Monday, May 3, 2010

Planting Pansies

Last week, on a beautiful day, the kids and I went to a greenhouse owned by some family! We got some pansies to plant...since they are pretty hardy lil guys! We may still have some drops in our area's temperature before summer kicks in and I wanted to get something that could survive that possibility! :)

You will probably notice, in the pictures, that Jaxson is wearing winter gloves ;). Such a silly boy he is. I was wearing gardening he wanted to wear gloves too!!!

The kids loved planting everything. The four of us made quite the mess all over the front porch!

Madelyn planted this pot of flowers all by herself!

I enjoyed planting...but I also enjoyed sweeping off and arranging the flowers to decorate the porch! From a distance, the flowers are hard to see....but that's OK...when you walk up onto the porch, I think it looks nice!

And...look at the bike in the picture below. Isn't it fantastically adorable??? It's actually my mom's, who plans on using it to decorate in her gardens at her house. She had gotten it at an auction and didn't have the right vehicle to transport it in. Somehow, it got to my house, and she plans on getting it...although I am in no rush for her to take it! ;) Madelyn rides it around and *OH* is she cute when she does! Maybe...just mom will forget we have it and not come to take it away?!? ;)

Have you been doing any planting? What sort of flowers are your favorite to garden and decorate with? I would love to hear!

Also...before I go, I wanted to mention that when you ask a question via the comments, if you have your email enabled, I try to answer you through email. If you don't have your email enabled, I try to go answer your question on your blog. If you ask a question via the comments and don't leave an email or have a blog...I try to post the answer in the comments! :)

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  1. Your bench and all the flowers looks so adorable!

  2. The flowers are beautiful especially when planted by your little ones. I applaud you for your patience working with your children like you do. That is one regret I have - my kids are all grown - I feel that I didn't have enough patience when they were little. I've asked God to forgive me for that.

  3. Looks great Katy! Yes.. we've been busy planting to. I am in Canada.. and our weather has been CRAZY to say the least this week. Last Tuesday it snow - a lot (check out my blog). But then yesterday ~ Sunday it was 30 C (86 F) with the humidity! We've planted some panies for our front step. Also I have started some seedlings inside for our veg garden. Carrots, cucumber, snowpeas, parsely, zucchini, pumpkins, squash. We will be planting more... but those seeds will be sowned right into the ground (probably our Cdn Long weekend: May 24).

    Looks great.. can't wait for summer time. In my garden, in the pool, homeschooling will be done, and we'll be outside .. ALL the time! ☺☺ Many blessings!

  4. I love it! It looks fantastic. I haven't planted anything yet, but I am itching to do so.

    Have a great day!

  5. looks nice! we just got some flowers at lowe's (yea for gift cards!!).. we got some Phlox and Shasta Daisys... and a few other things I can't remember their names. I am hoping for some sunshine to get them planted soon!!

  6. Hi Katy, it looks like you all had fun planting and your porch looks so welcoming!! That bike is awesome!! My favorite flowers to plant are petunas and geraniums!! We put a fresh coat of paint on my flower boxes yesterday and can't wait to plant my flowers in them hopefully this weekend!!:0) Hope you have a wonderfully blessed week my friend!! Oh yea my cleaning products should be here today, I cannot wait to try them!!:0)

  7. It looks great and the kids enjoyed it, I'm sure!

    My favorite flowers by far are red geraniums. I love planting bright pink wave petunias in hanging baskets to hang from our front porch. We always have ferns and ivy on our back screened porch - it's always shady back there, so nothing blooms!

    I use old chairs and bird houses to decorate with - so much fun!

  8. Your porch looks great and the flowers are just the right touch...I am sure the kiddos really enjoyed getting to plant their flowers! Making memories is my favorite part of daily life! Have a blessed day!

  9. what a lovely porch you have..glad the kids love planting also..
    i love pansies, its a happy flower..:-)

  10. I love the pics of your porch. You did a great job of decorating it.

  11. I love the country where ou can take an old pot and keep using it by planting flowers! It fits the scenery! My house is in the city and I still haven't planted a single thing! It's been bad weather but once nice weather kicks in I hope to cozy up my outdoor space somehow too! Have you ever lived in town? Any ideas for us city folks with front porches?

  12. Looks good. I plant my flower memorial day weekend.

  13. I see you and your sweet children like to plant in old granitware and craked crocks. They make gardens look more country. I love my rock garden of flowers and shrubs. We have shrubs and trees planted in honor of each of our children and grandchildren. Some memory shrubs planted in honor of passed loved ones. Homestead Garden has many stories. Come see!


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