Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Clothesline of Her Own

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am a clothes-hanger-outer. ;) I love having clothes out on the line. Madelyn can't reach the clothesline that I have...but she really wanted to be able to help hang out clothes and asked for a clothesline of her own. So...I bought some clothesline rope and her own clothespins. We found a great spot to tie the rope and now she has her *own* clothesline. I had done some wash and pulled out her clothes from it and let her hang them up on her line. She loved it! :)

And just a couple random shots I took one day last week....

Xavier with little lamb *Stu* ~

And one day...while I was cooking dinner...I went and peeked in the living room and saw Jaxson all tuckered out after a long day of playing!

Before I go...I wanted to mention that this is my 799th post!!!! haha! Can you believe that?? Isn't that hard to believe?? I am actually getting close to using up my picture space allowance on blogger! I'm not sure what I will do when that happens!?
Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you have a great day!!!! :)


  1. you could always just start a new blog with the same name... just a slightly different domain name!

    cute pics of the kids!!

  2. what sweet pics! Its wonderful that you made a clothesline just for her - she is learning so much by watching her Mama :) Your kids are precious!

  3. Lovely pictures! Your blog is one of my favorites! Thanks for being such a wonderful Christian example. Your kids are following in your footsteps!!

  4. Katy - I LOVE the Madelyn-sized clothesline! I would love a clothesline, but both my husband and I have severe environmental allergies. Bummer.

    Wow! 799 posts! That's very impressive.

  5. That pic of Jax is so cute. I have a photo of one of my kids that was reading a book on the front steps of the house and fell asleep like that. It's a cutie, too!
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. I say let kids help when they are young because they don't find it to be so much fun when they are older. You should be very proud of your daughter.
    Enjoy your week.

  7. I love the clothes line. I love the smell of fresh clothes outside. She is a lucky girl to be taught and appreciate a clothes line. Loved the pictures of the boys Jaxson is too cute.


  8. How delightful! Loved all the pictures!

  9. wow, thats so nice of your daughter wanting to have a space of her own to hang out clothes..i love it..
    such lovely pics of your boys..poor baby was all tired out..
    have a lovely Tuesday..

  10. That is just cool that she has her own line and wants to help.

  11. Love the clothesline! J asleep is just precious. It brings a smile to my face when I find Megan like that.

    Have a great day!

  12. Sweet , sweet pictures. You're a great Mom.

  13. We have a photo allowance? Oh no, what do we do then?

  14. Adorable...I love especially sheets that are fresh air dried...yum! I know she will enjoy being like her Mommy so much!

  15. we just put up a clothesline and I am finding how enjoyable it is..who'd a thunk? sometimes the old ways are the best...

  16. Having her own clothes line.. how sweet is that? You're a good mommy.
    you can get an account at Photo Bucket and link the pic's to your blog.. that's what I do with a lot of mine. it's totally free too.. can't beat free.


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