And that twig star on your door is cute!

    I love a little boy that will work and play outside with no shirt! He's a true country boy!


  6. It is so beautiful there in PA! and I love all of your fall decorations!! hope you are having a blessed weekend!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful Katy.
    I love this time of year.

  8. Wonderful autumn touches, Katy! I love seeing your beautiful trees, too.

  9. Your "touch of fall" looks great, Katy!
    What beautiful weather we are having -huh?!
    ENJOY it....for soon enough...the snow will be flyin!

    Love all your photos!

    Enjoy your day!


  10. Hi Katy, I am a homegrown PA gal...right now a military wife staioned in Minot, ND ( and we just had our first snow this weekend!) I found your blog through another blog (can't tell you which one anymore) but you are in my favorites blog folder now! I miss PA so much and just love your pics and makes me feel connected to PA. Thanks for sharing your life, family and ideas with me....Erica:)

  11. Gosh Katy - look that beautiful home and yard you have. Looks so different without all the snow but I guess that will come soon enough lol

  12. looks good! I love the leaves. they are so beautiful this time of year :)

  13. Katy, I couldn't have said it better! God is the Master of everything, including fall decorating!
    Looks like y'all had a great day. Your fall decorating looks awesome!
    Have a blessed week!

  14. Hey! This weekend was sooo nice! Can you belive how warm it was Sunday??!! We took a walk out behind my grandparents' place after church. The leaves are so nice here in the mountains!

  15. Beautiful fall foliage pix! There's nothing quite like the beauty of the PA woods.

  16. Beautiful!! I just got caught up on your few latest posts-you are amazing!!


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