Monday, May 10, 2010

A Grateful Heart

I had a really nice Mother's Day. :) Although I have been dealing with some allergy issues and woke with a bit of a headache...I started feeling better as the day progressed! As we were getting ready for church...I went to get my Bible, which is normally kept by my chair in the living room. But when I wasn't there! I didn't remember putting it in my bag to take to church yet...but figured I must have, so I walked into the school room to get it and there, on my desk...was my Bible...and beside it sat the most beautiful oil lamp!!!

I have been wanting to get a few more oil lamps for our I love them. But hadn't gotten anymore since the only ones I had found were quite pricey. It was a wonderful surprise for my family to get me one! I never expected it! And such a beautiful oil lamp, at that! :)

At church, my secret prayer sister had left me a hanging flower basket with beautiful red dahlias in it! My kids also made me sweet items while in their sunday school classes! :) We had a great time at church...a wonderful message as well as fellowshipping with good friends. We went home, had lunch from DQ (yum!) and watched a new DVD we have: Top Ten Questions About Genesis and Creation by Ken Ham. (I love Answers in Genesis!)

We all snuggled in for a nice afternoon nap then. :) After waking, we drove out to my mom's house to spend time with *my* mom (and dad too!). We had a nice time out there as well! (Chris's mom was busy with a dinner their church was we had taken her a milkshake (her favorite) and her Mother's Day gift on Friday evening and spent some time with her!)

It was such a nice day, despite our super cold weather. It's been really cold and wet and windy here lately! But the outside weather couldn't compare to the warmth and love inside the walls of our homes. I enjoyed such a wonderful Mother's Day and am so grateful for my children. I couldn't imagine my life without them. They are each unique, adding to my life in different ways. Although, one thing they have in common is their sense of humor. All three seem to keep Chris and I laughing constantly! I'm so thankful for the joy that fills my home. :)

And before I go, as it is time to start my day, I wanted to share this picture of Xavier:

He is wearing the knitted hat I made him a year or two ago, to bed! ;) He is I didn't use the flash on my camera. When Chris checked on the kids...he came to me and told me I had to go take a look at my oldest son. I, instinctively, grabbed my camera. hehe....I'm so glad I did! His hair, although not long in length, is probably going to be *wild* today! ;)

I hope *you* had a nice Mother's Day too! Whether you are a mom or have a mom (or both!) I hope you had a fantastic day! Thanks so much for visiting and taking an interest in my ramblings. It really blesses me that people would take the time out to read about my simple yet full life. :) *Thank you*! I hope you enjoy your week ahead! :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! And, yes, it has been quite frigid and windy here! A nice layer of frost is covering the yard this morning, I brought in all my plants Friday when we were supposed to get the wild storms and just left them in in anticipation of the cold weather. Glad I didn't plant anything in the ground yet.

    I love the oil lamp. It looks like it fits perfectly in your home. Such a sweet, thoughtful gift from your family.

  2. I love your new oil lamp...I did have to chuckle because on my table I currently have a candle and my oil lamps. Too funny! I am going to spend some time looking through your homeschooling blog entries. Thanks for the support!

  3. the lamp is beautiful!! I love glass items, but they don't love me :( They tend to break at my house.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Your oil lamp is beautiful! I'm sure your Bible was beautiful lying next to it! Cute pic. of your son wearing his cap to bed... how precious!

  5. Love that lamp! Glad you enjoyed your day. It is cold and rainy here in Missouri also. Makes for miserable days.

    Blessings from Hickery Holler

  6. Beautiful oil lamp. It looks perfect in your home.

  7. Glad you had a great Mother's Day! Neat lamp! I appreciate "Answers in Genesis" so much and just linked to their site in my post this morning as well! Your blog is always so cheerful, and I just wanted to thank you for that!

    Blessings on your day,

  8. Your lamp is beautiful!!
    Sounds like you had a great day. Your boy with the hat is so cute!

  9. What a beautiful oil lamp! And I love the picture of handknits being loved and worn...that'll warm the heater in your heart.

  10. I'm thrilled that you had a terrific Mother's Day! Being a mom is in fact the greatest job on the planet! I hope all mom's realize that!! Yeah the weather is crazy here in PA!! I can't quite figure it out!

  11. You'r little one sleeping is so dear. You'r lamp is very pretty too. A Mothers Day to remember. Thanks so much for sharing the post of the baskets with chalkboards on them awhile back. I visited Lowes here and was lucky enough to get two of them. A Mothers Day gift to myself. I have a project in mind for them. Take Care!

  12. That lamp is beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  13. Sending love to you precious Katie. xo Jewels

  14. What a lovely day you had. thank you for sharing it with us. i love your lamp.

    Blessings Gail

  15. As a Pastor's wife and a Mom, I want to say I admire how you are raising your children. It is such a blessing to read about your daily life. Your Sunday and Mothers day sounded absolutely wonderful.....Gods Blessings!


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