Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayer Baskets and School Rooms!

My devotional/prayer basket!!! I am all about organization and everything having its place. This basket works so wonderfully for me. It keeps my devotionals and Bible and things that I am reading all in one basket for me. I do my devotions/read in bed, and also downstairs in the early morning before everyone else wakes up. This enables me to bring things with me....and all in one unit!!! :o) Then, when going to church or what not...I can put my bible in my bag Chris got me from Romania!
For all my sunday school stuff (teaching manual, notebook, etc), I carry that all in a bag I I keep it all together and don't lose it all as well. A place for everything and everything in its place....LOVE that motto! :)

AND....I did some rearranging in the school room again. I really like this layout as well and it works for us! :o) HERE is what our school room looked like before!

And here is a scarecrow Madelyn made during "art" today. We hung it up in our school room to begin fall decorations! :o) I think she did great with it! I love the patch on the pants...hehe!

Schooling is going well...although I am pretty picky about handwriting and Madelyn taking her time and making it look nice. I am anal about my own handwriting and I stay on her about hers as well. It frustrates her :( and makes her feel "not good enough". I try to emphasize that I just want her to do her best...and not "rush" through things...because sometimes she has a tendency to want to hurry through things. I am still learning at being a homeschooling mama...I want to encourage and not discourage....all while getting good results. I think I still have LOTS to learn. Sometimes I think I am learning just as much, if not more, while schooling my kids. It is a challenging task...but so rewarding as well.

Anyhoo...that's just a lil update on us and school. We are keeping busy and Chris has been cutting/gathering wood like crazy for our wood burner. I have been working at doing more organizing and purging of "stuff". I hate having too much "stuff" drives me bonkers. I hope you all have a good weekend! Ours will be busy...again...hehe. xoxo


  1. Morning,

    I like your use of baskets!

    I too have been decluttering, I just finished my kitchen.

    Enjoy your Weekend,

  2. It looks wonderful as usual!!!!

  3. I love using baskets to organize! you can get them so cheap at yard sales and such, too so it makes it easy to pill up on them and use them when needed. The school room looks wonderful. I'm sure you are doing great as a teacher! Y'all have a great weekend!

  4. Katy,

    I have baskets in use everywhere for our homeschooling books. They help keep me organized and baskets never look bad sitting around!

    I love the school room! I'm glad everything is going well! Love Madelyn's creation too!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Being organized is such a time saver! I wish my own daughter would realize that. She is grown and has a daughter of her own, but she is always late, always running around looking for things, etc. I don't know why she refuses to be sensible, like her mama! LOL! Maybe one day.......

  6. Your school room looks great! I love using baskets also....they really help in keeping things organized. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love baskets, too! Your schoolroom is so sweet and cozy...what a wonderful place to learn!

  8. I too like to have a place for everything!! I like to know its all organized!! I am so glad schooling is going so well for you all it is so rewaeding!! I am so happy you were able to get your wood burner so quickly! Will it take long to get it hooked up to the house? Take care and have a great night!~Wendy

  9. That is great....Alex just made a scarecrow just like that...aren't they cute? I am so glad you are enjoying homeschooling!!

  10. I love y'all's schoolroom! And I am sure that you are doing an incredible job as a homeschooling mama, Katy!! I have really felt the need lately to purge some stuff...a lot of stuff. I am so thankful for a group here in town that will actually come by and pick stuff up once a month so I am making good use of their efforts to collect! ;o) Have a great weekend!

  11. Isn't it great to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Sounds like your home-schooling is going well--so glad. Have a wonderful weekend. Julie

  12. That is a wonderful idea for the basket. I'm going to have to use that idea.Have a blessed day.

  13. What a great idea for the baskets. Every thing looks so cheery, including your chicken header! Your little girl's scarecrow is so cute. Have a wonderful weekend, blessings, Kathleen

  14. I have to comment on the school room! As I said before, being a former school teacher, I love to hear about what's going on in your school room! I LOVE the new arrangement...I did it all the time in my classroom too!

    Madelyn's scarecrow is wonderful! You are doing such a great job. The best thing is that you are providing you children with a part (huge part) of education that is not available in the public schools...that part is GOD! I love that you provide such a warm environment to learn in, but more importantly you involve the Lord!

  15. Lucky girl, you! A dedicated homeschooling room! We work at our kitchen table.

    I really enjoyed your blog!


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