Friday, May 7, 2010

A Day for the Girls

Yesterday, Madelyn and I got to spend most of the day together...just her and I! :) The boys got to spend time with my mom (Grammie) and then went horseback riding with her in the evening! So they had a good day too! :)

First, Madelyn and I attended a mother's day brunch with my sister, one of my aunts and my grandma (who is in an assisted living facility because she has Alzheimer's). We all had a nice time! I think my grandma enjoyed us all being there with her as well as the fact that we enjoyed spending the time with her!

After leaving there...I took Madelyn to one of our favorite icecream places around. It's a small, old fashioned shop. It's sooo cute and it's such a treat to get icecream there! Madelyn got a mint chocolate chip icecream cone and I got a peanut butter icecream cone! YUM!

When we came home, there was lots to do......

Clothes to hang out on the line....

Bikes to ride.....

And weeding that needed done.....

Madelyn was such a great help to me and we had such a nice time! :) The weather was gorgeous and I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable day! After all our busy-ness...we both settled into chairs in the living room and read a bit...soon drifting off for a nice afternoon nap! :)

At dinnertime...Madelyn was a great help! We made chicken, rice and green beans from the garden (that I had canned)!

We also made some homemade bread!

It was delicious!

After supper, we watched the movie Facing the Giants. We love that movie!!! :) If you haven't seen it is a fantastic movie to watch with your family!!! Chris came home from work and enjoyed supper (even though he isn't a huge *chicken* fan!) and finished watching the movie with us!

My mom brought the boys home from their trail ride just as we finished the movie. The boys had a great time as well! Xavier rode on my mom's pony, Jasper...all by himself! (He has been taking riding lessons and doing a great job!) Jaxson rode behind my mom on a buddy saddle.

*Also* last night, God answered a prayer for me. It was such an immediate response from him and afterwards, I just kneeled on the floor beside my bed and praised Him. :)
It was just a wonderful day and I am so thankful for each moment I was given. I will treasure each one!!!

Before I go...I just wanted to share that our Christian Light Education curriculum for next year's schooling arrived!! It looks fantastic!!! I am ready to start....*although Madelyn said she had barely gotten a chance to enjoy her summer vacation*! I guess I can wait.....a little while! ;)


  1. What a beautiful day!

    Well, after much prayer we have decided next school year I will home school my girls! We are so excited to get our classroom togeher!! I may be reaching out to you for some advice here and there. You've been an inspiration!!!

    God bless and happy Mother's day!

  2. Those are the best days. Sounded perfect.

  3. What a perfect day! She really is a precious girl!

    Have a blessed Mother's Day!

  4. isn't ice cream two words? LOL it just looks funny all scrunched together! (i can say that, i'm your sister)

    i don't think i'd be able to wait to dig into that box of homeschooling stuff. i'd want to look through it all and get it organized!

    looks like you had a nice day.. a nap sounds nice!!!

  5. Oh Katy.........
    I loved seeing your life.
    Loved your day with Maddy and the time you spent SO WELL together!
    I can't get over what a good weeder she is! (GOOD JOB!!!)
    I'm so glad the Lord answered your prayers and your humble heart blesses me.
    I hope you have a wonderful Mothers day Katy. ENJOY YOUR DAY.
    Holykisses xoxo

  6. You have a lovely blog!! Thank you so much for your kind comment on mine :)

  7. aww - she's so cute! I love her outfit! It looks so homey =)

    Thanks for sharing about your quality time with your daughter.

    Facing the Giants is an awesome movie =)

    I hope you have a blessed weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Katy,

    I love peanut butter ice cream! In fact, I love anything with peanut butter. It looks like you had a fun day.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    God bless,

  9. How lovely that you could spend the day together just doing girly things. Wishing you a very happy Mother's Day.

    Blessings Gail

  10. What a great day. Your bread looks yummy. I really like the photo of you and your girl.

    Yours is one of my favorite blogs.

    Do drop in!


  11. Hi Katy, it sounds like a perfect day, spent with your daughter! She is such a great help to you! Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!

  12. Katy - It's wonderful how you are teaching your daughter how to be busy at home. She is learning so many skills that will be of such a benefit as she grows.

    Awesome that your prayer was answered immediately. That doesn't happen often, but it's always wonderful when it does!!!!


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