Saturday, October 18, 2008

Completely Exhausted!!!!

I am so happy to be home! Last night...with family babysitting the kiddos, Chris and I (along with some friends) were chaperones to a youth overnighter at our church. Oh my goodness! It was zaney....and I was exhausted! I took a nap yesterday afternoon while Jaxson that was good...but I am still not a night owl AT ALL. We all got there around 9pm...there was a Christian band who came and played from midnight till 2am and we played games and such the rest of the time! It lasted till 7am this morning. All of us chaperones (and all the kids too) were beat! We were all getting a touch crabby by the later wee hours. LOL My friend (and the organizer of the overnighter) Heather and I were so tired...we couldn't stop giggling!

Once we got everything cleaned up at the church...and all the kids were on their way home with their parents....we got to go home and sleeeeeeep! It was sooo wonderful to crawl into bed. I slept from 8am till noon. (So weird feeling like your day is half gone when you wake up!) and then showered and went to pick up the kids. It was a long night but I pray the kids all got something out of it. Good fellowship and friends....and the band had a good message and played well! Overall...we had a total of over 55 kids there!

Today I have been doing some house clean up stuff...and laundry. Chris is out working on the wood burner...I need to get supper made and hopefully enjoy a nice restful evening with my family! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo


  1. Enjoy your much needed rest with your family. I just love your posts!

  2. Katy, Katy, are a good servant to the Lord, girl! 55 kids? Somedays I can't even deal with my 2! LOL! You deserve a rest! Take care! ~Beth~

  3. Oh I so remember those sleep overs with the youth!!! They are exhausting thats for sure!!:0) but your right they are so much fun to get to know them and they getting to know you on a different level!! The thing is they always conked out on us adults!! We were the ones who ended up staying up while they slept!!LOL So glad you had fun!! Have a very quiet night!~Wendy

  4. Oh Wow! I know you must be tired! But what a blessing you are to your church and the youth. They made memories that will last forever.

  5. Enjoy the rest of the weekend... those sleepovers are so tiring, you probably didnt sleep a wink!!!

  6. You both are such a blessing to these youth....I bet you would do it all over again!

  7. What a wonderful turn out!!

    Get some rest!

  8. Oh you are so much braver than I! We were asked by our church to be chaperones, but the weekend just didn't work out for us. Sounds like a fun time though!

  9. You are one brave woman! 55 kids on a overnighter! God bless you!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog....I haven't been busy straightening up my craft room, I wish I have been. I think I'd even rather have been on an overnighter with 55 kids!!

  10. Sounds like alot of fun kay!! I thought about having a few girls over sometime for an evening of prase and worship songs,maybe a little bible study too. Hope you had a restful day with your family yesterday and a blessed Lords Day today!!

  11. Hi Katy, thanks for your comment the other day. I'd be happy to make you some letters, they're fun.

    I'll bet your exhausted, that sounds like a lot of work, but worth it. Hope you have a great week.

  12. Bless your heart!
    I've tagged you.
    Come and see me!

  13. Good grief- you did pull an all-nighter!!!
    You're officially a night owl, Katy! (Even if it was just for one night!! LOL)


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