Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dirt Angels

The other evening, Big Boss tilled the large garden we share with his parents. :) So, last evening, my mother-in-love, Big Boss, the children and I went out to start planting! :) Of course, the boys couldn't help themselves...plopped right down in the dirt and started making *dirt angels*!

We spread plastic down on one corner of the garden, for where we will plant the tomatoes and peppers. Then we covered the edges of the plastic with dirt and wood boards...

Piggies in the garden....

Above is Big Boss, using the row-maker he completely rebuilt...and below is Madelyn in the mother-in-love planting and Jaxson running toward me! :)
Despite the fact that I am not *in* the pictures...I was there....right along helping! ;)

We planted rows of green and yellow beans. :)

After gardening for two hours...the sun started getting to me and I started getting a pounding we decided to stop for the day and I brought the children home for nice, sudsy baths. After we left though, I found out later, the sun set and everything cooled down Chris and his mama did some more planting of parsnips and some other things, I believe!

After bathing the littles...we came up to my bedroom. It's the only room we have AC in. It's a fairly large the kids got their blankets, sleeping bags and pillows and camped out in our room for the night. I attempted to read...but after only a few pages...I had to close the book, turn out the lights and try to sleep. My head was hurting so much....I was so thankful for the cool air around me and the soft place to rest my head!

Today, the kids and I got the most of our chores, dishes; feeding/watering animals; general straightening up, done this morning, while the weather was still cool. Since yesterday was grocery day...and we gardened in the evening....I didn't get laundry folded that I needed to. So that will be what I am working on well as some knitting! :)

After playing outside for a bit...the kids will play some in my bedroom too cool down in the AC. They have blocks, cars and railroads to play with in here! :) We'll enjoy a nice, cool snack too! :)

Big Boss is going to a Men's Fellowship "Steak"-Out tonight. They have over 60 men planning to attend! Isn't that wonderful? :) I will make something for him to take. They are having it at my father-in-love's outdoor pavillion and fire pit! My dad and Chris' dad attend different they each are inviting men from their churches to come! And Chris and I go to a different church than our he is going, and hopefully invited some men from our church, as well! :)

I gotta go! Unfortunately, the laundry won't fold itself! ;) I hope you each have a great day ahead!



  1. Ahh okay I guess I figured the "big garden" was the greenhouse and that you had a little garden in your backyard or something. Now I get it. LOL That truly IS a bigggg garden. Wow! Pretty amazing!

  2. What is it about kids and dirt that they just attract one another : )

  3. I love seeing the little boys making dirt angels. So cute!

  4. the piggies in the dirt! Enjoy the day:)

  5. I hope that you're feeling better today. I had one of those painful heat-induced headaches a few days ago. What a blessing to have at least some air conditioning!

    I have never heard of dirt angels! I can image how dirty that bath water was, lol!

  6. beautiful, peaceful post! Love your pictures of your sweet life in the country!

  7. the turn out at the men's fellowship was great! (i intruded to take pics).... dad said they even got guys from other places that didn't attend their churches! they are really pulling together something great in the community!

    chris was telling me about the dirt angels... lol!

  8. I love the pics of your kids helping out and just being kids. Very nice post and love the pics!

  9. What a large garden you all have. It is wonderful the whole family is doing this together. I have heard the saying a family who prays & eats together will stay together. I think we should add & plants to this saying to. Pray you are feeing well. Will look forward to seeing the garden growing later & of course the harvest too!

  10. gotta love dirt! And I love your pictures...the red counter, gotta get a red kitchen.

  11. Dirt Angels....hahahahaha! I love it! Seriously, I thought my babies were getting a tan the other day...but it was just dirt. HAHA!

  12. How Fun! What a wonderful day yu had together......


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