Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Planning & CLE Curriculum

Since getting our newest curriculum delivered, I have devoted a little time, each day, to work on planning. Organizing and planning our days can be a very time consuming I am trying to get a bit of a head start. We are using Christian Light Education...and I must say, I love it! It is so God-focused. It encourages politeness, character improvement, selflessness, modesty and serving God by loving others...all while teaching the basics in math, language, reading, science, Bible, social studies etc.

The teacher's guidebooks are thorough and very helpful! :) It is *just* the curriculum I have been looking for! :)
I know there are many who create their own *curriculum* for their children...choosing each item individually from different places. This will be the start of our third year of homeschooling and I am more comfortable having a curriculum all set up for me. I *desire* to, someday, have the confidence and ability to choose my children's individual schooling items and be able to cover all they need to learn...but as of right now, I don't feel I could do it well. I applaud those who can do that, though! :)

For now, at least, we will stick to using the CLE Curriculum! :) So, I have begun to plan Madelyn's 3rd grade of schooling...and also worked on X's *Learning To Read* curriculum for this summer. I haven't started to plan his schooling for his 1st grade year, yet. Madelyn will start her 3rd grade and X, his 1st grade, probably in August of this year.

Here is Madelyn's reader....isn't it so cute?

Planning....planning and more......


I purchased the Learning to Read extra curriculum to work with Xavier this summer. We have already begun and he likes it (as do I!). He is beginning to read and doing well...but I wanted something to help get him reading better before first grade starts!

The subjects come with the LightUnit workbooks. They have between 5 and 10 LightUnits for each subject. Some of the subjects also come with textbooks. I think this curriculum is well organized and written. If you are looking for a Christian based curriculum...I completely recommend this one! :)

One of X's LightUnit workbooks and my planning for one of his days (there is also a teacher's book that I don't have pictured here).....

Xavier working on his first LightUnit.....

When we finished for the day...he wanted to keep going!! :)
Instead, I told the boys we would read some books...they picked out a couple of my favorites....

This book was a gift from my mom. It holds a beautiful message from her on the inside cover and as I read this book, I usually break out in tears. I am so blessed that my children are quick to run over to me and wrap their little arms around me to comfort me. :)

This is a short and simple little book...but sweet and a good read, as well!

If you have any questions about this curriculum or are interested in using it as well....feel free to let me know either in the comments or by email. If you leave a comment and would like me to respond ~ please make sure I am able to contact you by email! :)

I hope, if you are homeschooling, that whatever curriculum you use or choose on your own, that your next school year goes wonderfully!! :) I would love to hear what you have planned, if you would like to share!

Thanks so much for visiting!! Have a great rest of the week! :)

Katy :)


  1. Oh my goodness, we have that Love you Forever book. In my opinion, that is a cruel, cruel little book! I CANNOT read that book ever again! ;)

  2. I commend you on homeschooling. I don't think I could have ever accomplished that with my children...
    even if I could have been a stay at home mom. I know your children will grow up to be smart, intelligent and respectable kids.

    Thumbs up to you!

    Have a great day


  3. look at you so organized!! will you come over and plan for us?? =)

  4. Love You Forever always chokes me up! It does not matter how many times I read it. Good for you for planning! I find that to be the hardest part.

  5. You will have a jump start on you school year. Well planned out and less stress. What a great plan.

  6. Look at how organized you are! Impressive.

    I think its wonderful that you can homeschool your kids.

  7. I am working on planning our upcoming school year too. I have 3 daughters I homeschool. The planning takes time, but it sure helps when the school year starts. I enjoy reading your blog so much:) I have a question what do you do for breakfast and lunch? Do you have a planned menu? I am having trouble in these areas and thought I would see what you do. Thanks so much. Have a blessed day:) Sharon

  8. How busy you must be.....I applaude you for your determination to teach your children at home and to teach them the truth and importance of the Word in every aspect of their lives. God's blessings and have a joyous day! by the way, My oldest daughter has been praying about homeschooling here three. She has a degree in education and left the public education realm to start a christ-based daycare...Please join with me and pray that she and her husband will take this next step of faith and homeschool our three precious grandchildren.

  9. Okay, now I'm quite overwhelmed again! I'm a planner, but I wonder if I need to plan so detailed? I was thinking I could plan on Sunday nights for the next, next week (like always be a week ahead). I checked out that website and the curriculum looks affordable for us. I'm thinking about getting it for my 1st grader. I will also be teaching a 3rd grader and 1st grader (plus a 6th grader). Now that we're moving to San Fransisco (!!) which makes me even more sure that this is for us. I have no idea what the ministry will require of me though, but I am committed to making it work and will not put my children on the "altar" of ministry.

    I love the Forever book... one time for Mother's Day at church, I set-up the stage with a rocking chair and quilts and made it look real cozy, and then I read the book with one of my sons on my lap (they were little at the time). I had the pictures photocopied onto transparency and we overhead projected up onto the wall so the people could follow along. We were all crying to think that God loves us so much more.

  10. I'm still reviewing curriculum for Rachel and Madelyn. I ordered Linzhi's kindergarten thru A Beka, I think you used that last year?

    I'm already orgainizing our school room, just about ready to paint! I'm buying school/art supplies here and there when I see them on sale. I am feeling SO blessed already by our decision to HS. You have been a huge inspiration to me!!

    Much love,
    Amy <><

  11. You are really well prepared. I home school too and am planning to use a curriculum next year that has a teachers guide too. (Sonlight for my soon to be third grader and Abeka for my soon to be first grader) I am so excited about it, I think I will have more time and energy to do the creative fun stuff if the regular day to day stuff is already planned out. Your curriculum looks great!

  12. I love the Love You Forever book! I cry each and every time I read that book!

  13. How old is Xavier? My daughter is 4 and she is always wanting to do "school" just like her older brother. I bought her some preschool level stuff for the fall, but now I'm curious about the program you bought for Xavier. I, of course, don't want to push her but she's so ready to start learning. She shows so much interest. I always love reading what other families are using with their kids!

  14. We really liked CLE's readers, literature and their world history text-God's World- His Story.We used Abeka for science and health. recommends Rod and Staff for science. Stevenandersonfamily. posted an interesting review of Alpha Omega in March 2010.
    - Taryn


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